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Hingham Mill Farm postmill on the Hardingham Road stood on an eight foot high mound.

To be Sold
A DWELLING HOUSE with convenient offices & outhouses in good Repair & about 2 acres of Land thereto belonging in Hingham in the county of Norfolk.
Also a WINDMILL which was lately put into substantial & compleat Repair & is now fit for Business.
The Whole of the Premises are now in the Occupation of Mr. Joseph Doe. A Purchaser may enter thereon at Michaelmas next or sooner if required.
Enquire of Mr. Algar of Old Buckenham in the said County.

Norfolk Chronicle - 7th & 14th June 1788

Notice to Creditors of
John Bilham late of Hingham, Miller, deceased.

Norfolk Chronicle - 30th July 1803

Capital Post Wind-Mill in full trade.
To be Sold by Auction. By Thomas Driver On Thursday 20 March 1806 At the White Hart in Hingham, Norfolk between the hours of 3 & 5 in the afternoon (if not sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which immediate notice will be given)
A Capital POST WIND-MILL, with all the going geers & a substantial Freehold brick & tile MESSUAGE with convenient outbuildings & a large yard & garden. The premises are well, situated for trade, are very near the town of Hingham & are now in the occupation of Mr. Pinchen.
Possession may be had on the 6th day of April next.
Apply to the Auctioneer, Hingham.

Norfolk Chronicle - 5th March 1806

Marriage 30th October 1838:

Lewis Langley Clerk (25)  bach. Miller, Hingham, son of Samuel Clerk, Farmer 
Apollonia Deeks (25)  spin. Hingham dau. of George Deeks, Butcher

Tithe map 1841
Tithe map 1841 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1842
Map 1841
Owner: William Fisher
Occupier: do

No. 764

Cottage, mill & premises


0a. 2r. 12p.


In HINGHAM ... one sail was blown off Fisher's Mill.

Norfolk News - 3rd March 1860

To be Sold by Auction early in September in lots
A Messuage, Outbuildings, Barn, Stables & other Buildings, POST WINDMILL standing in an elevated postion together with 38 acres of valuable Land. All Freehold.
Full particulars in future papers.

Henry Feltham, Solr. Hingham
Norfolk Chronicle - 24th August 1872

To be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Standley & Sons at the White Hart, Hingham on Tuesday 10 September 1872 at 4 for 5 o'c.
Freehold property.
LOT 1. A brick & Tiled Dwelling House with convenient offices, POST WINDMILL, Barn, Stables, Granary, Yard, Garden & a small Paddock of Pasture Land.
LOT 7. A valuable piece of Accomodation Land next the high road to Hardingham
Possession ... Michaelmas next.
Particulars of Mr. Henry Feltham, Solr. Hingham & of the Auctioneers, Wymondham.

Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 31st August & 7th September 1872

To be Sold by Private Contract, a Freehold Residence, Post Windmill, Granary & Agricultural Buildings & about 40 acres of valuable land.
This property will be Sold either in one lot or several lots.
Apply to Mr. Henry Feltham, Solr. Hingham
Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 21st September 1872

In 1938 Harry Haylock bought Mill Farm.  There was no mill then, just a granary next to the eight foot mound.  The top story of the granary was in poor condition, so he took it down to one storey and thatched the roof since tin was in short supply due to outbreak of WW2.  The building was then used to fatten cattle.  Harry's son Norman pulled down the building around 1968, replacing it with a workshop and garage. The top two or three feet of the mound was levelled to accomodate a bungalow in 1964.  After Harry Haylock died in 1998, Norman pulled down the Mill cottage that he lived in and landscaped the land.  The topsoil was pushed back up to the original height of the mound and a thatched gazebo now sits on the site of the mill with a waterfall flowing down into a pond.
Tim Haylock - 6th June 2008

14th April 1786: Joseph Doe, miller mortgaged the mill to Joseph Dover of Dickleburgh for £400 + 5% interest

15th January 1787: Joseph Doe repays interest but not the £400 so mortgages the mill for a further £80

June 1788: Mill in occupation of Joseph Doe advertised for sale

1803: John Bilham, miller - died

1806: ? Pinchen, miller

March 1806: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1822: Robert Hurst, miller

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

Pigot's 1830: Robert Hurst, corn miller

Greenwood's map 1834: Windmill

White's 1836: William Fisher, miller & baker

White's 1845: William Fisher, miller & baker

Kelly's 1854: William Fisher, baker, miller & farmer

28th February 1860: One sail blown off in a storm

White's 1864: William Fisher, miller & baker

1872: William Fisher, miller

August 1872: Mill advertised for sale by auction

September 1872: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

17th September 1874: William Fisher died aged 76 and was buried in Hingham churchyard

1938: Harry Haylock bought the mill site and Mill Cottage

1964: Top two or three feet of mill mound levelled to accomodate bungalow

1968: Norman Haylock demolished remains of granary

1998: Harry Haylock died and shortly after Norman Haylock demolished the Mill Cottage

2008: Thatched gazebo on site of mill

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