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Mulbarton tower windmill stood to the east of the Norwich Road a few yards inside the Mulbarton Parish boundary. The tarred red brick tower was one of the smallest in the county, being only 3 storeys and about 27 feet high. The mill was built with common sails that were later changed to 4 double shuttered patent sails, each with 8 bays of 3 shutters, struck by rack & pinion, that drove 2 pairs of stones and a flour mill. The Norfolk boat shaped cap had a 6 bladed fan and a petticoat. By 1888 an auxiliary steam engine had been installed.

The tower had the bare minimum of three floors and there were two doors at opposite ends on the ground floor that had been built as a safety measure as the common sails would have come down to within only a few feet of the ground as they had to be set by hand.

The fan drive ratio was 733 to 1.
The stone nuts were raised on spindles out of gear and supported on ⅜ in. diameter cotters.

18th August 1937
18th August 1937

Desirable Situation for a Miller, Baker and Confectioner
By Mr. JOHN CULLEY At the Bell Inn, Orford Hill on
Saturday October 6, 1827 at 5 o'clock

Lot 1. A Capital Brick TOWER WINDMILL lately erected, with two pairs of stones, flour mill and going geers complete in excellent repair, also a substantial Dwelling house and 3 roods and 19 perches of Land. All the above premises situate in Mulbarton in Norfolk, are Freehold, land tax redeemed and are now in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Burrell. The greater part of the purchase money may remain on Mortgage of the several lots if required.
Apply to Mr. Beckwith, Solicitor, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 22nd September 1827

Tithe Award 1841
Map 1840
Owner: Samuel Barrell
Occupier: do

No. 93

Mill & Yard

part of

0a. 0r. 18p.

0a. 3r. 22p.


Situations Vacant
WANTED, a Single Man to take charge of a TOWER MILL. Good reference required.
Apply to William Crane, Mulbarton.
Norfolk News - 24th September, 15th & 22nnd October 1864

To Let at MULBARTON near Norwich
A BRICK TOWER WINDMILL driving two pair of stones, flour mill etc. with comfortable Dwelling house, Granaries & outbuildings now in Full Trade. Possession at Lady day or Michaelmas next. For rent and particulars apply to Samuel Barrell, Little Melton.
Norfolk News - 21st January & 11th March 1865

KENT, George, Mulbarton, Miller & corn merchant
Norfolk Chronicle - 26th July 1890

21st May 1973
21st May 1973

By 1973 the mill was only an ivy covered junk filled shell with only the floor beams remaining. It stood at the end of a track from the road amidst a car scrap yard.


On 21st September 1983, Harry G. Lambert of Old Mill House told Harry Apling that Alfred Thompson of Mulbarton smockmill also worked the towermill for a while.

Ordnance Survey Map 1881
Ordnance Survey Map 1881
Courtesy of NLS map images

c.1824: Mill built

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

1827: Samuel Burrell, tenant miller

September 1827: Mill advertised for sale by auction

White's 1836: Samuel Barrell, corn miller

O.S. map 1838: Windmill

Tithe Award 1841: Samuel Barrell, owner and occupier

White's 1845: Samuel Burrell, miller

1846: Samuel Burrell, miller

1853: William Barrell, miller

Kelly's 1854: William Barrell, miller & shopkeeper
White's 1854: William Barrell, corn miller

1859: William Barrell, miller

1863: William Crane, miller

White's 1864: William Crane, corn miller

January 1865: Mill advertised to let

1865: Robert Ellis, miller

1868: Robert Ellis, miller

1872: William Smith Green, miller

Kelly's 1879: William Smith Green, miller

White's 1883: Wilson Smith Green, miller

1883: Auxiliary steam power working

1888: George Kent, miller

White's 1890: George Kent, miller & merchant

1890: George Kent, bankrupt

Kelly's 1892: Huggins & Hart, millers (wind)

Kelly's 1896: George William Huggins, miller (wind & steam) & corn merchant

Kelly's 1900: George William Huggins, miller (wind & steam) & corn merchant

Kelly's 1904: Henry Hart, miller (wind & steam) & corn merchant

Kelly's 1908: Henry Hart, miller (wind & steam)

1926: Mill derelict

21st May 1929: Mill derelict, sails without shutters and fan still in situ

Karl Wood painting 1933: Sails intact without shutters and fantail still in situ

1937: Mill with 2 sails, 1 broken stock, cap, petticoat and remains of fantail

1973: Mill tower remaining, derelict and overgrown

1990: Mill tower without a roof and lying derelict

1990: Mr. Lamberts

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