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Pulham Market post windmill stood in Harry's Lane at Colegate End. Pulham Market was known as Pulham St. Mary Magdalene during the 1800s. The mill had a roundhouse and used patent sails to power 2 pairs of 4ft. French burr stones.

To Millers
TO BE LET for a term of years from Michaelmas next, an excellent POST WIND-MILL, with Farn-house, Barn, Stable and other Outbuildings and about 20 acres of superior Arable Land.
Apply (if by letter, prepaid) to Mr. George Rayson, Pulham Market.
Norfolk News - 6th & 13th July 1861

HARLESTON. Petty Sessions. - On Friday, before the Rev. Archdeacon Ormerod and the Rev. A. M. Hopper, George Hopton, miller, Pulham Market, was charged by Mr. Witheford, inspector of weights and measures, with having in his mill a weighing machine four ounces
Norfolk News - 9th November 1867

C. W. Chaston has received instructions to offer for Sale by Auction at the Magpie Hotel, Harleston on Wednesday 25 September 1872 at 5 for 6 o'c in one or more Lots a very valuable small FARM containing 22a. 0r. 7p. with Farmhouse, 2 Cottages and Agricultural Buildings, an Allotment containing 2r. 22p. of superior Arable Land, also a Post Windmill with Roundhouse, self-winding apparatus, patent Sails, 2 pairs of 4 ft. French stones and good Machinery and 2a. 2r. 10p. of very fine Arable Land.
The above mentioned Lots are now in the occupation of Mr. Alfred Aldridge and his undertenants. Copyhold of the Manor of Pulham.
Particulars of W. M. Hazard, Solr. Harleston and of the Auctioneer, Mendham, Harleston.
Norfolk Chronicle - 21st September 1872

On the following morning, about eleven o'clock, long before the excitement caused by the occurrence of the night had ceased, (house fire) intelligence was received that another fire had broken out in the village. The news proved only too true, and the fire engine was at once despatched on its second errand. The fire was on the premises of Mr. Aldridge, miller, Pulham Market, and was caused it appears by sparks given out by a passing locomotive belonging to Mr. George Chase, miller, Weybread. The sparks caught the thatch of the barn, and the result was the total destruction of the building together with about twenty coombs of corn. A number of pigs, which were in the building at the time, were so severely burnt that it was decided to kill them. Mr. Aldridge is not insured.
Diss Express - 1st February 1878

Alfred Aldridge deceased.
All persons having any claim upon the Estate or Effects of ALFRED ALDRIDGE late of Stratton St. Michael in Norfolk, Miller ... to send particulars to Mrs. Hannah Aldridge ... widow ...
Norfolk Chronicle - 11th June 1881

Harry Apling mused that Alfred Aldridge may have retired to Stratton St. Michael.

1850: John Rayson, miller

1853: John Rayson, miller

White's 1854: John Rayson, corn miller

1858: John Rayson, miller

July 1861: Mill advertised to be let

White's 1864:
William Hupton, corn miller & farmer (Pulham St. Mary Magdalen)

1867: George Hopton, miller

1868: George Upton, miller & farmer

1872: Alfred Aldridge, miller

September 1872: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1872: Alfred Aldridge, miller

January 1878: Mill barn destroyred by fire

Kelly's 1879: Alfred Aldridge, miller & farmer

1881: Alfred Aldridge died

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