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Kings Lynn had two postmills that were depicted on William Rastrick's Plan of Kings Lynn in 1725.

... Bank of the Gallows Pasture, made in 1804, stretched from the south side of the Millfleet at the arch on the Walks to the South Gates. Parallel with the bank ran the town ditch sometimes called the "Cockle dyke". The Hospital field which once abutted upon the "Mill meadow" was known 300 years ago as Gallows Pasture and the mound ... Gallows Hill. A windmill was erected on the spot (1595). It was however quickly removed, but in 1667 another mill was reared on the same favourable site.
History of King's Lynn - Henry J. Hillen

William Rastrick's Plan of Kings Lynn 1725
William Rastrick's Plan of Kings Lynn 1725
- The Walk postmills top right
with Millfleet mill bottom left

An engraving by J. Bishop from a drawing by John Sell Cotman shows two postmills in the distance and is mentioned in
Excursions in the County of Norfolk - 1819

Bell's Groundplat of Kings Lyn 1680: Corne Mill

Rastrick's plan of King's Lynn 1725: Two mills shown side by side

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