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Hindolveston postmill had probably been on the same site for several hundred years, although it was certainly rebuilt on more than one occasion. The mill ran a single pair of stones and a flour mill.

By the 1800s the mill belonged to the Pegg family and was advertised for sale by Thomas Pegg in 1829, but it remained in the family. By 1839 it had been taken over by John Pegg, who had previously been a miller at Hellesdon and he went on to built Hindolveston_towermill as a replacement for his postmill. After the towermill had been built John Pegg remained there until after 1883, working as miller, baker, shopkeeper and farmer. John Pegg also worked Hunworth_watermill.

In one henedyryn bought for the windmill
In nails bought for fencing the wind mill
In one man working for ** days and a half in repairing the mill pool
In repairing the head of the mill pool ** there
In one carpenter for two days repairing the sailyards of the mill and other things
In repairing one mensa
In 4 hurdles bought for Le Bay (mill dam?)
Account of William Symonds, Steward of the Manor, from Account Rolls of Great Hospital, Norwich - Hyldolvestone, The Mills - 1311-1312


In 3 iron chains bought for the sailyards of the mill
In 2 pieces of iron bought, with constructing the handiron of the windmill
In 30 boards bought for the watermill
In winding boards for the wheel of the same mill
In making the spindle and the rin
d of the same mill
In one hurdle bought for the head of the same mill pool
In roofing the same mill there with a ridge, in full
In throwing clay on the ridge and digging out the turf for ramming at the
same mill
Account of Thomas Frenkyth, Steward of the Manor, from Account Rolls of Great Hospital, Norwich - Hyldolvestone, The Mills - 1318-1319

5s 9d 15d 4d
3s 8d 8d

To be Sold by Auction,

At the Red Lion at Fakenham, in the County of Norfolk, on Thursday the 23d Day of January, Instant, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon of that Day, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then and there produced.
An Estate at Hindolveston, in the said County of Norfolk, consisting of a good Dwelling-House, with Out-offices, and a Garden ready laid out; a Malting-office, Granary, Mill-house, and Mill, Barn, Stable, and other Out-buildings, and fifty Acres, more or less, of good Land, lying together in a Ring Fence adjoining the House, and a Right of Common of a very good and extensive Common, late in the Occupation of Mr James Loose, Farmer and Malster, deceased. This Estate will be sold and conveyed clear of all Incumbrances whatsoever, except the King's Tax and Lord's Rent.
For further Particulars apply to Mr Johnson Lee, Attorney, Lynn, Norfolk.
Norfolk Chronicle – 4th January 1783

A Farm with a Malting-Office,

To be Lett, and entered upon in April next, situate in Hindolveston, in the County of Norfolk, consisting of a good Dwelling-house, with a Garden before the House neatly laid out, a Malting-Office of about 18 Combs Steep, with a Granary, etc Malt Mill, House, and Mill, Barn, Stable, and proper Buildings, and 53 A. 6 P. (more or less) by Measurement, of good Arable and Pasture Land, lying altogether, adjoining to the House, and indisputable Right of Common on the extensive Commons belonging to Hindolveston aforesaid.
The above were late in the Occupation of James Loose, deceased. *** Fourteen Acres, Part of the Land, are now sown with wheat.
Enquire of Mr Richard Booty, of Binham, Norfolk; of Mr Johnson Lee, Attorney, Lynn; and of Isaac Loose, at the House, who will shew the Premises.
Norfolk Chronicle - 8th March 1783

When Robert and Edmund [Nurse] emigrated in 1849, the farm and mill were purchased at auction by their eldest brother James (born 1793) in Weybourne where he trained as a miller before buying the village store and postmill in Hindolveston. There he married another Platten, Martha, daughter of an owner farmer from Wood Norton, Samuel Platten, and his second wife Rebecca Sawyer from Foulsham. He had a son in Hindolveston in 1835 and christened James Platten Nurse who married Ester from Swanton and had two children before following his father as miller in Kelling.
James Platten Nurse born 1866
Ester Nurse born 1868 who married Arthur Wordingham.
Kelling, A Genealogical Study - S. J. Morgan

To be SOLD by Private Contract
With Possession immediately or at Michaelmas next.
Containing one pair of Stones & Flour Mill with all Going Geers complete, situate in Hindolveston, Norfolk.
Apply to Mr. Thomas Pegg, Hindolveston or of Thos. Youngman, Millwright, Letheringsett.

Norfolk Chronicle - 25th July & 1st & 8th August 1829

Thomas Groom age 18.  29 Jan 1831.  House of Robert Palmer, The Trumpet, St. Stephen.  He went to the mill of Mr Thomas Pegg of Hindolveston and because the fence had not been kept in good repair he ventured too close to the mill and was struck on the head by one of the sails.  He died in The Norfolk & Norwich Hospital.  Verdict:  In manner and by the means aforesaid.
Coroner's Court report - 1831

A YOUNG MAN of Steady Habits as Journeyman to a MILLER & BAKER; he will board in the house.
Apply to Mr. Jno. Pegg, Hindolveston

Norfolk Chronicle - 27th July 1839

O.S. Map 2005
O.S. Map 2005
Image reproduced under licence from Ordnance Survey

White's 1836: John Pegg, baker, flour dealer & farmer
White's 1836: Matthew Pegg & John Dent, tailors
White's 1836: Thomas Pegg, brewer & beerhouse

1311-12: Windmill

1318-19: Windmill

1782: James Loose, miller

1782: James Loose died

January 1783: Mill advertised for sale by auction

8th March 1783: Mill advertised to be let

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

1829: Thomas Pegg, miller

July 1829: Postmill advertised for sale but remained unsold

29th January 1831: Thomas Groom aged 18 hit by a sail and killed

1831: Thomas Pegg, miller

1835: James Nurse, miller

White's 1836: James Nurse, miller, grocer & draper

O.S. map: 1838: Windmill

c.1839: James Nurse left to take over Kelling postmill

1839: John Pegg took over the running of the postmill

Census 1841:

John Pegg (40) miller & baker
Martha Pegg (39)
Thomas Pegg (16)
William Pegg (13)
George Pegg (10)
Martha Pegg (7)
Sarah Pegg (3)
Hannah Maria Pegg (9 mths)
Alfred Porter (20) journeyman miller
Harriet Buggell (16) servant

1844: Mill replaced by a Towermill built by John Pegg

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