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Hilgay Ten Mile Bank smockmill stood beside the road to the west of the river Ouse and Hilgay toll bridge, some distance to the southwest of Hilgay. The mill used two pairs of patent sails to drive a single pair of stones.

A Burrell 7 horsepower portable steam engine was powering a further pair of stones in an adjacent separate building on the premises by 1892.

To be Sold by Auction by
J. W. Collins
on Saturday December 3, 1892 the
of Mr. G. Leflay who is leaving the neighbourhood.
Lynn Advertiser - 19th & 26th November 1892

Near Hilgay Fen Station, on the Great Eastern Railway
J. W. Collins
Is favoured with instructions from Mr. John Leflay to Sell by Auction on Friday December 2, 1892 at the Castle Hotel in Downham Market at Four o'clock in the afternoon precisely, all those compact & desirable Freehold
Granary, stable, cow shed, cart shed, piggeries & other conveniences with DWELLING HOUSE
well stocked Garden & Pasture Land, situate at Ten Mile Bank in the parish of Hilgay, Hilgay containing in all 1 acre 2 roods (more or less) abutting north upon Church lands, east upon property of Mr. S. Cossey, south upon Station Road & west upon property of Mr. J. Goodchild.
The Dwelling House, which is brick & tiled contains ...
The Wind Mill is strong & substantially built in brickwork, with 4 patent sails, 1 pair of stones & dresser complete.
The steam mill, with engine & coal house is nearly new & quite separate from the wind mill, contains pair of stones & dresser complete with 7 horse power portable engine by Burrell, all in good working order.
The other buildings upon the property consist of granary, stable, cowshed, chaff & root houses, cart shed & piggeries, the whole conveniently arranged & forming compact premises.
An extensive business has been carried on by teh present tenant & ther eis a splendid opening for still further increasing the business.
Further particulars may be obtained of the Auictioneer, Railway Road, Downham Market or of Messrs. Reed & Wayman, Solicitors, Downham Market.

Lynn Advertiser - 19th & 26th November 1892

Ten Mile Bank, near HILGAY Fen Station
To Let, with immediate possession the Wind & Steam Mills, with granary, stables, cow sheds, piggeries & cart sheds; together with convenient Dwelling House with garden & pasture land, late in the occupation of Mr. George Leflay.
For further particulars apply to
J. W. Collins
Auctioneer & Estate Agent, Downham Market.
Lynn Advertiser - 10th December 1892

1899 advert
Lincoln Rutford & Stamford Mercury - Friday 3rd March 1899.

It has not been possible to accurately place all individual millers with a respective mill in Hilgay. It is also possible that in some instances two millers shared a mill.

1901 advert
Lincoln Rutford & Stamford Mercury - Friday 12th April 1901

On 26th May 1972, Frederick Edward Whittome of Kings Lynn (ex Hilgay) wrote to Harry Apling and related that Leflay's mill was a small smock mill.

O. S. Map 1886

O. S. Map 1886
Courtesy of NLS map images

White's 1845: John Scott, millwright

Whites 1864: John Whittombe, millwright & c.
White's 1864: Mary Ann Whitten, baker

White's 1864: John F. Howlett, beerhouse

Kelly's 1892: John Leflay, farmer, Ten Mile Bank
Kelly's 1892: William Leflay, shopkeeper, Ten Mile Bank

Kelly's 1896: John Leflay, farmer, Ten Mile Bank

Kelly's 1900: John Leflay, farmer, Ten Mile Bank

1853: Samuel Gent, miller

1856: Samuel Gent, miller

1865: John Howlett, miller & farmer

1879: Thomas Howlett, miller

White's 1883: John Hailstone, corn miller, Angler's dro

O. S. map 1886: Windmill (Corn)

1888: George Leflay, tenant miller

O. S. map 1891: Windmill

Kelly's 1892: George Leflay, miller (wind) Ten Mile Bank

November 1892: Mill advertised for sale by auction

November 1892: Farming effects of George Leflay advertised for sale by auction due to him leaving the area

December 1892: Mill advertised to be let

Kelly's 1896: George Leflay, miller (wind) Ten Mile Bank

1899: J. Leflay & Son, millers

Kelly's 1900:
George Leflay, miller (wind) Ten Mile Bank

George Leflay, miller

Kelly's 1904:
George Leflay, miller (wind) Ten Mile Bank    

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