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Panxworth post windmill stood almost opposite and just to the west of the Red Lion pub. The mill had a two storey roundhouse and a full width gabled porch with a pitched roof that was reached via a ladder that supported the fantail. A window was set in the gable end of the mill buck. In 1858 the mill was using a single pair of common sails and a single pair of patent sails.

Notice to Creditors of
George Edward Hawke of Panxworth, Miller & Shopkeeper
payment of Dividend under Deed of Assignment

Norfolk Chronicle - 19th January 1828

PANXWORTH near South Walsham
TO LET a Capital Flour WINDMILL with patent sails, comfortable Dwelling House with large Garden and Two Pieces of Land.
Immediate Possession.
Apply to Messrs. MILLER & Son& Bugg, Solicitors, Surrey Street, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 11th July 1857

To let
A Capital Flour Windmill with patent sails, comfortable Dwelling House with large garden and two pieces of land.
Immediate possession.
Apply to MILLER & SON & Bugg, Solrs. Surrey St., Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 18th July 1857

Windmill, Malting, Dwelling House, Cottages and Accommodation Land, producing a rental of £84 per annum
Wm. Spelman & Sons
Have received instruction from the Mortgagee with Power of Sale to Sell by Auction on Monday January 25th, 1858 at 2 o'c in the afternoon, at the Lion Inn, Panxworth, in Lots, the WIND-MILL situate at Panxworth in the occupation of Mr. James Chapman, a Malting occupied by Messrs. Mealing & Mills, also a Dwelling House and several Cottages and a piece of Meadow Land adjoining. All Freehold.
Particulars in next weeks papers,
Messrs. MILLER, SON & BUGG and Messr. BRIGHTWELL & SON, Solicitors, Norwich and of the Auctioneers.

Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 9th January 1858

Windmill, Malting, Dwelling House, and Accommodation Land, producing a rental of £84 per annum late of Mr. Edward Saul decd.
Wm. Spelman & Sons
Have received instruction from the Mortgagee with Power of Sale to Sell by Auction on Tuesday February 2nd 1858 at 2 o'c in the afternoon at the Lion Inn, Panxworth, the following ESTATES, situate opposite the Lion Inn.
Lot 1.
A post Windmill and piece of land round the same with shed thereon occupied by Mr. James Chapman. The mill has brick round-house, pair of patent sails and pair of common ditto (the latter quite new) drives two pairs of stones and stands well for wind.
Lots 2 - 5 ...
Apply to MILLER, SON & BUGG, or BRIGHTWELL & SON, Solicitors, Norwich and of the Auctioneer.
previously advertised 9 January 1858.

Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 16th & 30th January 1858

To Millers and others
Sale Monday 31 May
Household furniture, Stock in trade,
Sharps, Middlings, Dairy seed, Barley ... (other milling items)
of Elijah Wyatt a bankrupt.
Norfolk Chronicle - 29th May 1858
N.B. Possibly Elijah Wyatt of Panxworth postmill 1853-1858

Aug. 2
for Mill (inter alia)
60 Sail levers
20 do do Pivots
1 qr.
17lbs. 3lbs.
Smithdales Day Book - 1871

New Windmill on Shop
1881 1 New windmill to shop £30.
6 Castings for ditto
Cwt. 1
Smithdales, Panxworth Ledger - 1881

'Black Tuesday' 18 January 1881 - worst blizzard in living memory, innumerable windmills seriously damaged and several blown down.
Windmills & Millwrighting, S. Freese - 1957-1971

Serious accident through high wind. During the hurricane that commenced blowing on Tuesday morning, 18 January, and increased in velocity during the day, the Post Windmill in occupation of Mr. Chapman was thrown down. The crash came at 2.30 pm. and was heard a considerable distance. One man only named Colman was in the mill at the time. He was much shaken and bruised but it is hoped not seriously hurt. His escape is considered almost miraculous. The main supports of the mill are now seen to be much decayed and the fabric cannot have really been safe for years.
Eastern Daily Press - 20th January 1881

The recent accident to the Mill.
We are asked to give a contradiction to this report to state that everything was in good order and that the accident was only attributable to the excessively high wind prevailing at the time.
Eastern Daily Press - 24th January 1881

It would appear that when the mill blew down on 18th January 1881, it was rebuilt, probably on the same site.
The nearby Panxworth Works of Thomas Smithdale recorded castings being made for a new mill later that same year. The location of the shop was not recorded but it would appear to be unlikely that the location was Smithdale's own premises as conjectured in some quarters.

The census of 3rd April 1881, records Jeremiah George Chapman, who by then was an unmarried lodger at St. Swithins Villas, St. Clement, Norwich and was a teacher at the Mid. Clap. School.

O.S. Map 1891
O. S. Map 1881
Courtesy of NLS map images

The attached census files for the Chapman family came about simply because of an article in this quarters edition of 'The Norfolk Ancestor', of the Norfolk Family History Society.
It was about one Jeremiah George Chapman, born 1859 at Panxworth Mill. who went to London University, and became a School Teacher, and later, with some parents, founded a boys boarding school in 1910. Later becoming the head master. Among things they taught was dancing. The school expanded to take 240, some from overseas. One of the pupils was Lewis Ernest Watts, who we knew as Sir John Mills.
It was a very interesting little article which prompted me to look for the census of the family.

Eastern Daily Press - 24th January 1881

The majority of the census information mentioned above related to Claxton smockmill

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

January 1828: George Edward Hawke, miller & shopkeeper, insolvent

Greenwood's map 1834: Windmill

White's 1836: William Leist, corn miller

White's 1845: William Leist, corn miller

1846: William Leist, miller

1853: Elijah Wyatt, miller

White's 1854: Elijah Wyatt, miller

Index of Wills 1857: Edward Saul, miller

July 1857: Mill advertised to be let

1858: Elijah Wyatt, miller, bankrupt and moved to Shipdham West End postmill

1858: James Chapman snr, miller

January 1858: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Census 7th April 1861:

James Chapman (35) b.Surlingham, miller (Claxton smockmill in 1851)
Ann Chapman (32) b.Claxton
Thomas Henry Chapman (13) b.Claxton
James Chapman (6) b.Claxton
Jeremiah George Chapman (1) b.Panxworth in 1859

White's 1864: James Chapman, corn miller & farmer

Census 2nd April 1871:

James Chapman (44) b.Surlingham, miller & merchant + 1 labourer
Ann Chapman (41) b.Claxton
James Chapman (18) b.Claxton
George Chapman (11) b.Panxworth in 1859, scholar
Priscilla Chapman (8) b.Panxworth, scholar
Christina Chapman (5) b.Panxworth, scholar
Edith Chapman (1) b.Panxworth
Jemima Goulty (12) b.Ranworth, general servant

1878: James Chapman snr, miller

Kelly's 1879: James Chapman jnr, miller

Tuesday 18th January 1881: Mill blown down in a gale and blizzard. One worker Mr. Colman was bruised only

Census 1881: James Chapman, master miller, Mill House; Samuel Coleman, journeyman miller

1883: Auxiliary steam power being used

White's 1883: James Chapman, corn miller & merchant

O.S. map 1891: Windmill (Corn & Flour)

Census 5th April 1891:

James Chapman (65) b.Surlingham, miller & farmer
Ann Chapman (62) b.Claxton
Edith K. Chapman (21) b.Panxworth

Census 31st March 1901:

James Chapman (65) b.Surlingham, miller & farmer
Ann Chapman (62) b.Claxton
Edith K. Chapman (31) b.Panxworth
Janet Chapman (12) b.Panxworth

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