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Horsford smockmill in Mill Lane at St Helena was built by Ezekiel Lock c.1819. The mill was turned to wind by a fantail and ran 2 pairs of French burr stones and a flour mill.

Grinding capacity in 1825:
80 to 100 lasts in bags yearly
80 to 100 lasts = 1,600 to 2,000 sacks (coombs) a year = 32 to 40 coombs per week
Stones - 2 pairs of French burr

i.e. 16 to 20 coombs per week per pair

To Millers To be Sold At Horsford
A Complete Smock WINDMILL now in full trade with two pair of French stones, flour mill & all going gears complete, with a good Dwelling house & Pollard house, Stable & Cart shed & about an acre & a half of Land, all Freehold & Tythe Free. The Mill winds herself.
Enquire of R. Marshall on the premises, letters must be post paid; part of the purchase money may remain on it; if not sold by Michaelmas, will be to let.

Norfolk Chronicle - 8th September 1821

To Millers, Bakers etc. TO BE SOLD
A Complete Smock WINDMILL now in full trade, going gears, two pair of excellent French stones, flour mill, winds herself; neat Dwelling house, granary, barn, stable & cart house & 2 acres of land. Possession at Old Michaelmas next.
Also a complete Residence for a Small Respectable Family in a pleasant & healthy situation, a modern sash dwelling house adjoining the turnpike road, between 4 & 5 miles from Norwich, consisting of ... stables & gig house & one acre of land. The above property is all Freehold & may be had together or separate.
Enquire personally or by letters post paid to R. Marshall of Horsford.
Part of the purchase money may remain on the Estates if required.

Norfolk Chronicle - 19th July 1823

To Millers & others
To be Sold by Auction By Mr. Samuel Lovick At the Maids Head Inn, St. Simons, Norwich On Thursday 24 March 1825 at 4 o'c in the following Lots
Pursuant to the Will of Mr. R. Marshall decd.
Estates in Horsford
Lot. 1. All that Dwelling House with sashed front & the garden, granary, two stables, gig house, cart shed & 2a. 1r. 2p. of Arable land thereto adjoining having excellent brick earth thereon.
Also a capital & substantial Tower & Smock Windmill with two pair of excellent French stones, a flour mill & going gears complete & which mill has upon an average ground from 80 to 100 lasts in bags yearly. The above, premises are now in the occupation of Mr. Henry Warnes. And also a wood Cottage containing four rooms situate near the above with garden at the back now in the occupation of ...
This would form a valuable lot to a Miller & Baker as Horsford comprises an extensive population & there is no baking office in the parish,
Apply to Mr. Matthew Rackham, Solr. Lower Close, to Mr. William Rackham, Solr. Tombland or to the Auctioneer, St Andrews, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 19th July 1823

Henry Warnes rented the mill for several years in the 1820s having let out his own mill at Sea_Palling and he subsequently moved to Dilham to rent Dilham_watermill.

Insolvent Debtor. Prisoner for Debt.
Peter Pitcher (sometime) of Horsford, Miller

Norfolk Chronicle - 20th October 1827

To be Sold by Auction by Mr. Culley on Monday 31 August 1840 at the Norfolk Hotel, Norwich at 4 o'c.
Lot 5. A capital Smock Tower Windmill in a complete state of repair & in full trade with a substantial brick & tiled sash-fronted Dwelling
house, a Cottage, small Barn, Outhouses, Garden & Land containing 2a. 1r. 2p. & situate near the turnpike road. All Freehold & occupied by Mr. Henry Buck & others.
Apply to Beckwith, Dye & Kitton, Mr. Durrant or Mr. Wortley, Solrs. Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 22nd & 29th August 1840

Tithe map 1841
Tithe map 1841 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1842
Map R. Wright, Norwich. 1841
Owner: Augustus Adolphus Beckwith
Occupier: Henry Buck

No. 457



2a. 0r. 30p.

Tithe free

HORSFORD, Near St. Faiths
To Millers. To be Let. With immediate possession if required.
A SMOCK TOWER CORN WIND-MILL with two COTTAGES & about 2 acres of Land.
Apply to Mr. William Lenny on the premises.

Norfolk Chronicle & Norwich Gazette - 15th March 1851

Freehold Corn Windmill, Cottages, Barn, Stable & Land. Horsford near Norwich.
To be sold by Auction by Dennis Barnard. At the Dog Inn, Horsford, on Wednesday, September 19 at 4 o'c in one lot.
A SMOCK TOWER CORN WINDMILL, two cottages, Gardens, Barn, Stable, Outbuildings & about 2 acres of arable land, late in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Lenny, decd.
All Freehold. Immediate possession.
Particulars Messrs. Beckwith & Kitton, Solrs. Palace St. or to the Auctioneer, Castle St., Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 15th September 1855

Enclosure c.1801:  Allotment of part of the estate to estate to Robert Savage as copyhold, no mill shown. Remainder via wife Ann - an heiress of James Brett. In all 5a. 2r. 8p.

1819: Ezekiel Lock obtains possession for £192 and builds smockmill soon after

10th October 1820:
Smockmill and land sold to Robert Marshall for £500 on Lease and Release basis, part of the wording read: by way of caution only in case the said mill should be considered a moveable chattel

1820: Peter Pitcher

1821: Robert Marshall, owner

September 1821: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1820-22: Robert Marshall buiilds cottages

1822: Robert Marshall took on a mortgage for £400 from George Billings, woollen draper, Norwich

1822: Henry Warnes, miller

1822-1825: George Billings, owner

July 1823: Mill advertised for sale

January 1825: Robert Marshall died

1825: Henry Warnes, miller

March 1825: Mill to be sold by auction but remained unsold until 1828

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

1827: Peter Pitcher, insolvent and imprisoned in Norwich Castle gaol

1828: Henry Warnes, miller

January 1828: Mill and 2a. 1r. 2p. bought by Augustus Adolphus Hamilton Beckwith for £400

White's 1836: Philip Blyth, miller, shopkeeper and brickmaker

1840: Henry Buck, miller

August 1840: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Tithe Award 1841:
Owner: Augustus Adolphus Beckwith; Occupier: Henry Buck, miller

White's 1845: Henry Buck, corn miller

1846: Henry Buck, miller

1850: William Lenny, miller

1851: William Lenny, miller

March 1851: Mill advertised to be let

1853: Mrs. Rachel Ward, miller

hite's 1854: Rachel Ward, corn miller

1855: William Lenny died

19th September 1855: Mill bought at auction by Elijah Punt, farmer from Attlebridge for £265

1855: Charles Punt, miller

1863: Charles Punt, miller

1860-1865: Mill demolished to make way for Horsford towermill built by Elijah Punt

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