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Martham smock windmill stood to the north of the Repps Road on the south west side of the town. The four storey mill had a brick base to the top of the first floor. The mill was powered by four double shuttered patent sails.

Local Bankrupts (From London Gazette)
Friday January 4
H. Shepherd, late of Martham, miller.

Norfolk Chronicle - 12th January 1867

Friday January 4
Henry Shepherd, Martham, miller.
Jan 16th
Norfolk News - 12th January 1867

Houses etc.
MARTHAM To Millers
FOR SALE by Private Contract, a self-winding TOWER CORN MILL with four floors, brick base to first floor, the rest wood, the mill new geared, four new sails, everything in good order with convenient Outbuildings, good Dwelling house, Greenhouse and large Garden attached well planted with fruit trees. Also 7 acres, 20 roods of productive Arable Land
near the Mill. All freehold.
The owner obliged to retire through ill health.
Apply W. Ware, Miller, Martham, Yarmouth.
Henry Shepherd, Martham, miller.
Jan 16th
Norfolk News - 12th August 1871

Houses etc.
For Sale by Private Contract in consequence of the Death of the owner.
A SELF-WINDING TOWER CORN MILL in good repair, new geared throughout , four new sails, good retail trade, nice Dwelling house, with Greenhouse, Warehouse and other Buildings convenient for business, large Garden well stocked with good fruit trees.
Apply Mrs. Ware, Miller, Martham, Norfolk.
Norfolk News - 26th June & 10th July 1875

THOMPSON, Robert, Jun. late of Hemsby and Martham, now of Diss, formerly miller and corn dealer now farmer.
Norfolk Chronicle - 10th January 1891
Farmer at Heywood, Diss

James Woolterton will Sell by Auction by direction of Mr. George Nichols who is declining business owing to ill health, at the Star Hotel, Great Yarmouth on 7 March 1894.
All that valuable property close situate close to the Railway Station, Martham, comprising a substantially erected tower windmill residence, four large cucumber houses and small market garden, now in the occupation of Mr. G. Nichols and his undertenant, E. A. Dyball.
Tenure Freehold.

Yarmouth Independent - 24th February 1894

MARTHAM, Norfolk
Windmill, Granary and cartshed situate at Martham, near the Station, to be let, in thorough good order.
Apply to Arthur Balls, Martham.

Yarmouth Independent - 18th July to 15th August 1896


Considerable excitement was caused on Friday morning at Martham, where fire broke out on the premises of Mr. James Arthur Balls, carrying on business as a market gardener. A powerful windmill caught fire through overheating caused by the heavy gale. The police were quickly on the spot and with the assistance of plenty of willing helpers kept the fire from spreading to the adjoining premises. The Rollesby fire engine was soon in attendance but was not required as the fire had been got under control. Great credit is due to Mr. Arthur Edmonds for supplying the helpers with hose and water cart. The property is insured in the Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society, of which Mr. John Fenwick, Town Hall is the agent.
Yarmouth Independent - 2nd April 1898

O. S. Map 1884
O. S. Map 1884
Courtesy of NLS map images

White's 1854: James Rust, farmer

White's 1864: Daniel Rust, millwright & engineer

Kelly's 1879: Robert Nichols, bootmaker
Kelly's 1879: Daniel Rust, engineer, millwright & carpenter
Kelly's 1879: Ellen C. Rust (MIss) ladies' school

White's 1883: Robert Nichols, shoemaker
White's 1883: Daniel Rust, millwright
White's 1883: Miss Ellen Rust, day school

White's 1890: Daniel Rust, millwright
White's 1890: Miss Ellen Rust, day school

Kelly's 1892: George Rust, engineer & millwright

Kelly's 1996: James Balls, farmer
Kelly's 1896: Charles Nichols, farmer
Kelly's 1896: Mark Nichols, carter
Kelly's 1896: Robert Nichols, farmer
Kelly's 1896: Daniel Rust snr. millwright
Kelly's 1896: Daniel Rust jnr. coal dealer

Kelly's 1900: Edmund Nichols, farmer
Kelly's 1900: Mark Nichols, carter
Kelly's 1900: Robert Nichols, farmer

Kelly's 1904: Daniel Rust jnr., coal dealer, millwright & machinist & agent for Northern Assurance Co.

Kelly's 1908: Daniel Rust jnr., coal dealer, millwright & machinist & agent for Northern Assurance Co.

Kelly's 1912: Daniel Rust, coal dealer & machinist

Kelly's 1916: Daniel Rust, coal dealer & machinist

c.1850: Mill built

1853: William Thompson, miller

White's 1854: Joseph Ware, corn miller

White's 1864: Joseph Ware, corn miller

January 1867: Henry Shepherd, miller, bankrupt

c.1870: Mill fitted with new sails and new gears

August 1871: Mill advertised for sale by private contract due to ill health of W. Ware, miller

1872: Joseph Ware, miller

1875: Joseph Ware died

1875: Mrs. Ware, miller

1878: George Nichols, miller

Kelly's 1879: George Nichols, miller

Census 1881:

George Nichols (30) b.Repps, miller
Happy Nichols (27) b.Repps
Elizabeth K. Nichols (5) b.Repps
George E. Nichols (3) b.Martham
Bertie E. Nichols (1) b.Martham
Address: Repps Lane

White's 1883: George Nichols, corn miller & farmer

White's 1890: George Nichols, corn miller, market gardener & farmer

January 1891: Robert Thompson jnr. former miller, bankrupt

Kelly's 1892: George Nichols, miller (wind)

1894: George Nichols, miller

February 1894: Mill advertised for sale by auction due to ill health of George Nichols

April 1895: George Nichols died aged 48

1896: Arthur Balls, owner

July 1896: Mill advertised to be let

1898: James Arthur Balls, mills

Friday 1st April 1898: Mill damaged by fire due to friction caused by a gale

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