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Kenninghall Banham Road smock windmill stood to the north of the village on the east side of Banham Road beside the roundhouse of the adjacent dismantled postmill. The mill had a 2 storey 10 sided brick base and the sails powered 2 pairs of French burr stones.

To be peremptorily Sold by Auction
By Noah Baker
(For Benefit of Creditors)
And entered upon immediately or at Michaelmas next
On Tuesday 20 July inst. precisely at 4 o'c in the Afternoon at the White Horse in Kenninghall, Norfolk.
A Very capital new built Tower WIND-MILL, with French Stones & all going Geers therein & an Inclosure of exceeding good Arable Land on which it stands, containing by estimation 3 Acres (more of less), situate at Kenninghall aforesaid & now in the occupation of Mr. John Tebble; is Copy hold of the Manor in Kenninghall, Fine Certain at only Sixpence an Acre, pay a small Quit Rent & is moderately assessed to the Land Tax.
Further Particulars may be had of Mr. John Pilgrim of Kenninghall or of the Auctioneer at Thetford & Mr. Tebble will shew the Premises, which are well situated for Business.
N.B. The Purchaser may have, at a fair Valuation, the unexpired Term of a LEASE of an excellent Dwelling house & Baking Office & a compact inclosed Farm of about £50 per annum, situate very near the Mill, which renders the whole worthy of particular notice.

Norfolk Chronicle - 17th July 1784

Deed of February 1783
John Tebble of Kenninghall, miller, to
Thomas Cork of Kenninghall, millwright,
mortgage for £200 of new erected windmill of John Tebble's standing on copyhold land at BUCKENHAM CLOSE, which John Tebble had purchased from Thomas Cork in October 1782.
Philip Unwin - May 1973

THE CREDITORS OF JOHN TEBBLE of Kenninghall, Norfolk are desired to meet at the White Horse Inn in Kenninghall, on Monday 27th December 1790 to consult what means are best to be pursued to bring the trustees of the said insolvent to account.

Norfolk Chronicle - 18th December 1790

Henry Wells
Signatory to Notice re SACK ASSOCIATION

Norfolk Chronicle - 7th & 21st May 1791

H. Wells
Signatory to Notice re Increase in charges for GRIST GRINDING.

Norfolk Chronicle - 24th November 1792

Notice is hereby given to the Creditors of John Tebble, Miller, late of Kenninghall in Norfolk, that a further Dividend of Eight Pence in the Pound upon their several credits will be paid to them at any time from this date by applying for the same at the house of John Pilgrim of Kenninghall aforesaid.
Norfolk Chronicle - 22nd December 1792

Deed of Sale, 30th May 1810
Henry Wells, miller to James Foyster
New built tower mill, also a roundhouse
Tower mill built near the site of an earlier post mill
Consideration £400
Philip Unwin - 1973

Notice to Debtors & Creditors
Claims or demands upon Estate of late James Foyster of Kenninghall, Miller to Mr. Robert Cooke of Garboldisham.

Norfolk Chronicle - 16th October 1819

On 15th November 1819, Samuel Wicks, miller and baker mortgaged the mill to Mrs. Mary Moore and George Eaton.

1827 Will for Samuel WICKS of Kenninghall, miller.

Written May 10, 1827, Proved July 21, 1827  Personals under £200.00

Samuel Wicks, miller, of Kenninghall, appoints his brother George Wicks, plumber and glazier, of Bury St. Edmunds, Suflk. & Thomas Turner writing Clerk, of Kenninghall, as executors.

"Within 18 calendar months, next after my desease to bargain, sell and dispose all and every messuages, Buildings, baking office, mill and the going gears to the same belonging, lands, tenements and heriditaments situate and being in Kenninghall and now in the occupation of myself and Mary Wicks, widow, my mother, either altogether or in different lots and either by public auction or private contract.

On the sale, monies to be put in trust for mother for her benefit; after mother's death to his brother George Wicks and then grandchildren."

So the above will indicates that the husband of Mary Wicks the widow, (mother to the testator Samuel & George Wicks) was the owner of the mill originally. His name and date of death is as yet unknown.

The mill then passed on to Samuel the testator who occupied and ran it with his mother and on his death it had to be sold, the proceeds of which went to the remaining brother George, who was already in business as a plumber and glazier. Geoarge Wicks had to care for his mother from the proceeds but after she died, the proceeds were his and his children's.

To Millers & Bakers
An established & capital Situation at Kenninghall near East Harling, Norfolk & within easy distance of other good Corn Markets, will be offered for SALE by AUCTION by Mr. Biddell at the White Horse Inn in Kenninghall aforesaid on Monday 20 August 1827 at 3 o'c.
Under the Directions Contained in the Will of Mr. Samuel Wicks decd. Consisting of a convenient Dwelling House & spacious Baking Office attached with Stable & convenient Outbuildings & Yard situate in an eligible part of the town & now in the occupation of Mrs. Mary Wicks, widow, who has carried on
a considerable Business in the Baking Line for many years.
Also a SMOCK WINDMILL at a convenient distanced from the Dwelling house in good repair, carrying two pairs of French Stones & Driving eight bouts; & about three acres and a half of Arable Land upon part of which the Mill stands, now also in the occupation of the said Mary Wicks, who will give Possession at Michaelmas next. The Estate is Copyhold of the Manor of Kenninghall. Fine Arbitrary.
The Annual outgoings are Land Tax
Quit rent
1s 0¼
7s 0¼
For leave to view the Estate application to be made personally to Mr. Thomas Turner, Kenninghall & further particulars on application to him or Mr. George Wicks, Plumber & Glazier, Bury St. Edmunds, the Auctioneer, Bradfield St. George near Bury & Messrs. Brooke & Calver, Solrs. Kenninghall & Long Stratton. Letters to be post paid.
Norfolk Chronicle - 28th July & 18th August 1827

Tithe map 1840
Tithe map 1840 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1844
Map by Henry Calver, Surveyor, 1840
Owners: Trustees of James Foyster
Occupier: William Wells

Vicar Apprptr.

No. 864
No. 865

Mill Field
Farm House & premises


2a. 2r. 8p.
1a. 3r. 6p.



Imagine my excitement when I found your article on the return to Windmills. There was my family listed. My father was Robert Wells son of Alexander Wells. He was born in Kenninghall after Arthur Wells listed in your article. My family tree goes back to Henry Wells who died at Grove Farm in Banham around 1800. My son, his family and I come every couple of years to Norfolk and I always find something new and wonderful for my geneology. Norfolk has become a part of our soul, My son walks the land where they lived. For many years I paid dues to the friends of the windmills organization.
 I do have an old picture of the mill in Kenninghall_on_Banham_road. Henry Wells Sr. was the man who did the wonderful steeple on the St. Mary's church in Banham. Two Wells sisters started the first school for teen age girls in Banham. My father came to America as a stow-away into San Francisco in 1910. Then went back to England and fought in WW1.
I will be coming once more to Norfolk hopefully next year bringing my grandchildren to experience this wonderful place that has so much history. I would be happy to have contact with someone in the area who might have some history to share. I am a real estate broker in North San Diego County. Still working at 80+. Wells was my maiden name.

Dorothy Curtis, San Diego, USA - 12th April 2010

My name is Mary Terese Wells, great, great granddaughter of William Wells Mill owner of Kenninghall 1830. I am the daughter of Gordon Beresford Wells, son of William George Wells, son of Thomas Frederick Wells, son of William Wells and Mary Ann Coulson... miller and farmer from Kenninghall UK....Thomas F., Walter B., Benjamin A, and one other brother emigrated to Moreton Bay, Old Australia in the 1860's...
Mary Wells, Tweeds Heads, Australia - 7th July 2015

October 1782: John Tebble purchased land from Thomas Cork

1782: Mill built by millwright Thomas Cork beside older dismantled postmill

1782: John Tebble, miller

Deed February 1783: John Tebble took out a mortgage of £200 for mill with Thomas Cork

1790: John Tebble insolvent

1791: Henry Wells, miller

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

Poll Book 1802: Henry Wells, miller

30th May 1810: Henry Wells sold mill and roundhouse to James Foyster for £400

1810: James Foyster, miller

7th August 1818: James Foyster died aged 31 and was buried in Kenninghall churchyard

1819: Samuel Wicks, miller & baker

15th November 1819: Samuel Wicks, mortgaged mill to Mrs. Mary Moore & George Eaton

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

1826: Samuel Wicks, miller

1827: Mrs. Mary Wicks, miller & baker

July 1827: Mill advertised for sale by auction due to the death of Samuel Wicks

Pigot's 1830: William Wells, miller, Banham road, Kenninghall

Greenwood's map 1834: Windmill

White's 1836: William Wells, corn miller

O.S. map 1838: Windmill

Robson's 1839: William Wells, miller & farmer

Census 1841: William Wells (38) miller & farmer
Mary Wells (26)
Elizabeth Wells (10)
Loisa Wells (6)
Samuel Wells (5)
Mary Ann Wells (4)
Ann Wells (3)
Lucy Wells (1)
Harriet Fulcher (20) servant
Harriet Downing (17) servant

Tithe Award 1844: Owner: Trustees of James Foyster; Occupier: William Wells

White's 1845: William Wells, corn miller

Census 1851: William Wells (48) b.Banham, miller & farmer of 53 acres employing 2 men, 2 lab & 1 boy
Mary A. Wells (36) b.Quidenham
Mary A. Wells (13) b.Kenninghall, employed at home
Ann Coulson Wells (12)  b.Kenninghall, scholar
William Charles Wells (9) b.Kenninghall, scholar
Thomas F. Wells (7) b.Kenninghall, scholar
Walter B. Wells (6) b.Kenninghall, scholar
Catherine Wells (3) b.Kenninghall, scholar
Edward  Wells (1) b.Kenninghall, scholar
Alice R. Wells (3 mnths) b.Kenninghall, scholar
Fanny Fitt (67) b.Bressingham, nurse
Harriot Wade (15) b.Bressingham, house servant
Matilda  Allum (22) b.Fersfield, cook & dairy maid
Address: Banham Road

White's 1854: William Wells, corn miller (agent for the Suffolk Alliance Fire & Life Office)

1858: William Wells, miller

1863: Wooden tower dismantled and new towermill built on brick base

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