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Hockwold Mill Lane smock mill was a 4 storey mill with 4 patent sails and a fantail that drove originally drove 2 pairs of 4 ft. French burr stones, a flour mill and jumper. In later years and by 1900, the mill had been adapted to be driven by steam power via an outside pulley with a connecting shaft and one pair of French burr stones had been changed to a pair of Peak stones. A bake office was also run on the premises capable of producing 25 stones of bread.

To be Sold by Auction by J. Bullivant at the Oak Tree, Feltwell, on Friday 7 December 1849 at 6 o'c in Lots.
An excellent TOWER WINDMILL situate in Hockwold cum Wilton with Stable, Sheds & about One Rood of Land adjoining, now in the occupation of Mr. Drane. Possession may be had on 25 December 1849.
Also several Messuages in Hockwold & Feltwell. All Freehold.
Particulars of Mr. John Cock, Feltwell who will shew the Premises, of John Houchen Esq. Wereham Hall, Stoke Ferry, of John Houchen, Solr. Thetford or of the Auctioneer, Methwold.
Norfolk Chronicle & Norwich Gazette - 1st December 1849

To be Let
AN EXCELLENT TOWER MILL with four patent sails & wind tackle, two pairs of French stones, 4 feet dimensions, flour mill & jumper & every other requisite. Good eight roomed DWELLING HOUSE with Bake office attached, stabling, cart lodge & piggery, situate within one mile of Lakenheath Railway Station.
Apply to Messrs. Daws & Son, Auctioneers & Estate Agents, Lynn & Watton or Jas. Cook, Feltwell.
Lynn Advertiser & Norfolk News - 12th February 1870

To Millers & Bakers
A TOWER WINDMILL to Let, in good going order, four patent Sails & Wind Tackle, two pairs of French Stones, Flour Mill & Jumper, a Dwelling House, Bake office, Oven, Stable, Cart Lodge etc.
Apply to Mr. Thomas Wortley, Wilton, Brandon.
Norfolk News - 3rd & 10th August 1867

A TOWER WINDMILL in good going order, with four Patent Sails, Wind Tackle, two pair of 4 ft. French Stones, Flour Mill, Jumper & all other requisites; a good DWELLING HOUSE & BAKE OFFICE, Stable, Cart Lodge & Piggeries. Ill health is the cause of leaving.
Apply to T. Wortley, Wilton, Brandon.
Norfolk News - 27th June 1868

A TOWER WIND MILL with four Patent Sails, driving two pairs of French Stones, Dwelling house, Bake office, Stables, Cart Shed, Granary, Piggeries & Garden, within one mile of Lakenheath Station & four from Brandon. No other Mill in the place.
Apply to James Cock, Feltwell, Norfolk.
Norfolk News - 9th March 1872

To Millers
with four patent sails, driving two pairs of French Stones, a good Dwelling house, Bake office, Granary, Stables, & other buildings.
No other mill in the parish. A very good bag trade, within one mile of the railway station.
Apply to Mr. Jas. Cock, West End Farm, Feltwell, Norfolk.
Lynn Advertiser - 11th May 1878

HOCKWOLD with Wilton & Feltwell
To Millers Bakers & others
To be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Williams & Wood
At the Cock Inn, Feltwell, on Monday 4 July at 3 for 4 o'c in the afternoon precisely
With Dwelling House, Bake house, Stabling etc. at Wilton and 6 Cottages & Gardens at Feltwell.
Lot 1. A TOWER WINDMILL with good dwelling house, bake house, stabling etc. & a rood of land, all freehold, at Wilton.
Lots 2 & 3. Cottages at Feltwell. Copyhold
For further particulars application may be made to the Auctioneers, Mildenhall & Brandon, Suffolk & to

Partridge & Co.
Solrs. Kings Lynn
Lynn Advertiser - 18th & 25th June & 2nd July 1881

In the matter of a Deed of Assignment for the benefit of Creditors made by POPPLE JOHNSON of Hockwold cum Wilton in the county of Norfolk, Miller & Baker ... claims to the undersigned trustee ...

24th September 1889
Joseph John Banham
Methwold Hall, Brandon
Lynn Advertiser - 5th October, 1889

WILTON, Norfolk
FOR SALE with immediate possession, a brick & wood Tower Windmill with 4 patent sails, 2 pairs of stones & tackle for steam, Dwelling house, Bake office, Stable, Granary etc. as now occupied by Mr. Popple Johnson.
For particulars apply to Edward Banham, Banham & Son, Auctioneers, Methwold.
Lynn Advertiser - 5th October, 1889

To Master Millers
Wanted, a situation as Miller, good stoneman, 7 years character, can drive engine if required.
Apply to J. Rolfe, Miller, Wilton, near Brandon.
Lynn Advertiser - 2nd November, 1889

To Millers & Bakers
Between Brandon & Lakenheath Stations
Are favoured with instructions from Mrs. Anderson Dawson Johnson to Sell by Auction at the Great Eastern Hotel, Brandon on Thursday March 13, 1890 at 5 o'c in the afternoon punctually, the
Comprising all that well situated brick & wood Tower Windmill, also the Dwelling House & Bake Office late in the occupation of Mr. Popple Johnson.
Early possession can be had.
Further particulars apply to Messrs. O. F. & G. Read. Solrs. Thetford & the Auctioneers offices, Methwold, Brandon.
Lynn Advertiser - 8th March 1890

On Monday next

To Builders, Millwrights & others
Messrs. OLDMAN & SONS are favoured with instructions from Mr. John Chapman to Sell by Auction at the New Inn, Hockwold on MONDAY, July 13th 1908 at 6.15 pm. in one lot as under. All the BUILDING MATERIAL, MILL WORK etc. Including 2 pairs of 4 feet Stones and Flour Dresser, at present contained in & forming the Wilton Mill.
The building and contents are to be taken down and removed at the purchaser's risk and expense.
Further particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneers, Thetford, Stow Bedon & Methwold.
Dereham & Fakenham Times - 11th July 1908

SALE of an Excellent Freehold Property comprising Dwelling House, Bake Office and TOWER WINDMILL which Messrs. OLDMAN & SONS are favoured with instructions to Sell by Auction at the New Inn, Wilton on Monday March 27th 1911 at 5 p.m. prompt, in One Lot.
The DWELLING HOUSE, Brick & Stone & Slated ... BAKE OFFICE similarly built contains a Baker's Oven for 25 stones of bread. At the rear is a Pump of very good water and a large Coal-house, with a covered way about 30 ft. long.
y and well situate Brick and Wood Tower Windmill in 4 floors, with 4 Patent Sails and Wind Gear driving 2 pairs of 4 ft. Stones (One pair of French & one pair of Peak) Flour Dresser, and all going gear. There is extra Shafting and outside Pulley for driving by steam.
In the Yard is a range of Timber Buildings ... 2-bay Cart sheds ... Cow shed ... Horse shed ...
Also ... Stable ... Chaff house with a good Granary over ... Cow house ... Cart shed.
The whole comprises about ¼ of an acre of Land and is Freehold and Tithe Free and is occupied by Mr. Frederick Flack, at the annual Rental of £12.
Possession on October 11th, 1911.
For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, Thetford, Stow Bedon and Methwold or

Messrs O. F. & G. Read,
Vendor's Solicitors
Dereham & Fakenham Times - 25th March 1911

White's 1883: Charles George Baker, baker, corn and flour dealer

Kelly's 1900: Grimmer Rolf, Ferry Boat P.H. & farmer

Kelly's 1908: Mark Flack, Ferry Boat P.H. & farmer
Kelly's 1908: Evans Rolf, farmer
Kelly's 1908: Harford Rolf, farmer, Fen

Kelly's 1912: Frederick Flack, farmer

July 1822: Mill advertised for sale by auction

White's 1836: George Craske, miller & baker

White's 1845: William Butter, corn miller

1849: ? Drane, miller

December 1849: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1853: Joseph Lambert, miller

White's 1854: Joseph Lambert, corn miller

1858: Joseph Lambert, miller

1863: Joshua Lambert, miller

White's 1864: Thomas Wortley, corn miller

August 1867: Mill advertised to let

1868: Thomas Wortley, miller

June 1868: Mill advertised to let

February 1870: Mill advertised to be let

March 1872: Mill advertised to be let

1875: George Baker, miller

1878: Charles Baker, miller & baker

May 1878: Mill advertised for sale (sail)

Kelly's 1879: Charles Baker, miller & baker

June 1881: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1883: Johnson & Co. millers & bakers

O.S. map 1884: Windmill

1888: Johnson & Co. millers & bakers

1889: Popple Johnson, miller & baker

1889: J. Rolfe, mill employee

1889: Popple Johnson made Deed of Assignment for the benefit of Creditors

October 1889: Mill advertised for sale

1890: Popple Johnson, miller

March 1890: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Kelly's 1892: Isaac Rolfe, miller (wind) & baker

Kelly's 1896: Isaac Rolfe, miller (wind) & baker

Kelly's 1900: Isaac Rolfe, miller (wind) & baker

Kelly's 1904: Rolfe & Webb, millers (wind & steam) & bakers

O.S. map 1906: Windmill

July 1908: Mill advertised for sale by auction to be removed by the purchaser

1911: Frederick Flack, tenant miller at a rent of £12 per annum

March 1911: Mill advertised for sale by auction

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