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Pulham St Mary the Virgin had three windmills working in the 1800s - a northern postmill, a western_postmill and a southern_smockmill. Nearby was the larger village of Pulham Market that was also known as Pulham St Mary Magdalene in the 1800s.

Up until at least 1871 the northern mill was powering two pairs of French burr stones.

Tithe map 1838 - as redrawn by Harry Apling
Tithe map 1838 - as redrawn by Harry Apling
Northern mill marked at 329
Western mill site marked in red
Southern mill just below the crossroads

Signatory to Notice re SACK ASSOCIATION

Norfolk Chronicle - 7th & 21st May 1791

Norfolk Chronicle - 16th & 23rd August 1794
Norfolk Chronicle - 16th & 23rd August 1794

Transcription of excerpt from above advert

To be Sold by Auction
By Samuel Safford
By Order of the Assignees of Jacob Stanton, a Bankrupt
At the Swan Inn in Harleston in the county of Norfolk, on Wednesday 27 August 1794 at 4 o'c in the afternoon
The following ESTATES of the said Bankrupt. In Three Lots.
Lot I. Water Corn Mill, Weybread ...
Lot II. Post Windmill near the above mill upon Shotford Heath ...
Lot III. A POST WINDMILL with two pair of stones, situate in Pulham St. Mary the Virgin in the county of Norfolk, late in the use of the said Jacob Stanton and the piece of inclosed Land whereon the Mill is erected. Possession of all the premises may be had immediately.
Apply to Messrs. HAVELL & PEARSON, Ipswich or Mr. Bonhote, Bungay.

Norfolk Chronicle - 16th & 23rd August 1794

To Millers
To be Let
A POST WINDMILL well situated for trade at Pulham St. Mary the Virgin, Norfolk, with two pair of stones and flour mill and all going gears complete.
Also a comfortable Dwelling house and garden.
Apply to Mr. James Batchelder at the Crown, Loddon, Norfolk.

June 24, 1818
Norfolk Chronicle - 27th June & 4th July 1818

Tithe Award 1838
Map, W. S. Millard, 1838
Owner: James Drane
Occupier: Robert Stanton

No. 329a

Mill Premises & Yards


0a. 0r. 12p.

Pt. of £1.

HARLESTON. SHOCKING ACCIDENT. - On Tuesday last, shocking accident occurred to Mr. Stanton, miller, of Pulham, who was in the act of adjusting some part of the machinery of the mill, when his right hand became entangled in the cog work, and was crushed to pieces. Mr Mills, surgeon, was very quickly on the spot, who considering it prudent to have further assistance, a messenger was sent to Harleston. Mr Bunn and Mr Candler shortly arrived, and it was decide that amputation should immediately take place, which was at once performed by Mr Mills. Mr Stanton remains in a very weak state, but hopes are entertained of his recovery.
Norfolk News - 25th September 1852

To Millers
WANTED, a Single Young MAN in the above Trade.
Apply to Mr. Joseph Tills, Miller, Pulham St. Mary, near Harleston.

Norfolk Chronicle - 24th December 1859

East Anglian Daily Times - 11th December 1900
East Anglian Daily Times - 11th December 1900

O. S. Map 1883
Northern postmill top left; southern smockmill lower centre left
Courtesy of NLS map images

White's 1836: James Drane, farmer & yeoman
White's 1836: John Stanton, Free-school master

White's 1845: Mrs. Abigail Drane, gentlewoman

White's 1888: Robert Adcock, farmer, miller & owner - undesignated mill

1791: Jacob Stanton, miller

1794: Jacob Stanton, miller, bankrupt

August 1794: Mill advertised for sale by auction due to the bankruptcy of Jacob Stanton

June 1818: Mill advertised to be let

Index of Wills 1829: James Stanton, miller

Greenwood's map 1834: Windmill

White's 1836: Elizabeth & Robert Stanton, corn millers

O.S. map 1837: Windmill

Tithe Award 1838: Owner: James Drane; Occupier, Robert Stanton

White's 1845: Elizabeth & Robert Stanton, corn millers

1846: Elizabeth Stanton, miller

Tuesday 21st September 1852: Mr. Stanton caught his hand in moving cog wheels - it was later amputated

1853: Elizabeth Stanton, miller

White's 1854: Joseph Tills, corn miller

1859: Joseph Tills, miller

1863: Samuel Alexander, miller

White's 1864: Samuel Alexander, corn miller

Kelly's 1879: Samuel Alexander, corn miller

1883: Samuel Alexander, corn miller

O.S. map 1884: Windmill

White's 1888: Samuel Alexander, miller

White's 1890: William Amies, miller

Kelly's 1892: William Amies, miller (wind & steam)

Kelly's 1896: William Amies, miller (wind & steam)

Kelly's 1900: Charles H. Hammond, miller (wind & steam) & corn & flour merchant

December 1900: Mill advertised for sale by auction

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