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Hindringham Upper or Summer Green towermill stood in the middle of the village on the south side of the Wells Road next to the Chequers pub and was owned by the pub landlord on at least one occasion. The mill site was also known as Graver's City, as in 1839 the landlord and miller was Thomas Graver. In later years it became known as Lake's mill.

The mill had two pairs of double shuttered patent sails, each with 7 bays of 3 shutters that drove 2 pairs of French burr stones. The Norfolk boat shaped cap had a 6 bladed fan, gallery and petticoat. In 1834 the mill was 3 storeys high but by 1856 a further storey had been added. A bake office and general shop were also run on the premises.

Thomas Daplyn mortgaged the mill, the mill house, bakery, shop and stables to the bank of Messrs. Gurney & Birkbeck for £800. However, he defaulted on the repayments and the bank repossessed the mill complex in 1839 before selling it to Thomas Daplyn's cousin (b.1797) who was a shopkeeper and farmer and also happened to be called Thomas Daplyn and it was he who was shown as miller in the 1841 census. Mark Daplyn ran the Chequers pub 1854-1856. Robert Daplyn ran the Dukes Head pub on the Binham Road 1841-1869 and was aged 33 in 1851.

Mr. John Reeve will offer for Sale by Auction at the Black Lion Inn, Little Walsingham, on 8 April next.
A very superior Brick built Tower Windmill with patent sails, containing three floors, and driving two pair of French stones. Also a suitable dwelling house near. Also a Baking Office and Shop adjoining the house.
The premises are situate at Hindringham, in Norfolk, are brick built and tiled, and were erected by the Proprietor in a very substantial manner and on an excellent plan in 1829.
Immediate Possession may be had. For particulars and leave to view the Property apply to Mr. Kent, Fakenham.

Norfolk Chronicle - 29th March 1834

To Millers & Bakers
Mr. John Reeve will offer for Sale by Auction At the Black Lion Inn, Little Walsingham on Tuesday 8 April next at 4 o’c.
A Very Superior BRICK BUILT TOWER WINDMILL with patent sails, containing three floors & driving two pairs of French Stones; also a suitable Dwelling house near comprising … Also a Baking Office & Shop adjoining the house. Also a Cow house, cart house, piggery & other buildings, there is also a well planted garden & small inclosure of land adjoining, which with the yards & sites of the buildings containing about an acre. The Premises are situate at Hindringham in Norfolk, are brick built & tiled & were erected by the Proprietor in a very substantial manner on an excellent plan in 1829. The situation is a very advantageous one for Trade & Immediate Possession may be had.
To view the Property apply to Mr. Kent, Fakenham or to the Auctioneer. Letters to be post paid.

Norfolk Chronicle - 29th March & 5th April 1834

Tithe map 1839
Tithe map 1839 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1839
Map W. G. Bircham, Surveyor, Fakenham
Owners: Gurneys, Birkbeck & Co.
Occupier: Thomas Daplyn

No. 355
No. 356

Dwelling House & Garden
Windmill & Pightle


0a. 1r. 11p.

1a. 1r. 11p.
3s. Vicar
6s. Imprs.
(Dean & Chapter of Norwich)

To be sold by Auction by William Kendle & Son at Red Lion, Fakenham Thursday 4 December 1856 at 4 o’c.
A Powerful & substantial BRICK TOWER WINDMILL, with four floors, four new patent sails, drives two pairs of French stones (new), wheat chamber for six lasts & all the going gears, with barn, stables, cart lodge, piggery & other convenient outbuildings.
Also Dwelling House.
A convenient Grocer’s & Draper’s Shop & a newly erected Bake Office with granary over the same. Garden & Pightle of land containing with the site of the mill & buildings 1a. 1r. 11p.
Apply to Mr. Waters, Solr. Walsingham, Kent & Watson, Solrs. Fakenham, or Auctioneers.

Norfolk Chronicle – 15th, 22nd & 29th November 1856

To be sold by Private Contract
A First Class TOWER WINDMILL in populous district, a good house, Garden, Van & Cart lodge, gig houses, Cattle Yard & Pightle of excellent Land.
Possession at Michaelmas next.
Apply to Richard Elgar, Gateley.

Norfolk Chronicle - 25th April & 16th May & Norfolk News 25th April 1857
No location given - assumed this mill

To Millers & others
A FIRST RATE TOWER WINDMILL in a populous district, a good house, garden, granary, stable for 4 horses, van & cart lodge, piggeries & cattle shed, yard, a pightle of excellent land; also a bakehouse & general shop attached. Possession at Michaelmas next.
The above trade all carried on by the present tenant. Part of the purchase money can remain on mortgage if required.
Apply to Richard Elgar, Gateley, East Dereham.

Norfolk News - 16th May 1857

For Sale
A Good TOWER WINDMILL, capital House, General Shop & Bake Office, Granaries etc. etc. Pightle of excellent land.
The above is Copyhold but Fine Certain £7. 10s. Now in occupation of Mr. William Sands who has notice to leave at Michaelmas next. Price £685.
Apply to R. Elgar, Gateley.

Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 4th July 1857

Norfolk News - 24th April 1885
Norfolk News - 24th April 1885

To Let at Michaelmas next
BRICK TOWER WINDMILL in good repair.
Apply to Messrs. IRELAND, Guestwick or 15 Bank Plain, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 4th July 1885

About 4 miles from Walsingham G. E. R. Station & 1½ miles from Thursford M. & g. n. station.
George S. Andrews
Is favoured with instructions from the Trustees of the lat Mr. John Lake to Sell by Auction at the Red Lion Inn, Hindringham, on Friday 21 st September 1900 at 5 for 6 o’c in the evening, the following valuable

Lot 1. Capital Dwelling House & Baking Office, cottage & garden ground, stables, sheds etc. Also Pightle of Land & excellent Tower Wind-Mill in good order, containing altogether 1a. 0r. 0p. (more or less) occupied by Mr. Robert Whall at low yearly rent of £28.
N.B. … (lot 1, which is copyhold, fine certain & small)
Possession of all the lots at Michaelmas next (if desired)
For further particulars & conditions of sale apply to the Auctioneers or to
Messrs. E. B. Loynes & Son


Wells next the Sea.

Lynn Advertiser - 31st August & 7th & 14th September 1900

One of Mr. Shackcloth’s engines of Gt. Snoring nr. Fakenham pulled down a disused mill at Hindringham.
C. Rowe, 14 Blacksmith Lane, Hindringham - August 1973

1902 c.1903
Lower Green mill 1902
Upper mill c.1903
I took these two photographs over 60 years ago. My uncle, Robert Wall, was the miller at the Upper Mill when the photograph was taken about 1903; and my grandfather, Robert Wall, was at the Lower_Mill in 1845, over 120 years ago.
As a boy I climbed down the inside chain of the Upper Mill from the top of the mill to the bottom and an employee climbed down the outside rope from the fly-wheel to the ground; but I dare not tackle that.

S. D. Wall, Felixstowe - 1966

30th July 1937
30th July 1937

On this site stands a house with part of it shaped like a 2 storey tower mill stump, with a low conical roof. I assume this is a "faux" windmill stump, rather like the one that incorporates the remaining fragment at Feltwell.
Sue Burden - 5th May 2018

O. S. Map 1885

O. S. Map 1885
Courtesy of NLS map images

Tithe Award 1839: Thomas Graver, owner & landlord of Chequers pub, next door and east of the mill - No. 354

White's 1854: Mark Daplyn, Chequers Inn p.h.
White's 1854: Robert Daplyn, Duke's Head p.h.
White's 1854: Samuel Sands, tailor & parish clerk

White's 1864: Mary Daplyn, farmer
White's 1864: Robert Daplyn, victualler, Duke's Head & farmer

1829: Mill built

Pigot's 1830: Thomas Daplyn, miller, Hindringham

March 1834: Mill advertised for sale by auction

White's 1836: Thomas Daplyn, miller & grocer

O.S. map 1838: Windmill

Tithe Award 1839:
Owners: Gurneys, Birkbeck & Co.; Occupier: Thomas Daplyn

Census 1841:

Thomas Daplyn (43) miller
Ann Griffin (40) servant
Robert Farrow (23) apprentice

White's 1845: Thomas Daplyn, miller & grocer

1848: Thomas Dapyln sold mill to William Sands of Erpingham but formerly of Hindringham

Census 1851:

William Sands (37) b.Hindringham, master miller employing 2 men
Martha Sands (27) b.Field Dalling
William Sands (5) b.Hindringham, scholar
Robert Sands (3) b.Hindringham, scholar
Elizabeth Sands (6mnths) b.Hindringham, at home
Robert Sands (34) b.Hindringham, miller (brother)
William Daplyn (18) b.Hindringham, agricultural labourer
Margrett Chastney (15) b.Hindringham, house servant

White's 1854: William Sands, corn miller

November 1856: Mill advertised for sale by auction

April 1857: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

July 1857: Mill advertised for sale

1864: William Sands sold mill to John Lake snr, farmer, for £700 - previously at the Lower Green towermill

White's 1864: John Lake, miller & farmer

White's 1883: John Lake, miller & baker

Wednesday 29th April 1885: John Lake snr's effects sold at auction due to bankruptcy

July 1885: Mill advertised to be let

1888: Robert Wall, miller

Kelly's 1892: Robert Wall, miller, (wind) renting mill from John Lake jnr

Kelly's 1896: Robert Wall, miller (wind)

1900: Executers of John Lake jnr sold mill to Frederick Playle for £420

Kelly's 1900: Robert Wall, miller (wind)

1902: Dapyln Eke baker on premises, borrowed £50 from Dewing & Kersley of Wells & Fakenham watermill

Kelly's 1904: Robert Wall, miller (wind)

1906: Portable steam engine in operation to supply supplementary power

1913: Mill sold for £165

Karl Wood painting 1937: Cap frame & windshaft only

1937: Mill tower with windshaft and fantail frame

c.1938: Mill pulled down by traction engine belonging to Shackcloth Bros.

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