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Nelson Road post mill appears to have also been known as North Beach mill.


On Thursday, in last week, a terrible accident, which was attended by fatal consequences to the unfortunate sufferer, took place at Mr W. B. Skinner's flour mill, which is situated on Nelson-road. It would seem that William Tungate, one of the men employed at the mill, was on the second floor dressing one of the stones, and, while so engaged was caught by the main shaft, which was revolving rapidly at this time, and drawn through a narrow space of about a foot wide. The cries of the poor fellow, who was frightfully crushed, brought Mr Skinner to the spot, who promptly stopped the mill, and after considerable difficulty extricated Tungate from the machinery, The sufferer was removed as expeditiously as possible to the hospital but his injuries proved of so terrible a nature that he died in the course of the following day. An inquest was held at the hospital......verdict of 'Accidental Death'. The unfortunate man leaves a widow and several children totally unprovided for.

Norfolk News - 2nd February 1867

An accident which resulted fatally, took place on the 24th ult., at Mr. Skinner's windmill, Northbeach, Yarmouth. William Tungate, one of the men employed in the mill, was on the second floor, dressing one of the stones, on which he was lying for that purpose, when a sack, in which he had his legs for warmth, was caught by the main shaft, and the unfortunate man was rapidly whirled round feet foremost, being squeezed at every revolution through a space only about a foot wide between the shaft and each of the stones. His cries brought Mr Skinner from below, who stopped the mill immediately, but had some difficulty in extricating the poor fellow, as his body was literally coiled round the shaft. His injuries were of the most frightful character, his limbs being smashed in several places; in fact, there was scarcely a whole bone in his body. After lingering in great agony he died at the hospital on the following day.
Beccles & Bungay Weekly News - 5th February 1867

Kelly's 1854: William Barlow Skinner, miller, Denes

White's 1864: William Barlow Skinner, miller, Nelson Road

31st January 1867: William Tungate, stone dresser, involved in an accident at the mill and died next day

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