North Creake


Drainage Mills (Windpumps)
Steam Mills

North Creake postmill was working in the 1300s but no other record has so far been found.

... and in the 18th of Edward II Alice, widow of John de Thorp, had the king's writ ... for dower to be asssigned to her ... and by virtue of a mandate from the King Richard de Hacford, the escheator's deputy took an oath of Alice the she would not marry without the King's licence and assigned to her dower, in fullof her claim in the manor of North Creake ... and two parts of the capital messuage of this manor towards, the north, containing one acre ... the moiety of the windmill valiued at 14s ...
Blomefield's History of Norfolk, Vol. VII - Hundreds of Gallow and Brothercross

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