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Horstead postmill stood to the west of the village just to the south of the road to Buxton. The mill ran two pairs of French burr stones.

To Millers
To be Sold by Private Contract
A PAIR of FRENCH BURR STONES 4 feet 4 inches in diameter, nearly new & of excellent quality.
Apply to William Lee, Miller, Horstead.

Norfolk Chronicle - 6th, 13th & 20th August 1803

To be Sold, a Bargain, all the Machinery now being taken from the Horstead Post Mill consisting of 2 nearly new Stocks, 2 pairs of French Burr Stones, Cast Stone Nuts, Spur Wheel, Upright Shaft etc.
Apply Thomas Smithdale, St. Annes Iron Works, Norwich.

Norfolk News - 23rd & 30th November 1872

In 1796 a mill was erected on the south side of the Buxton road about 200 yards west of the rectory.
Millers occupied Rednall's old farm on the opposite side of the road, calling it Mill Farm; now Church Farm,
Mill blown down in gale "more than 50 years ago".

History of Horstead & Stanninghall - Percy Millican, 1937

1796: Mill built

1803: William Lee, miller

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

1834: William Lee died

White's 1836: Robert Cubitt, corn miller

O.S. map 1838: Windmill

1840: Robert Cubitt died

1840: John Cubitt, miller (son of Robert Cubitt)

1845: George Ives, miller

White's 1845: John Lee, corn miller

1846: John Lee, miller

White's 1854: John Lee, corn miller

Tithe Award 1847: Windmill

1858: John Lee, miller

1862: Henry Oswick, miller

White's 1864: Henry Oswick, corn miller

1868: Henry Oswick, miller

November 1872: Machinery removed by Thomas Smithdale & Co., millwrights

c.1880: Mill blown down in a gale

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