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Loddon probably had postmill working near Hales Green in the 1200s on a site identified from the air.

Possible site of windmill in Loddon near Hales Green. Cartulary rolls of the mid 13th century include a reference to a piece of land in the field called le hoe on which Roger de Hales placed his windmill. This may match a certain natural sandy knoll at TM36889674 which shows:-
In aerial photograph, a circular soil mark with a dark spot at the centre of the circle ... Field walking finds ... include substantial quantities of medieval potsherds.

This would appear to be the same as the Norfolk Archaeological Unit's Index No. 16857, given as:-
NAU Air Photography
Circular crop mark with central + indicating site of a post mill.

A. J. Davison, Sprowston - June 1983
As part of work by Hales Hall Archaeological Trust for eventual publication.

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Nat Grid Ref TM36889674
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