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Kings Lynn St. Anne's smockmill was an starch mill. The mill had a stage around a two storey brick base.

Several raw materials and end uses were available for starch in the days when the mill was working and these included:
RICE STARCH largely used in laundry work is normally produced from broken white rice.
CORN STARCHfor cooking.
ARROWROOT STARCH in toiletries.
WHEAT STARCH a product of gluten - paste for industrial purposes.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

ARUM NACULATUM named Starchwort because its tubers yielded the finest starch for the ruffs worn in the reign of Elizabeth I.
Encyclopaedic Dictionary

William Rastrick's Plan of Kings Lynn 1725
William Rastrick's Plan of Kings Lynn 1725

Early in the 18th Century starch was manufactured near St. Anne's Fort.
History of Kings Lynn - Henry J. Hillen

Bell's Lyn Regis, Prospect from the West map c.1683: Starch mill. Next to St. Anne's Fort

Rastrick's plan of King's Lynn 1725: Smockmill

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