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Hardwick Mill Road west postmill stood just to the south of the village and during the early 1800s was the westerly one of a pair of mills a few yards apart. It is believed to have been moved to Alburgh, some 4 miles to the southeast c.1826.

Bryant's Map 1826
Bryant's Map 1826
Image produced with permission of The Lark Press, Guist Bottom, Dereham, Norfolk

Mr. Herbert George Cox, of the Wellington Inn, at Chediston Green, near Halesworth, Suffolk, where he has been a licensee for thirty-five years and is now retiring, is the third generation of a south Norfolk milling family. He is 71 years of age.
“My grandfather, Stephen Cox", says Mr. Cox, “was a mill-wright. My father Stephen was a miller.

My grandfather built the post mill at Hardwick, Norfolk, and moved it on a trolley to Alburgh. Then he erected a brick round house for it. Its sails were so light that there were days when they would be turned, but those of other mills for miles round were stationary. They were made of sail cloth. This was the biggest post mill in Norfolk”.
Milling - 15th March 1958

1770's: Mill built

Faden's map 1797: Windmill (western mill)

Bryant's map 1826: Windmills (east & west)

c.1826: Mill dismantled and moved to Alburgh
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