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Methwold Old Feltwell Road postmill was almost certainly working in the 1500s and was doubtless renovated several times over the years. It was almost certainly replaced by the towermill in 1875. The postmill was also shown on a 1500s map held in the Public Record Office and a photocopy was reproduced in
The Changing Landscape - Patrick Armstrong, 1975

No. 7: Gill's Mill Piece

No. 9: Mill Piece

8a. 1r. 0p.
14a. 0r. 25p.
at rear of the towermill site on the opposite side of a former road once known as Long Row
Map - 1771

Unallocated miller in Methwold

Kelly's 1916: William Philip Harrod, farmer, Mill Farm

White's 1845: Daniel Green, millwright

White's 1854: Daniel Green, innkeeper (The Bell) & millwright

White's 1864: Daniel Green, innkeeper (The Bell) & millwright

1607 map: Windmill at unknown location in Methwold

Church Register 1653: William Axey, miller

1771 map: Mill Piece

White's 1854: Henry Wortley, miller

White's 1864: Henry Wortley, miller

1875: Mill replaced by a towermill

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