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Loddon smockmill, sometimes known as Chapman's Mill or the Black Mill, stood in Mill Loke. The 12 sided wooden tower was painted black and had a Norfolk boat shaped cap with a petticoat, gallery and a 6 bladed fan. The 4 double shuttered sails, each with 9 bays of 3 shutters were struck by rack & pinion via a tailpole and drove 4 pairs of French burr stones, a flour mill, jumper and smutter. In 1837 the mill was working two pairs of stones and by 1889 this had increased to 4 pairs of stones. In later years a steam mill with a tall chimney was built and worked alongside the windmill, using Holmes of Norwich horizontal engine.

Susanna Watson married Samuel Tuttell, miller on 1st January 1781 and they later had 6 children.
Samuel died on 28th January 1798 and was buried in Loddon on 28th January 1798.
There was no mention of any mill is Samuel's will.

Susanna then married Philip Scarlett, miller on 4th November 1799 and they had a daughter Mary Tuttell Scarlett, who in turn married Thomas Napp, journeyman miller.
Thomas' father was running the nearby Mill Road postmill.

Court entries show that Philip Scarlett took possession of the Copyhold portion of Susanna's property in 1818, although she had died in 1811 and he had probably taken possession of her freehold assets when they got married, as women had no property rights at that time.

Engraving from drawing by John Sell Cotman - 1818
Engraving from drawing by John Sell Cotman - 1818

LODDON Black Mill, west of church. Smock. Engraved by E. Roberts from a drawing by John Sell Cotman.
Excursions in the County of Norfolk - 1819

Sale of Messuage or Dwelling house ... now in the occupation of Mr. William Hubbard, Miller.
Norfolk Chronicle - 4th October 1823

Bryant's map 1826
Bryant's map 1826

To be Let
A TOWER WINDMILL (with immediate possession) situate at Loddon in Norfolk, late in the occupation of Mr. C. A. Glasspoole.
Apply to Mr. Cole, Solr. Loddon or Mr. Benj. Brown, Merchant, Lowestoft.

Norfolk Chronicle - 22nd November 1828

Will of Susanna Scarlett
21st September 1811

This is the last Will and Testament of me Susanna the wife of Philip Scarlett of Loddon in the County of Norfolk Miller being of sound mind memory and understanding made in manner following that is to say First by force and virtue of all and every power or powers authority or authorities in any wise vested in one or to me belonging or in any wise enabling me in this behalf and in exercise and execution thereof I do hereby give and devise unto the said Philip Scarlett my husband and his assigns for and during the term of his natural life only All that my messuage or Dwellinghouse with the Shop outhouses edifices yards garden and appurtenances therewith belonging situate lying and in Loddon aforesaid and now in the use or occupation of the said Philip Scarlett or his assigns He my said Husband or his assigns during all that time keeping and maintaining the said premises in good and tenantable repair and committing or suffering no Waste thereupon And immediately after the decease of the said Philip Scarlett my Husband I will and direct that my Son in Law Richard Finney of the City of London Gentleman and John Baley of Loddon aforesaid Peruke maker or the survivor of them or the executors or administrators of such survivor shall and do with all convenient speed bargain sell release and convey All that my aforesaid Messuage or Dwellinghouse with the Shop Outhouses edifices yards garden and appurtenances thereof belonging And also the freeehold part of All that my Tower Windmill and the piece or parcel of Land whereon the same stands containing by estimation fourteen perches or thereabouts with the appurtenances situate lying and being in Loddon aforesaid now in the use or occupation of the said Philip Scarlett and to which he is entitled during the term of his natural life either together or in parcel and either by public Auction or by private Contract as they my said Trustees shall think proper for the most money and to the best purchaser or purchasers that can be fairly an reasonably be gotten for the same And as to the clear money arising by such sale or sales of my said Messuage Mill land and real Estate I give and bequeath the same unto Elizabeth Finney Benjamin Tuttell Robert Watson Tuttell William Tuttell Henry Jex Tuttell and Mary Tuttell Scarlett my Children equally to be divided between them share and share alike and to be paid to them within six calendar months next after such a sale or as and when they shall severally and respectively attain their respective ages of twenty one years which shall last happen And I do direct and authorise my said trustees to put and place out at interest upon such security or securities as they shall think sufficient for the same part or share or parts or shares of such of my said Children as shall be minors at the time of such sale during their respective minorities and pay and apply the interest arising therefrom in for and towards the maintenance education and bringing up of such minors according to their respective interests in the same And in case any of my said Children shall depart this life before they shall have had and received their respective bodies lawfully begotten Then my Will is that such Children if more than one share and share alike and if but one that such only Child shall be entitled to and be paid and receive the part or share of his her or their deceased parent at his or their age or respective ages of twenty one years and the interest money to be made of the same in the meantime shall be applied towards his or her maintenance and support But if any of my said Children shall so die not leaving any such issue my mind and will is that the part or share or parts or shares of him her or them so dying shall go to and be equally divided amongst or between the survivors of them and the child or children of such of them as may be dead leaving such issue such child or children to receive only such part as his her or their parent or parents if living would have received or been entitled to And my Will is that the purchaser or purchasers of my said Messuage mill land and real estate or any of them or any part of the same shall not be answerable or accountable for the application misapplication or nonapplication of the purchase money or purchase moneys to be given for the same but that the rceipt or receipts of the person or persons hereby directed and empowered to sell the same shall be a full and effectual discharge or full and effectual discharges to such purchaser or purchasers for his her or their respective purchase money or purchase moneys or for as much thereof for which such receipt or receipts shall be given And my Will further is that my said trustees shall each of them be answerable for his own act and receipt only and not the one for the other of them And that they shall not be answerable for any loss or miscarriage by any security or securities that may happen in my Estate unless occasioned by their wilful negligent or default and also that they shall retain all their costs charges damages and expences out of the Estate and Effects in them respectively vested in and by this my Will And I do herby revoke all former Wills by me made and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament In witness whereof I the said Susanna Scarlett the Testatrix have to this my last Will and Testament contained in two sheets of paper together annexed set my hand and seal (that is to say) to the first sheet thereof my hand and to this second and last sheet thereof my hand and seal this twenty first day of September in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and eleven

The mark of the said


Susanna Scarlett

Signed sealed published and declared by the said Susanna Scarlett the testatrix as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in her presence at her request and in the presence of each other have subscribed our Names Witnesses.
Wm Utting, William Winter Wm Cole

LODDON To Millers & Bakers
To be Sold by Auction
(Pursuant to the directions of the Will of the late SUSANNA SCARLETT) on Tuesday 6 April next at the Swan Inn, Loddon at 4 o'c
(Unless disposed of sooner by Private Contract)
Lot 1. All the Smock Tower WINDMILL situate in Loddon near the street, in full trade, in good repair, with patent sails, winding tackle, driving two pairs of French Stones, flour mill, jumper & requisite going gears & machinery in excellent condition. Also a Stable & Cart Shed lately erected. The Mill is in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Oldring whose tenancy will expire in November next & is in every respect adapted for an extensive business being within 2 miles of Hardley & Langley Staithes on the River Yare, six from the Port of Beccles, six from Bungay & ten from Norwich & fifteen from Great Yarmouth.
This Property is Freehold & subject to no outgoing.
Apply to Mr.John Baley, Loddon, the Executor of the Will of the said Susanna Scarlett, to Mr. William Tuttell who will shew the premises or to Mr. Copeman, Solr. Loddon.

Norfolk Chronicle - 18th & 25th March 1837

4Tithe map 1841 - as redrawn by Harry Apling
Tithe map 1841 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1841
Map by W. G. Jones
Owner: Benjamin Browne
Occupier: John Chapman

No. 469

Mill yard & garden

0a. 0r. 14p.


Situations Vacant
WANTED, a Journeyman in a Windmill, must be a good stoneman.
Apply to W. Chapman, Loddon or Stand 89 Corn Exchange.

Norfolk News - 16th October 1858

14th October 1882
Yarmouth Independant - 14th October 1882

From Friday Night's "Gazette"

William Chapman, Loddon, Norfolk, farmwer and seed merchant, June 11
Cambridge Independent Press - Friday 21st June 1889

CHAPMAN, William, Loddon, farmer, miller & corn, coal & seed merchant.
Norfolk Chronicle - 22nd June 1889

LODDON, Norfolk
Messrs. H. & J. Read are instructed by the Mortgagees to Sell by Auction at the Swan Hotel, Loddon on Tuesday 9 July 1889 at 6 for 7 o'c in the Evening, the following Lots of valuable Agricultural & Commercial PROPERTY & LIFE POLICIES, namely:-
Lot 1. FARM ... 23a. 0r. 3p. lately occupied by Mr. W. Chapman
Lot 2. RESIDENCE ... near the Police Station
Lot 3. The capital WIND & STEAM MILLS, Miller's RESIDENCE, Granaries, Seed Chambers, Cart Sheds, Stabling & other Buildings, situate in the centre of the improving Market Town of Loddon.
The Windmill contains four pairs of French Burr Stones (three pairs of which are nearly new) Smutter, Bolting Mill & all the requisite Machinery for carrying on a good trade as a Miller & Corn & Seed Merchant.
The Mill, which is in good working order, has an auxiliary power driven by a nearly new Horizontal Engine (by Holmes, Norwich) & is so constructed that the separate buildings could be easily applied to erect, at little expense, a complete Modern Roller Plant.
The Buildings in addition to the windmill consist of substantial Brick & Slated Engine
House with Brick Shaft, Boiler & Coal house, Granary & Stable near the Engine house, Piggeries & other convenient Offices. The Mill house abuts upon the principal street of Loddon ... In the rear of the House is a Garden; also near the Mill is a large & well planted Garden.
This Lot has for many years been in the occupation of Mr. William Chapman. Possession may be had on completion of the purchase.
Lot 4. POLICY OF ASSURANCE. Norwich Union Life Ins. £500
Lot 5. POLICY OF ASSURANCE. Scottish Provident Instn. £500
Particulars of Messrs. Copeman & Cadge, Solrs. Loddon & of the Auctioneers, Beccles & Carleton Coleville, Lowestoft.
Norfolk Chronicle - 15th & 29th June & 6th July 1889

In Bankruptcy & Under a Bill of Sale
On Thursday next
S. Mealing Mills is instructed by the Official Receiver & under a Bill of Sale, to Sell by Auction on the Premises in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Chapman, on Thursday July 18, 1889, the valuable Live & Dead

HORSES ... CARRIAGES ...COVERED MILLER'S VAN ... 2 strong Miller's Carts ...
Scales, Weighing Machines, Driving Straps, Mill Bills, Sack Barrow, New Cogs, also
Sale to commence at 10.30 for 11 o'c punctually.
Catalogues at the Offices of the Auctioneer, Orford Hill, Norwich

Norfolk Chronicle - 13th July 1889

Mill base - c.1998
Mill base - c.1998

Susanna Watson married Samuel Tuttell in Ellingham on 01 Jan 1781 Samuel died 28 Jan 1798 and was buried in Loddon. Susannah had remarried to Philip Scarlett after the death of Samuel Tuttell. They had 7 children 5 of them are mentioned in her will along with She had one more child Mary Tuttell Scarlett also mentioned in her will.
Susannah was buried beside her husband in Loddon in 1811.
It would appear that Susanna's estate was used by Philip Scarlett during his life , he  died in February 1837, he too was buried in Loddon. aged 79.

Philip SCARLETT Burial 9 Feb 1837 Norfolk Loddon Holy Trinity Parish Register
His death  prompted the presentation of Susanna's will and the sale of the mill, which appears to have been bought by Benjamin Browne of Lowestoft, who is shown as the owner on the tithe map.
Benjamin Browne died in Leeds in 1862 [in 1861 he is with his wife Maria listed as a retired fish merchant] there seems to be no will for him.
John Chapman's sister Maria married first Henry Burstal Gentleman of Bungay, who by 1843 had acquired both the mill and the houses formerly belonging to Edward Gibbs next to the Street.
In 1843, according to his will proved in 1848, he had signed a deed of Settlement putting the Loddon mill and other  property in Bungay into a trust for the benefit of Maria, her brother John seems to have been the trustee.
In Henry's will the mill is left to John Chapman in trust for Maria, she to receive the rent after the payment of necessary costs.
He also said that after Maria's death it was to pass to
John Chapman & his heirs Executors "in such proportions as Maria shall dictate in her will"
After the death of Henry Burstal, Maria married Arthur Lindoe Womack and they lived in Metingham.
His will mentions Windmills wheresover to pass to his wife, but if his sister survives his wife they to pass to sister Matilda Knights Womack for her life.
Maria Womack died on 7th Nov 1871 in Mettingham. Her Effects were declared as under £5000 and her will is complex leaving legacies to members of the Chapman, Burstal and Womack families as well as to her brother John Chapman £250 that he owes her.
to William Chapman of Loddon Miller the son of her brother John all the Tower wind mill called a smock mill with the ground belonging containing about 14 perches together with the going gears stones & fixtures belonging situate in Loddon to William subject to any lease which may have been granted
also to the said William All that Messuage & premises in Loddon occupied by her brother John Chapman, subject to her brother being allowed to live there rent free during his life provided he survives Matilda Knights Womack, and subject to the life interest of the said Matilda Knights Womack under the will of Arthur Lindoe Womack if she survives Maria; to her niece Maria Chapman daughter of John all the other premises in Loddon adjoining the previous property occupied by John , subject to the life interest of Matilda Knights as before

Matilda Knights Womack survived Maria and she died 17th October 1873. Her Effects were declared as under £4000. Henry Burstal in his will also left to Maria
"also all that Wind Mill called a smock mill with the dwelling house Granary Outbuildings land and hereditaments and premises situate in Strumpshaw in Norfolk standing upon Leasehold Land" 

In 1851 young John Chapman aged 21 & William aged 15, sons of John Chapman of Loddon and nephews of Maria are  to be found at Strumpshaw Mill with Maria then a widowed Annuitant.
She left the Strumpshaw_Mill to James Arthur Aldous her Executor, he died in 1899 in Beccles. No indication of when he sold it on
A. L. Womack is listed in the Strumpshaw entry.

Elvie Herd - 2nd September 2018

O. S. Map 1884
O. S. Map 1884
Courtesy of NLS map images

White's 1845: Samuel Wright, millwright

White's 1854: Samuel Wright, millwright

White's 1890: William Chapman, road surveyor

Kelly's 1892: William Chapman jnr, baker & highway surveyor

1811: Susanna Scarlett, owner, died

1818: Mill shown on John Sell Cotman drawing

1823: William Hubbard, miller

October 1823: Mill advertised for sale

Bryant's map 1826: Black Mill

1828: C. A. Glasspoole, miller

November 1828: Mill advertised to be let

White's 1836: Joseph Oldring, miller

1837: Joseph Oldring, tenant miller

February 1837: Philip Scarlett, mill owner, died aged 79

March 1837: Mill advertised for sale by auction, due to the death of Philip Scarlett and Susanna's will

1837: Mill bought by Benjamin Browne of Lowestoft

1839: John Chapman, miller

Tithe Award 1841:
Owner: Benjamin Browne; Occupier: John Chapman

Census 1841:
John Chapman (35) miller
Hannah Chapman (35)
Maria Chapman (14)
Martha Chapman (13)
John Chapman (12)
William Chapman (5)

Census 1851:
John Chapman (44) b.Burlingham, Miller & Famer, 65 Acres employing 3 men
Hannah Chapman (48) b.Yelveston
Maria Chapman (24) b.Yelveston
Mary Keeley (15) b.Strumpshaw, neice, House Servant
Joseph Crane (19) b.Freethorpe, Miller's Servant

White's 1854: John Chapman, corn miller

1856: John Chapman, miller

1858: William Chapman, miller

Census 1861:
William Chapman jnr., (25) b.Loddon, master miller, employing 2 men
Charlotte Chapman (31) b.Framingham
William Chapman (1) b.Loddon
John Chapman (10 day) b.Loddon
Gemima Clarke (49) b.Pulham St. Mary, nurse (Dom Serv)
Elizabeth Ellis (17) b. Loddon, general servant

1862: Benjamin Browne died in Leeds

White's 1864: William Chapman, corn miller

Census 1871:
John Chapman jnr (42) b.Loddon (Unemployed)
Eleanor Chapman (34) b.Framingham
John W. Chapman (15) b.Strumpshaw
Anna Maria Chapman (13) b.Strumpshaw

Census 1871:
William Chapman jnr., (35) b.Loddon, miller & farmer of 27 acres, employing 5 men
Charlotte Chapman (41) b.Framingham
Anna M. Chapman (13) b.Loddon, Scholar
Sarah Jane Chapman (8) b.Loddon, Scholar
Henry A. Chapman (6) b.Loddon, Scholar
Frederick Chapman (3) b.Loddon
Edward Chapman (3 mnths) b.Loddon
Charlotte Loynes b.Kirstead, General Servant
John Chapman (10 day) b.Loddon

1876: John Chapman jnr. died

1878: William Chapman, miller

Kelly's 1879: William Chapman & Son, millers & corn, seed & coal merchants & farmers, Loddon mills

Census 1881:
William Chapman jnr., (44) b.Loddon, miller & farmer of 55 acres, employing 7 men
Charlotte Chapman (50) b.Framingham
Anna Martha Chapman (23) b.Loddon
John Chapman (20 day) b.Loddon, Assistant Chemist
Sarah Jane Chapman (18) b.Loddon
Henry A. Chapman (16) b.Loddon, Clerk
Frederick Chapman (13) b.Loddon, Scholar
Edward Chapman (10) b.Loddon, Scholar
Charles Chapman (8) b.Loddon, Scholar

Census 1881:
William Chapman jnr. jnr, (24) b.Loddon, miller
Maria Chapman (28) b.Stratford

11th October 1882: Robert Le Grice, foreman to William Chapman, became entangled in machinery and died

White's 1883:
William Chapman & Son, millers and corn, coal, seed, cake, malt, hop, & c. merts. manure agts, frmrs. vessel owners, wharfingers and water carriers, Loddon Mills.

O.S. map 1884: Windmiill

1888: William Chapman, miller

June 1889: William Chapman bankrupt

June 1889: Mill advertised for sale by auction

White's 1890: William Chapman jnr. baker & confectioner, grocer and miller

1891: Mill demolished

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