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Harleston School Lane postmill was in the Redenhall end of the town that in the early 1800s was known as Redenhall with Harleston - all that part of the Town of Harleston to the South and East of the Turnpike Road which passed through the town from Bungay to Scole. The mill had a 21ft diameter roundhouse and ran two pairs of French burr stones.
The mill was built c.1824 and may have been on the site of an earlier mill.

As late as 1861, School Lane was still also known as Mill Lane.

To be Sold. Situate in Harleston.
A Substantial POST WINDMILL & Situation with all its going geers & appurtenances thereto belonging.
Inquire of Mr. J. Vipond of the place aforesaid or the tenant who will shew the premises.

Norfolk Chronicle - 18th April 1807

15 August 1795
Ipswich Journal - 15th August 1795

Will of Roger Brock

Roger Brock, of Mendham in Nfk. MILLWRIGHT.
Executors: Wife, Mary Brock, David Feaveryear of Starston and Robert Woods.
Everything left to his wife and All that my Post Windmill with the Flour Mill Stones, going gears and all other Tackle thereto belonging situate, standing and being upon a piece of land or ground in Redenhall with Harlston, which I hold as tenant to the late Henry Baldwin under a lease.
The will was written on 3rd April 1821 and proved on 1st October 1824.
It would appear that Roger Brock leased the land but owned the windmill.

To be SOLD by AUCTION By GEO. HILL On Wednesday 18 August 1824 At 5 o'c At the Crown Inn, Harleston
A Very Capital recently erected WINDMILL with two pair of most excellent French stones & other apparatus, late the property of Mr. R. Brock deceased under Lease to Mr. Asten (nine years of which are unexpired) at the annual rent of £33.
Further particulars of Mr. Woods, St. Margarets, Mr. Faveyer, Starston & of the Auctioneer, Mendham; letters to be post paid.
Norfolk Chronicle - 7th & 14th August 1824

Ipswich Journal - 30th June 1827
Ipswich Journal - 30th June 1827

Tithe map 1840
Tithe map 1840 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1840
Map 1839
Owner: Robert Asten
Occupier: do

No. 438

Mill & yard


0a. 1r. 6p.


To be Sold by Auction on Wednesday 24 November 1852 by John Caley at the Cardinal’s Hat Inn, Harleston at 5 o’c
The following Valuable Property
Lot 1. A very spacious old established POST WINDMILL in substantial repair, driving two pair of French stones, going gears & machinery in good order & condition, erected on a brick roundhouse 21 feet in diameter.
Also a comfortable Dwelling house with parlour, kitchen & convenient offices attached, Garden, Mill Yard & small paddock of productive Pasture Land, Stable, cart lodge, Piggery & other suitable outbuildings, the whole containing with the site of the building 1a.1r.0p. & now in the occupation of Mr. Robert Asten the Proprietor who is retiring from business.
The Property is Freehold & situated in Harleston a short distance from the town near the high road leading to Bungay. The Mill is well winded & within a convenient distance of good corn markets. Possession will be given on completion of the purchase.
Land Tax 19s 2d. Tithe Rent Charge 8s 4d.
A considerable portion of the purchase money may remain on Mortgage of each lot if required.
Apply to Mr. Barnaby, Harleston or Mr. Bardwell, Solr. Harleston & the Close, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 20th November 1852

Robert Astren's son, John Asten, was the miller at Homersfield watermill .

To Journeymen Millers
WANTED, a steady sober Man about 50 or 60 without encumbrance to work a W
indmill, grist & small retail trade.
Apply by letter. N. W. Post Office, Harleston.
Norfolk News - 13th June 1857

Situations Vacant
WANTED, a steady elderly Married Man to work a windmill.
Apply by letter to B. W. R. Post Office, Harleston.
Norfolk News - 7th October 1865

Robson's 1839: John Asten (son of Robert Asten) meal man, Broad street

Craven's 1856: John Asten, corn merchant

Unallocated Harleston millers:
Kelly's 1879: William Edwards, corn, cake, coal manure merchant & miller
Kelly's 1879: George Francis, miller

April 1807: Mill advertised for sale

1821: Roger Brock, miller & millwright

c.1823: Roger Brock died

c.1824: Mill built possibly on the site of an earlier mill

1824: R. Brock (deceased) owner; Robert Asten, tenant miller with a 9 year unexpired lease at £33 p.a.

August 1824: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

1827: Robert Asten, tenant miller with a lease due to expire 6th April 1833 at £33 p.a.

June 1827: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Pigot's 1830: Robert Asten, miller

Greenwood's map 1834: Windmill

White's 1836: Robert Asten, corn miller

O.S. map 1837: Windmill

Pigot's 1839: Robert Asten, miller

Tithe Award 1840: Robert Asten, owner & occupier

Census 1841: Robert Asten snr (55) miller, employing 2 men
Caroline Asten (20)
Elizabeth Asten (14)
Emma Asten (12)
Robert Debenham (20) male servant
Henry Harvey (14) employee

White's 1845: Robert Asten, corn miller (Redenhall)

1846: Robert Asten, miller

1850: Robert & John Asten, corn millers

Census 1851:

Robert Asten (70) b.Pulham, miller, employing 2 men (widower)
Elizabeth Asten (24) b.Harleston, housekeeper (unmarried daughter)
John Gower (25) b.Starston, journeyman miller
Henry Harvey (14) b.Starston, journeyman miller
Address: Mill Lane, Redenhall

November 1852: Mill advertised for sale by auction due to Robert Asten retiring

1853: Robert & John Asten, corn millers

White's 1854: Robert Asten, corn miller

Craven's 1856: Robert Asten, miller

Census 1861:
John G. Woods (30) b. Blythburgh, Suffolk, journeyman miller
Elizabeth Woods (28) b.Holdon, Suffolk
Agnes Woods (7) b.Blythburgh, Suffolk, scholar
John G. Woods (5) b.Blythburgh, Suffolk, scholar
Emily E. Woods (3) Holdon, Suffolk
Susan M. Butcher (19) b.Holdon, Suffolk, visitor (farmer's daughter)
Address: Mill Lane

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