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Hethersett Mill Road mill had a two storey roundhouse and used patent sails to drive one pair of 4ft and one pai of 4ft 2ins French burr stones, a flour mill and jumper.

In 1854 the mill was recorded with the following grinding capacity:
2 to 3 lasts per week
2 to 3 lasts = 40 - 60 sacks (coombs)
Stones - 2 pairs
i.e. 20 - 30 coombs per week per pair

To be SOLD
Now in full Trade & with Immediate Possession
A Very Superior POST CORN WINDMILL with patent Sails & winding tackle complete, two pair of French burr stones 4 ft. 10 ins. & 4 ft., Flour Mill & Jumper with going gears complete substantial brick built Round House with two floors, a most excellent Dwelling house containing … garden, barn, stables, piggeries etc. etc. The whole are in the very best state of repair being nearly new, standing in about an acre of Land well fenced in.

The above is an advantageous opportunity for any person with a small capital, where the Occupier, who is changing his residence has been carrying on a successful Trade. It is most delightfully situated in the Village of Hethersett, within five miles of Norwich, one of the nest Corn Markets in the Kingdom, & altogether one of the most complete situations in the county of Norfolk.
Norfolk Chronicle - 1st November 1828

Notice re
John Davy of Hethersett, Miller

Deed of Assignment.
Norfolk Chronicle - 10th January 1829

Sale of Effects of Mr. Davey, Miller, 29 January 1829
By Order of the Trustees.
Norfolk Chronicle - 24th January 1829

To Millers
To be Sold by Auction by Wm. Spelman
(By Order of the Trustees)
On Saturday 7 March 1829 at 4 o’c At the Norfolk Hotel, St. Giles Norwich
All that Capital POST MILL, Flour house, Dwelling house, Barn, Stable, Gardens, Yards & Piece of Land situate at Hethersett near Norwich, lately occupied by John Davy.
The Mill has patent sails, roundhouse with two floors, two pair of stones, 4 ft. & 4 ft. 2 ins (drive abreast) flour mill & jumper & is in thorough repair, winds herself & has all her going gear complete.
The Dwelling house … & contiguous thereto is a barn, stable, gig house, counting house etc.
The Mill in which a considerable business was carried on during the occupation of Mr. Reynolds is well situated for Trade being in a populous neighbourhood.

Apply to Messrs. Unthank, Foster & Unthank, Solrs. Queen Street, Mr. Rackham, Solr. St. Giles & to the Auctioneer, Dukes Palace, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 21st & 28th February & 7th March 1829


SALE Valuable Post Windmill etc. Hethersett
Sale by Auction by Mr. Spelman at Norfolk Hotel, St. Giles, Norwich on Saturday 7 March 1829 at 4 o’c
All that superior & valuable Post Windmill at Hethersett in Norfolk lately in the occupation of Mr. John Davy, with the Flour House & other Buildings & Land adjoining (including the Road leading to the Mill) & the scite of the Mill & Buildings containing about One Acre.
Also a comfortable Dwelling House … with Barn, Stable, Gig-house, Counting house, Garden, Yard & Land adjoining.
The Mill is situated in a populous neighbourhood near the Turnpike Road from Norwich to London & about 5 miles distant from Norwich, drives two pair of Stones (4 ft. & 4 ft.2ins.) abreast, has Patent Sails, Roundhouse with two floors, Flour Mill & Jumper, winds herself & has all going gears complete, is in thorough repair & business to a considerable extent has been carried on in it.
The whole is Copyhold of the Manor of Hethersett Cromwells – fine certain 4s. per Acre for Land & 6s.8d. for every building. No outgoings.

Notice re
John Vince of Hethersett, Miller
Deed of Assignment 27 March 1833 for the benefit of Creditors.
Mr. Daniel, Solr. Wymondham.
Norfolk Chronicle - 30th March & 6th April 1833

To be Let and entered upon at lady Day next. A capital Post Windmill, with Patent Sails, two pairs of stones, flour mill, going gears, tackle and machinery complete, in substantial repair and good working order, with sack barrow, weights, scales etc.
Also a dwelling house, flour house, barn etc. In the occupation of Mr. Vince, situated in Hethersett, together with four acres of arable land adjoining.
Norfolk Chronicle - 15th March 1834

To be LET & Entered upon at Lady Day next
A Capital POST WINDMILL with Patent Sails, two pair of Stones, flour mill, going gears, tackle & machinery complete in substantial repair & good working order, with sack barrow, scales, weights etc. Also a good Dwelling house, flour houses, barn, stable, gig house, cart shed & other convenient outbuildings, in the occupation of Mr. Vince, advantageously situated for business at Hethersett within five miles of Norwich; & from one to four acres of excellent Arable Land adjoining.
Apply to Rackham & Morse, Solrs. Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 15th & 22nd March 1834

To be Sold by Auction by Mr. S. Newson on Monday 17 March 1834 & the following day
On the Premises of Mr. John Vince, Miller
All the neat Housejold Furniture, Black Mare & Pony, two fat Pigs, Carts, Gigs & Harness, Sacks, etc.
Particulars at Inns in the neighbourhood, Place of Sale, & of the Auctioneer, Hingham.
Norfolk Chronicle - 15th March 1834

John Westgate of Hethersett, Norfolk, Miller
Having declined Business, all persons to whom he stands indebted are requested to send an account of their demands either to him or to me the undersigned James Winter at my Office in St. Giles Broad Street in order that the same may be examined & discharged. And all persons who stand indebted …..


James Winter
Solr. to the said John Westgate

St. Giles Street, Norwich 24 February 1837
Norfolk Chronicle - 25th February 1837

John Westgate, deceased, formerly of the hamlet of Lakenham, miller, and late of Hethersett, in the county of Norfolk, miller and farmer. Bankrupt
Norfolk Chronicle - 22nd July 1837

Tithe map 1846
Tithe map 1846 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1847
Map 1846
Owner: Edward Blake
Occupier: John Porrett

No. 236

House, Yards, Windmill etc.


0a. 3r. 18p.


Hethersett. To be let
A Convenient Dwelling House, Wind Corn Mill, Barn, Stable, Piggeries, spacious Granary & about 4 ac. of very productive arable land. The Mill has patent sails driving 2 pairs of stones, with Flour Mill, Jumper & all usual machinery & apparatus complete & grinds from 2 to 3 lasts per week.
There is a good home trade & the present tenant Mr. John Forrett quits at Michaelmas next.

Apply to Mr. Chas. C. Atkins, Land Agent, Coston, Wymondham.
Norfolk Chronicle - 24th June & 1st July 1854

Preliminary Notice of Sale
of Valuable Freehold, Copyhold & Leasehold Estates in Norfolk with possession at Michaelmas next

Messrs. Butcher have the honor to announce that they are directed by R. W. Blake, Esq. To Sell by Auction in the month of May … A Capital WINDMILL, DWELLING HOUSE, FARM HOUSE, 2 Barns, Stables etc. 4 Cottages & about 14a. 2r. 0p. of Land at Hethersett, near Norwich.
Norfolk News - 20th March 1858

Messrs. Butcher are favoured with directions from R. W. Blake Esq. to sell by Auction at the Swan Hotel, Norwich on Saturday 12 June 1858 at 3 o’c in seven lots the undermentioned desirable estates viz.
In Hethersett
Lot 3.

An excellent Dwelling House, also a capital WINDMILL driving two pairs of stones, spacious granary & two pightles of excellent Land containing together 2a. 3r. 8p. in the occupation of …………….
Norfolk Chronicle 29th May & 5th June 1858 & Norfolk News - 5th June 1858

Messrs. Butcher will sell by Auction at the Swan Hotel, Norwich on Saturday August 28, 1858 at 3 for 4 o’c in lots, viz.
Lot 2.
In Hethersett
An excellent Dwelling House with Barn, Stable, Flour Shop and Warehouse
Also a capital WINDMILL (driving two pairs of stones) Granary & two Pightles of Land containing together 2a. 3r. 8p. in the occupation of William Youngman who is under notice to quit at Michaelmas

Apply to Messrs. Rackham & Cooke, Solrs., Messrs. Butcher, Land Agents & Auctioneers, Norwich & 37 Bedford-row, London.
Norfolk Chronicle - 7th, 14th & 21st August 1858 & Norfolk News - 21st August 1858

To be Sold by Private Contract
An excellent brick built DWELLING HOUSE ... with barn, stables, flour shop & warehouse; & capital WINDMILL with roundhouse, driving two pairs of stones, spacious board & tile granary & two pightles of excellent land adjoining containing together 2a. 3r. 8p. in the occupation of Mr. John Bird, a yearly tenant at the rent of £45.
Also 3 COTTAGES ...
Copyhold of the Manor of Hethersett Cromwells. Fine certain.
For further particulars & Price apply to Mr. C. C. Atkins, Land Agent, Coston or Messrs. Rackham & Cooke, Solicitors, St. Giles St. Norwich.
Norfolk News - 25th June & 2nd July 1859

Lathan Mobbs (26) Miller, was charged with stealing a purse containing £8 7s, the property of Wm. Wright, at Heathersett ....the prisoner had been three weeks in the employ of Mrs Rachel Rant, the prosecutor's daughter, as a journeyman miller, and slept on the premises. The prosecutor, an elderly man, had the sum of £8 7s in his pocket on Monday the 17 th of June, and on going to bed, he put , as usual, his trousers under his pillow. The gold consisted of five sovereigns and six half sovereigns. The next day he went with his daughter to Norwich to hear a cases he had at the county court, and they also visited the horse riders, and returned home at five o'clock. About nine or ten o'clock, for the first time in the day, he put his hand in his pocket and found that his purse was gone. He gave the prisoner in charge the next morning (Wednesday). The prisoner told the policeman that he believed his master had been robbed at the horse riders and he showed him £8 in gold - five sovereigns and six half sovereigns – tied up in a canvass bag, which he stated he had saved out of his wages. His wages were only 6s a week and evidence was given that a day or two before the robbery he had spoken of his want of money, and that on leaving his former situation at Pulham, three or four weeks previously, he had tried to get some money to enable him to get to Heathersett, to take his place at Mrs Lant's. The canvass in which the money found on the prisoner was wrapped up was shown to be part of some sacking belonging to the mill; the purse lost by the prosecutor was found on a pit on the premises. Mr Bulwer argued for the defence that there was not the least evidence that the prisoner had ever had an opportunity to rob the prosecutor who in all probability had his pocket picked by a Norwich practitioner. A miller from Suffolk, with whom the prisoner had been apprenticed gave him a good character, but it appeared that he had not seen much of him for the last seven years. Th chairman in summing up, observed that the finding of the purse in the pit on the premises upset the theory of the prosecutor having been robbed in Norwich. The possession of so much money by the prisoner after having been known in want of money, and the circumstances that the money coincided exactly in the number of coins with what had been lost by the prosecutor, were certainly very suspicious facts, but the question was whether they left any reasonable doubt on the minds of the jury as to the prisoner's guilt. Verdict not guilty

Mobbs was then tried on the charge of feloniously embezzling the sum of 11s 8d, the property of his master Wm. Field, miller at Pulham St Mary Magdalen. The prisoner had been six years in Mr Field's employment, and occasionally received money for him. After the prisoner left his employ a few weeks ago, the prosecutor sent a Mr Stanley a bill for 11s 8d for five stone of flour bought on March 15 th, and he then found that Mr Stanley had paid the money at the time to the prisoner, who delivered the flour. The defence was that the prisoner had paid the money to the prosecutor, who had omitted to mark it off in his book, and had consequently forgotten receiving it. Mr Bulwer urged the probability of such a mistake, and the prisoner’s honesty during six years' service, as strong presumptions against the likelihood of his embezzling a paltry sum of 11s 8d. The prisoner was acquitted by the jury.
Norfolk Chronicle - 6th July 1861

Rachel Rant was the daughter of William Wright. Reading the above report and consulting the timeline below, it would appear that William Wright was the husband of Rachel Wright and that he was living in the same house as his daughter and family in 1861. Interestingly, he did not show up in the census return of 1861, so presumably he was elsewhere on the date of the census.

In Bankruptcy
In the Matter of Mr. T. Drane, Miller etc.
O. D. Ray will Sell by Auction on Tuesday June 9, 1863 on the premises, Hethersett, all the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE ...
Sale to commence at 12 o'c precisely.
O. D. Ray, Auctioneer, 12 Upper King Street, Norwich.
Norfolk News - 6th June 1863

To Millers & others. 5 miles from Norwich.
Messrs. Butcher are instructed to Sell by Auction at the Royal Hotel, Norwich on Monday 25 July 1864 at 3 for 4 o'c in 3 lots.
Lot 1. A Capital WINDMILL with Roundhouse, Granary, an excellent Dwelling house with 5 Bedrooms, Barn, Stable, Flour Shop & Warehouses & 2a. 3r. 8p. of Land occupied by William Youngman. All Copyhold. Fine certain.
Apply to Rackham & Cooke, Solrs. or the Auctioneers, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 16th & 23rd July 1864

To Millers & others. 5 miles from Norwich.
Messrs. Butcher are instructed to Sell by Auction at the Royal Hotel, Norwich on Monday 25 July 1864 at 3 for 4 o'c in 3 lots.
Lot 1. A Capital WINDMILL with Roundhouse, Granary, an excellent Dwelling house with 5 Bedrooms, Barn, Stable, Flour Shop & Warehouses & 2a. 3r. 8p. of Land occupied by William Tuttle Drane. All Copyhold. Fine certain.
Apply to Rackham & Cooke, Solrs. or the Auctioneers, Norwich.
Norfolk Newse - 23rd July 1864

Rachel Lant appears to be the widow of John Timothy Lant (m.1858 Sep Qtr; d.12 Mar 1861 Hethersett) having been previously m. 849 Jun Qtr to Frederick Crane; William Lant senior I believe to be her father whose name should be Wright, while William Lant was born a Crane. John Lant (deceased) would appear to be the son of Joseph Lant miller in Tibenham in 1851, and he, or his father also Joseph, is mentioned in your pages under Forncett. Rachel doesn't seem to have married again as the Rachel Lant d. 1924 Nov Qtr age 92 is probably her.
Rachel is living next door to the Mill House in Tasburgh in 1881, no occuption given. Coincidence, or using the mill network to find somewhere to live?
Anyway my conclusion is that a Lant was miller in Hethersett for a short while.
Gillian M. Arnot Smith - 26th November 2007

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

November 1828: Mill advertised for sale

Pre 1829: ? Reynolds, miller

January 1829: John Davy, miller - Deed of Assignment for the benefit of creditors

January 1829: Effects of John Davy, advertised for sale by auction

Pigot's 1830: Saul Jerry, miller, Hethersett

1833: John Vince, miller

March 1833: John Vince, miller - Deed of Assignment for benefit of creditors

Greenwood's map 1834: Windmill

1834: John Vince, miller

March 1834: Mill advertised to be let

March 1834: Mill advertised for sale by auction

White's 1836: John Westgate, corn miller

1837: John Westgate died, bankrupt

White's 1845: John Purrett, corn miller

Tithe Award 1847: Owner: Edward Blake; Occupier: John Porrett

White's 1854: John Purrett, corn miller

June 1854: Mill advertised to be let as tenant miller John Forrett quitting at Michaelmas

1856: John Porrett, miller

1856: William Youngman, miller

March 1858: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1859: John Bird, tenant miller at a rent of £45 per annum

June 1859: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

Census 1861: Rachel Lant (29) b.Tasburgh, miller (widow)
William Lant (73) b.Tasburgh, domestic servant
Rachel Wright (67) b.Tasburgh
William Lant (12) b.Tasburgh, scholar (son)
John Lant (1) b.Tasburgh
Priscilla Lant (3mnths) b.Hethersett
James Davey (19) b.Tasburgh
Mary Ann Brighton (12) b.Tasburgh, domestic servant

1863: T. Drane, miller, bankrupt

June 1863: Mill advertised for sale by auction

White's 1864: William F. Drane, corn miller

1864: William T. Drane, miller

1864: William Youngman, miller

July 1864: Mill advertised for sale by auction

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