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Ludham postmill stood close to the Yarmouth Road at the end of Old Mill Lane, next to the mill house on the east side of the village. The mill was replaced in 1742 by the new High_towermill that was built a few yards away and closer to the road.

The original mill, a post mill, stood further back from the road at the end of what is known as Old Mill Lane. The present_mill dates from 1742 recorded by carved numerals on a beam. Built by grandfather of Dan England (1823-1897) and his great-great-grandfather built the previous one. Over seventy years ago Simon Grapes was flour miller here then Mr. E. Newton.
Eastern Daily Press - 1932

Ancestors of DANIEL ENGLAND - 1823-1897

Great great grandfather
Great grandfather
born 1715
born 1740
born 1770
born 1823 - died 1897
Chesney W. England, Ambleside, Malthouse Lane, Ludham - letter to Harry Apling - 5th August 1973

I would suggest that
DAVID built the mill in 1742
with cloth sails and tail pole
WILLIAM (1) rebuilt the mill sometime after 1807 with Cubitt's patent sails, boat shaped cap and fantail.
And that neither of these refers to the old post mill, gone before Faden's map of 1797.

Harry Apling - 1975

Index of Wills 1620: Stephen Robbs, miller

1742: Mill demolished to make way for the new High_towermill to be built a few yards away on the same site

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