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Little Ellingham postmill stood on Little Ellingham common and was known by the name of Rockland Mill. The mill ran two pairs of stones, a pair of 4ft 6ins French burr stones in the head of the mill and a pair of 3ft 10ins Peak stones in the tail of the mill.

To be SOLD
A Good accustomed WIND-MILL Standing upon Little Ellingham Common in Norfolk, which is called Rockland Mill. It has a Pair of four Feet & a half French Stones at the Head, as good as ever were wrought & a Pair of three Feet & ten Inches Peak Stones at the Tail of the Mill. It is let for five Years & this is the first.
Likewise to be sold a new Dwelling House (if desired) very proper for the Mill
Enquire of Thomas Frostick of Rockland, the Owner thereof.

Norwich Mercury 22nd January 1763

1762: Thomas Fostick, miller & owner

January 1763: Mill advertised for sale

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