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Poringland smock windmill sometimes known as the East Mill or the Lower Mill, stood on the west side of The Street in Poringland village. The four storey mill had three wooden floors built over a single storey brick base. Two pairs of patent sails powered two pairs of French burr stones. By 1871 a portable 6 h.p. steam engine supplied auxiliary power.

On 2nd January 1800, William Beverley, the Elder, of Poringland, farmer, wrote a will. In it he provided for his wife, Elizabeth and left his lands and hereditaments to his sons Thomas & William Beverley on a share and share alike basis. The mill was not specified at all, just land, corn, etc and messuages.
Thomas Beverley wrote a will on 6th February 1852, he died on 24th March 1853 and the will was proved on 17th March 1854. Thomas left his estate to his three sons, Michael, Elijah and Tobias. The will also contained a large list of his other children who got £100 each. Tobias was specifically left one and half acres in Poringland adjoining the Bingate.

Mr. W. T. Balls have received instructions from the Trustees for Sale under the Will of Mr. Anthony Pilch deceased, to Sell by Auction in July next the following property
A TOWER WINDMILL with the auxiliary Steam Power, Dwelling house with garden, Barn, Granary, Stable and other Buildings and a piece of Pasture Land adjoining together and containing with the site of the Buildings 3r. 39p. as in the occupation of Mr. T. W. Beverley.
Further particulars of the above sales will appear in future papers and in the meantime may be had at the Offices of Mr. T. W. Balls, Auctioneer & Estate Agent, Lowestoft.

Lowestoft, June 7, 1871.
Norfolk News - 17th & 24th June 1871

GREAT PORINGLAND (About four and a half miles from Norwich)
Mr. W. T. Balls has received instructions from the Trustees for Sale of the Will of Mr. Anthony Pilch deceased to Sell by Auction at the Royal Hotel, Norwich on Saturday 12 August 1871 at 3 for 4 o'c in the Afternoon, in one Lot, all that Valuable
Well situated for Trade purposes next the high road from Norwich to Bungay, having Four Floors, substantially built with brick base up to the first floor, and the remainder of wood; with Patent Sails, Running Gear and appliances complete, driving two pairs of French Burr Stones, together with an auxiliary six horse power STEAM ENGINE attached with Engine House; also a Cart Shed, Granaries with Chaise house, Barn, Stables and Hay Loft, Neat House, Shelter Sheds with Yards and Piggeries. Also a DWELLING HOUSE and a piece of Pasture Land and Garden containing (with the site of the Buildings) 0a. 3r. 39p. or thereabouts, as in the occupation of Mr. William Beverley at the yearly rent of £50.
The Estate is copyhold of the Manor of Framingham Earl. The Tenant is under notice to quit at Old Michaelmas.
Particulars and conditions of sale may be had of Mr. William Chater, Solicitor or of the Auctioneer, Lowestoft.

Norfolk News - 5th & 12th August 1871

Houses etc.
Wanted. A TENANT for the East Poringland MILL DWELLING HOUSE and LAND now occupied by Mr. Beverley.
Apply to Mr. Sharpe, Solicitor, Queen Street, Norwich.
Norfolk News - 21st September 1872

In Liquidation
Messrs. John STANDLEY & SON are instructed by the Trustee to Sell by Auction on Monday June 16, 1873, the STOCK IN TRADE, FURNITURE & EFFECTS comprising an eight horse power Portable Steam Engine, Chestnut Horse, Luggage Cart, Mill Cart, quantity of Oats, Bean Meal, Offal, Sacks etc. Household Furniture and other Effects.
Sale to commence at 12 o'c punctually.

Norfolk News - 14th June 1873

Houses etc.
Wanted. A TENANT for the East Poringland MILL DWELLING HOUSE and LAND now occupied by Mr. Beverley.
Apply to Mr. Sharpe, Solicitor, Queen Street, Norwich.
Norfolk News - 21st September 1872

O.S. Map 2008
O.S. Map 2008
Image reproduced under licence from Ordnance Survey

White's 1836: Thomas Beverley, yeoman

White's 1845: Thomas Beverley, farmer (owner)
White's 1845: Tobias Beverley, farmer

White's 1854: Elijah Beverley, farmer
White's 1854: Tobias Beverley, farmer

White's 1864: Tobias Beverley, farmer

Bryant's map 1826: Mill

Greenwood's map 1834: Mill

White's 1836: Tobias Beverley, miller & baker

O.S. map 1838: Mill

1839: Tobias Beverley, miller

White's 1845: James Kemp, miller

1846: James Kemp, miller

Index of Wills 27th March 1847: James Kemp, miller

1853: Walter Henry Lee, miller

White's 1854: Walter Henry Lee, corn miller, Low Mill

1856: Walter Henry Lee, miller

1858: Thomas Beverley, miller & farmer

1859: Thomas Beverley, miller & farmer

1863: Anthony Pilch, miller

White's 1864: Anthony Pilch, corn miller

1865: Anthony Pilch, miller

1868: Thomas William Beverley, miller & farmer

1871: William Beverley, tenant miller at an annual rent of £50

June 1871: Mill advertised for sale by auction due to the death of owner, Anthony Pilch

1872: William Beverley, tenant miller

September 1872: Mill advertised to be let

June 1873: John Drake, miller, liquidated

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