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Northwold post windmill stood to the northwest of the village on the south side of the turnpike road from Kings Lynn to Thetford and just to the north of Manby's_Turret_postmill. In 1842 the mill had a new built roundhouse and in 1859 the mill was using a single pair of patent sails to power two pairs of French burr stones and a flour mill.

Tithe map 1837 - as redrawn by Harry Apling
Tithe map 1837 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1837
Owner: Robert Basham
Occupier: do

No. 227

Mill yard

Yard etc.
part of

0a. 0r. 30p.
3a. 2r. 15p.


To Millers.
To be SOLD by Private Contract with Immediate Possession
All that old established
POST WINDMILL in which an extensive Retail Trade has been carried on for the last fifty years, with a new built Roundhouse, two pairs of French burr Stones, Flour Mill, Iron Axletree and all necessary and convenient Going Gears, standing on an Eminence it teh Populous Village of Northwold in Norfolk by the side of the Turnpike Road leading from Lynn to Thetford, together with a substantial and commodious Dwelling House pleasantly situated in the Street of Northwold aforesaid and about three furlongs from the Mill, with two Granaries nearly new built, Stables, Gig house, Cart shed, Yard, walled in Garden or Orchard well planted with Fruit Trees and One Acre and a half of Land at High Fen in Northwold aforesaid together with a Right of Cutting eight thousand Turves annually from Cotage Fen in Northwold aforesaid. The above Property is all Freehold, in excellent repair and the present Proprietor is declining business in consequence of indispostion.
Apply to Mr. Robert Basham, Miller, Mr. James Basham, Schoolmaster or to Mr. Jonas Walpole, all of Northwold aforesaid.
Norfolk Chronicle - 5th, 12th & 19th November 1842

To be Let and entered upon at Old Michaelmas next
A CAPITAL POST BWINDMILL with two Patent Sails, two pair of Stones, Flour Machine and all other requisite Machinery for carrying on the Trade.
Apply to Mr. Geo. Graves, Hall Farm, Northwold.
The hirer may be accommodated with a few Acres of Arable and Grass Land if required.

Norfolk News - 18th June 1859

Windmill to Let
TO BE LET at Michaelmas, a capital WIND MILL with two pair of stones and a small tract of Land with it if required.
Apply to Mr. G. Graves, Hall Farm, Northwold.
Norfolk News - 22nd & 29th September & 6th October 1860

Situations Vacant
Wanted, a Single Man. One thta has been used to a Windmill preferred. References required as to ability and character.
Apply personally to Geo. Wm. Graves, Northwold near Brandon.

Norfolk News - 6th December 1862

To Millers
A SMALL POST WINDMILL to be Let at Michaelmas in a good neighbourhood. Rent low.
Apply to Edward Banham, Valuer, Methwold.

Norfolk News - 30th May 1868

Situations Vacant
To Millers
WANTED, a sterady active Married Man (without incumbrance) to Work a WINDMILL.
Apply to J. Smith, Miller, Northwold.

Norfolk News - 22nd August 1868

A POST WINDMILL with Iron Shafts and 2 pairs of Stones in good going gear, to be Sold to be taken down: 2½ miles from Stoke Ferry.
Apply to Edward Banham, Auctioneer & Valuer, Methwold, Brandon.

Lynn Advertiser - 15th August 1874

To be Sold by Private Contract
A CAPITAL POST WINDMILL with Roundhouse under two Patent Sails and driving two pairs of French Stones.
There is a small Stable and Cart Lodge adjoining, The Mill is in good condition, stands well for trade and possession will be given at Michaelmas next.
For further particulars apply to Messrs. Roberts & Co., 74 Stamford Street, London, S.E.
Norfolk News - 27th January & 3rd February 1872

To Wheelwrights, Farmers and others
To be Sold by Auction by Edward Banham (at NORTHWOLD)
On Monday February 15, 1875
Several hundred feet of Poplar and Foreign Deal Boards, Oak Girder and Beams, Oak Mill Post, 4 Foreign Deal Spars, 2 Mill Backs, 2 Foreign Deal Beams 20 ft. long by 1 ft. square, Tail Tree, Crown Tree, Windshaft and Fittings, 14
½ ft. from head to tail, Bowl holes 15 x 10, weight 1¼ ton, 2 patent sails, all the Stone, Flint and Bricks and a wuantity of Firewood and old iron arising from the taking down of the above mill.
Sale to commence at 2 o'c.

Lynn Advertiser - 6th & 13th February 1875

2010 map
O.S. Map 2010
Image reproduced under licence from Ordnance Survey

Unidentified Northwold miller

White's 1854: Matthew Clarke, corn miller

Poll Book 1802: Robert & Thomas Basham, millers

O.S. map 1824: Windmill

Pigot's 1830:
Robert Basham, miller & flour dealer, Northwold

White's 1836: Robert Bassum, corn miller

Tithe Award 1837: Robert Basham, owner & occupier

1842: Robert Basham, miller

November 1842: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

White's 1845: George Greaves, corn miller

Index of Wills 1845: Robert Basham the elder, miller

White's 1854: Henry Hardy, corn miller & baker

1856: Henry Hardy, miller & baker

1859: Gearoge Graves, owner

June 1859: Mill advertised to be let

1862: George William Graves, miller

September 1862: Mill advertised to be let

White's 1864: George Graves, corn miller

1865: Ashby Graves, miller

May 1868: Mill advertised to be let

August 1868: J. Smith advertised for a man to work a windmill

1872: Charles Grummett, miller

January 1872: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

August 1874: Mill advertised for sale to be dismantled

1874-5: Mill dismantled

February 1875: Mill structure and machinery advertised for sale by auction

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