Gt. Yarmouth
South Myddlemylle Denes postmill
No. 6C


Drainage Mills (Windpumps)
Steam Mills

The postmill was built on a roundhouse and originally had common sails that were later replaced with patent sails with a fantail. These new sails powered two pairs of 4 ft. 4 ins. French burr stones, two flour mills and a wheat cylinder. The mill stood at the junction of Regent Road and Albion Road.

To be Sold by Auction By WM. SEAMAN At Mr. Dodson's, the sign of the Feathers, near the Market Gates, Yarmouth. On Saturday 3 May next at 12 o'c (Unless previously disposed of by private contract of which notice will be given)
All that substantial POST WIND-MILL now in full and well established trade, situate on Yarmouth Danes, in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Broodbank, with the Going Gear and appurtenances thereto belonging and a Round-house capable of containing 20 lasts of wheat. The Mill has been built but 12 years, is in excellent repair and well found with every necessary Implement for the business.
The ground whereon the mill stands is 120 yards in compass and 70 yards in breadth, is paled and is freehold and moderately assessed to the Land Tax.
The purchaser may have immediate possession.
The premises may be viewed any day preceeding the sale and further particulars had by applying to Mr. Broodbank, at the Mill or Mr. R. Cory, jun. Attorney, Yarmouth where a catalogue of the implements may be seen.

Norfolk Chronicle - 29th March 1800

The SALE of the POST WIND-MILL on Yarmouth Denes, which was advertised to be Sold by Auction on Saturday 3 May next at the Feathers in Yarmouth, is unavoidably POSTPONED.

Norfolk Chronicle - 20th April 1800

WILL dated 18 April 1801
Proved at Yarmouth 2 July 1801
Executrix:- wife MARY
Thomas BROODBANK of Great Yarmouth, Miller . . .
To Mary (wife)
All that my Windmill with the Ground whereon the same stands lying and being on the Denes in Great Yarmouth in my own occupation and also all the Edifices, Buildings, going gear, millstones, sails, materials, utensils, furniture and appurtenances thereto belonging, and also Tenaments or Warehouses in the Market Place of Great Yarmouth near the Workhouse now in the occupation of Mary Parr . . .

North Midds. Ward

1st Quarter from Easter 1810, 3 months at 1s. 2d.
in the £. per month. Made 3 July 1810.
Tenant: SLIPPER, John
Dwelling House
Stock £25
£1. 5s
£25. 5s.
3 months Poor Rate
£4 .8. 4½

John Slipper was originally a freeholder of the mill.

South Wards & Midds.

3rd Rate from Lady 1820 at 1s. 8d. per month
Made 19 October 1820
Tenant: SLIPPER, John
Dwelling House
Stock (£50 @ 5%)
£2. 10s.
£28. 10s.
Rate (@ 5s in the pound)
£7 .2. 6

POOR RATE 1824/25
South Ward

4th Rate from Lady 1824
Made 14 January 1825 at 3s. in the Pound
Occupier: SLIPPER, John
Dwelling House
Stock (£75 @ 5%)
£3. 15s.
£43. 15s.

To Millers
To be SOLD & REMOVED off the Premises
A Capital POST WINDMILL with Patent Sails and winds herself, with two pair of French Stones, two Flour Mills and Wheat Cylinder, all nearly new.
Apply to John Skipper,
(sic) Yarmouth.
Norfolk Chronicle - 8th & 15th January 1825

To Millers
To be Sold
A CAST IRON SHAFT HEAD, Half Head, Spurr Wheels and Stone Nutts, four feet four inches Stone, Crown tree, Post Tail tree, Winding Wheels etc.
Enquire of John Slipper, Yarmouth.

Norfolk Chronicle - 12th & 19th February 1825

c.1788: Mill built replacing earlier postmill no. 6B

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

c.1780. T. Hammond, owner & miller

1800: Thomas Broodbank, miller

March 1800: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Index of Wills 1801: Thomas Broodbank, miller

Poll Book 1802: Thomas Kemp, miller

Index of Wills 1803: Thomas Kemp, miller

Poll Book 1806: J. Slipper, miller

1808: J. Slipper, owner & miller leased land west of the mill to build a residence

Poor Rate 1810: John Slipper, tenant miller

Poll Book 1817: J. Slipper, miller

Poor Rate 1820: John Slipper, tenant miller

1822: J. Slipper, miller

1825: J. Slipper, miller

1825: Mill taken down to be replaced by new towermill no. 6D

January 1825: Mil advertised for sale and removal

February 1825: Mill machinery advertised for sale

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