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Little Snoring post windmill stood at Jex's Farm on the northeast side of the village. The mill had a roundhouse and used two patent sails for grinding and powering a flour machine.

To be Sold
A Strong Built Post WINDMILL with round house and flour machine in complete repair, to be removed off the premises.
Enquire of Mr. Thomas Jex, Little Snoring.

Norfolk Chronicle - 2nd & 9th June 1821

Little Snoring
To be SOLD or LET
A capital POST WINDMILL with Roundhouse and going Gears complete in good repair and well situated for trade at Little Snoring aforesaid.
Apply personally or by letter post paid to Mr. William Shepheard of Edgefield or to Mr. John Overton, Solr. Fakenham.
Fakenham, 16 October 1837.

Norfolk Chronicle - 21st October 1837

To be Sold by Auction by W. B. Lane on Wednesday October 15, 1879
All the LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK, also all the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other Effects of the late Mr. Robert Sheringham...

Also a capital POST WINDMILL standing in the parish of Little Snoring, with 2 patent sails and necessary machinery required for working the same and capable of doing a good trade, which will be sold subject to such conditions as will be produced at the time of sale.
Sale to commence with the Household Furniture at 11 o'c.

Lynn Advertiser - 4th October 1879

O. S. Map 1904

O. S. Map 1904
Courtesy of NLS map images

O.S. Map 2008
O.S. Map 2008
Image reproduced under licence from Ordnance Survey

1892: Mark Jarvis, flour dealer

20th February 1893: Mark Jarvis, flour dealer, died aged 70 (miller at Fakenham towermill 1872-1879)

White's 1854: Robert Sheringham, farmer & gamekeeper
White's 1854: Robert Stimpson, farmer,
Jex Farm

Kelly's 1879: Edward Adams, shopkeeper
Kelly's 1879: Edward Sheringham, farmer

White's 1890: Mrs. Matilda Adams
White's 1890: James Hall, farmer, Jex farm

Kelly's 1896: Mrs Matilda Adams, grocer (Gt Snoring)
Kelly's 1896: James Hall, farmer, Jex's farm

Kelly's 1900: Mrs Matilda Adams, grocer (Gt Snoring)
Kelly's 1900: James Hall, farmer, Jex's farm

Kelly's 1904: Mrs Matilda Adams, grocer (Gt Snoring)

Kelly's 1908: Mrs Matilda Adams, grocer (Gt Snoring)

Kelly's 1925:Henry Cook, farmer, Jex farm
(over 150 acres)

1821: Thomas Jex, miller & farmer

1821: Mill advertised for sale to be removed from the premises

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

White's 1836: Thomas Barnes, corn miller

October 1837: Mill advertised for sale or let

O.S. map 1838: Windmill

Census 1841:
William Shepheard (35) miller
Charlotte Shepheard (35)
William Shepheard (9)
Mary Shepheard (2)
John Shepheard (1 mth)
Ann Read (65) independent
Elizabeth Miller (45) female servant
Elizabeth Chapman (15) female servant

Matthew Bugdale (50) agricultural labourer
Henry Bugdale (25) journeyman miller
William E. Southgate (1) b.Gt Snoring
Susan Caulsey (14) b.Gt Snoring, domestic servant
Address: Walsingham Road

White's 1845: William Shepherd, corn miller

Census 1851:
William Shepheard (44) b.Bacton, miller
Charlotte Shepheard (47) b.Kettlestone
Tom Cubitt Shepheard (9) b.Lt Snoring, scholar
SamuelShepheard (7) b.Lt Snoring, scholar
Alice Shepheard (4) b.Lt Snoring, scholar

1853: William Shepherd, miller

1856: Robert Sheringham, miller & farmer

White's 1864: Robert Sheringham, miller & farmer

1868: Robert Sheringham, miller & farmer

1872: John Tuck, miller & farmer

1878: Robert Sheringham, miller & farmer

12th February 1879: Robert Sheringham, miller & farmer, died aged 66

October 1879: Mill advertised for sale by auction along with effects of Robert Sheringham

White's 1883: Edward Barratt Adams, miller, h. Great Snoring

1883: Mill ceased working

White's 1890: Mrs Matilda Adams, grocer & miller

Kelly's 1892: Mrs Matilda Adams, shopkeeper & miller (wind)

O.S. map 1904: Windmill

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