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Outwell smock windmill stood on Church Drove to the south of the village. The mill used two pairs of common sails to power two pairs of stones.

To be Let
A WIND FLOUR MILL, House, Outbuildings and 6
½ acres of Land.
possession at Michaelmas.
Apply to J. Waudby, Outwell, Norfolk.

Lynn Advertiser - 30th September & 7th October 1876

Mill & house c.1910
Mill & house c.1910

To be Let
A BOARDED WIND TOWER MILL driving two pair of stones, together with house and premises and 6
½ acres of Grass and Arable Land, situate in the midst of a large arable district and close to the populous villages of Outwell and Upwell.
Apply to the owner, John Waudby, Outwell.

Lynn Advertiser - 8th & 15th October 1881

I am a retired early aircraft engineer and an avid fan of Windmills & Watermills. I used to 'look after' Barton Watermill, Bedfordshire and extensively researched the history, adding what was already known about the mill. Having moved to Outwell in 2007, I have found out as much as possible about Shepherd's Mill as the remaining tower is on our development Miller's Rest in Outwell. In doing so I discovered that there was a Smock Mill in Church Drove and have managed to obtain some copies, of copies, of photos of the mill. I believe in sharing information such as this for the benefit of others and the lady who lent me them has no objection to them being used. The Mill House is still on Church Drove, which is where the lady who lent me the photos lives and the Mill was next to it but it was demolished many years ago and there is now an unfinished bungalow on the site.
Richard Ashby - 2nd February 2009

Mill house 28th May 2012
Mill house 28th May 2012

O. S. Map 1885
O. S. Map 1885
Courtesy of NLS map images

O. S. Map 1885
O. S. Map 1885
Courtesy of NLS map images

O.S. Map 2008
O.S. Map 2008
Image reproduced under licence from Ordnance Survey

Poll Book 1802: Thomas Neale, miller

O.S. map 1824: Windmill

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

White's 1836: William Neale, corn miller

White's 1845: William Neale, corn miller

White's 1854: Thomas Judd, corn miller

White's 1864: George Mason, miller & baker

1875: George Docking, miller

1876: John Waudby, owner

September 1876: Mill advertised to be let

Kelly's 1879: Joseph Webb, miller

1881: John Waudby, owner

October 1881: Mill advertised to be let

O.S. map 1891: Windmill

c.1920: Mr. & Mrs. Pears & son Ronald Pears

c. 1925: Mill demolished

c.1940: Mill property bought by Mr. Woods

1976: John Robert Woods, Mill House, Church Drove, owner & occupier

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