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Mill working c.1890
Mill working c.1890

Repps cum Bastwick post mill stood at Mill Farm in Mill Road. The mill and had a roundhouse that was newly built in 1805 and ran two pairs of French burr stones that were powered by 4 double shuttered patent sails, each with 8 bays of 3 shutters powered by rack & pinion.

To be Sold at Repps, in the County of Norfolk, a complete Windmill in thorough Repair, and well situated for Business, within a Mile of Water Carriage for Great Yarmouth. Also an exceeding good Dwelling-house and Granary, and all other Out-houses convenient, with five Roods of Land, by Estimation, more or less. The above Premises may be entered upon immediately, if desired.
For Price, and other Particulars, enquire of Mr John Bygrave, Sutton, or of Mr Charles Sidney, Norwich, or of Richard Palgrave, of Repps aforesaid.

Norfolk Chronicle - 14th September 1782

To be Sold by Private Contract
A good substantial POST WIND-MILL called Repps Mill, now in full trade, with two pair of exceeding good French Burr Stones and all her going geers complete, Flour Mill and new built Roundhouse. Also a good brick Dwelling House, Granary, Barn, Stable, Cart shed and five Roods of Land contiguous to the Mill, situate in Repps in the county of Norfolk and now in the occupation of Mr. Richard Bygrave, the proprietor.
Repps and its neighbourhood is a fine corn country and an excellent situation for the flour trade being only one mile from the navigable river running from Heigham Bridge to Yarmouth.
Apply to Mr. Thomas Barber, Attorney at Law, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 23rd February & 2nd March 1805

Whereas JUDITH, the wife of me RICHARD BYGRAVE late of Great Burcham in the county of Norfolk and before that of Repps in the same county, has lately absconded from my house and now lives in Potter Heigham in the said county against my will; I do hereby give notice that I will not be answerable for any debts already contracted or to be contracted by her and that if she shall dispose of any of my property in her possession I will commence action for recovery of them against all persons who shall purchase or receive the same.
Witness my hand this 21st day of October 1805.

Norfolk Chronicle - 26th October 1805

Notice to Creditors of
John Scarlett late of Repps with Bastwick, Miller, deceased.

Norfolk Chronicle - 23rd & 30th June 1821

Peremptory Sale
Have received instructions to Sell by Auction on Wednesday June 22, 1853 at 4 o'c at the White Horse Inn, Great Yarmouth the following Valuable Property situate at the Four Crossways at Repps, Norfolk consisting of a POST WINDMILL.
Stands well for wind, drives two pairs of French stones, flour mill, roundhouse, two patent sails, winds herself, with all going gear in complete working order.
Mill Cottage ...
Dwelling House ...
Farming Premises ...
The Mill, Cottage and Garden, brick and tiled 2-stall Stable and use of part of the Cart Shed is let to Mr. James Laws under a lease at the annual rental of £65.
The Dwelling House and Farming Premises are in the occupation of the Proprietor Mr. William Manship.
Apply to Messrs. Reynolds & Palmer, Solrs. Great Yarmouth or the Auctioneers, Norwich & Yarmouth.

Norfolk Chronicle - 4th, 11th & 18th June 1853

Situations Vacant
To Millers
WANTED, a Single Young Man to WORK a WINDMILL
Apply personally to W. Beck, Repps Mill, Norfolk.

Norfolk News - 7th January 1865

Full size version of picture above c.1890

Situations Vacant
Wanted, a Young single MAN.
Apply personally to Wm. Beck, Repps Mill, Norfolk.

Norfolk News - 9th March 1867

REPPS CUM BASTWICK near Great Yarmouth
Samuel Aldred will Sell by Auction at the Dukes Head Hotel, Great Yarmouth on Wednesday August 21 at 3 for 4 o'c in the afternoon
A capital POST MILL with convenient dwelling house, miller's residence, gardens, farm buildings and two pieces of land containing 1a. 3r. 30p. situate on the road from Burgh to Potter Heigham, partly occupied by Mr. William Beck and partly by Mr. William Manship.
Property is copyhold of the Manor of Martham.
A large sum of money has lately been expended upon the mill and machinery which is therefore in good working order. Particulars of the Auctioneer, Great Yarmouth.

Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 3rd, 10th & 17th August 1867

WANTED, a Situation as GENERAL MILLER or STONEMAN. Can keep accounts.
Address W. Beck, Repps Mill, Flegg Burgh.

Norfolk News - 1st November 1873

Repps Mill in the occupation of Mr. Addy, standing on a hill just off the High Road, a conspicuous object and regular landmark for miles around, fell a victim and was swept away by the wind.
Yarmouth Independent - 30th March 1895

After the mill was destroyed in the gale of 1895, the owner, John Addy, used his steam engine to power a mill in a barn for a further 8 years.

On 17th September 1954, George Addy, a retired market gardener conveyed Mill House and the whole site to George Joseph Addy, a smallholder.

A Repps Notable

Mr. George Addy, one of the best known men in Repps and all the neighbouring villages, was born on the 8 th of December, 1872, so it was his 84 th birthday last Saturday. He is rightly proud of his age for he is still very active, but his birthday this year was celebrated in a very special way since it coincided with the 6 th birthday party of Repps Merry Mardlers Club of which he is the oldest member.
Mr. Addy was born at Repps White Hart, but when he was only three his family moved to the Mill House Farm, parents and 5 children all driving there crowded into a horse-drawn cart. There he has lived ever since. The mill fell in the great gale of Sunday, 24 th March, 1895. In the same year Mr. Addy was appointed Assistant Overseer for the Parish. In 1899 he became a local preacher and as such cycled all through the Flegg Hundreds for many years, visiting the chapels in villages as far apart as Caister and South Walsham, Runham and Sutton. His first cycle had solid tyres which used to become embedded with flints from the metalled roads of those days. These long Sunday rides would follow long days of hard work outside during the week. In 1901 he took on other duties as well for he was appointed Clerk to the Parish, an office he held for 45 years.
Mr. Addy is still very active in the house and on the farm. He is a well-informed man and a lively conversationalist. His memory is very clear and he can give exact details of local history for many years back. But I enjoyed most hearing about his weekly visits to Yarmouth market where he had a stall for about 30 years, travelling with a horse and four-wheeled cart to take dressed fowls, eggs, flowers and vegetables. He would leave home at 5am reaching the market about 3 hours later. He would go twice a week during the summer. His wife accompanied him for many years. They might perhaps take as many as 100 dressed fowl at Christmastime. No doubt many Yarmouth people can still remember him. The journey had to be made in all kinds of weather. Mr. Addy still remembers the heavy rain through which he had to drive for the Christmas market of 1917. He drove a horse named Billy during most of his marketing years and Billy it was who brought them to a close when he fell and broke the shafts of his cart!
Mr. Addy still loves going out. He rarely misses a meeting of the Merry Mardlers and no outing is too long for him. Indeed he was mislaid for a time in Cambridge this year while exploring the town! Truly, a remarkable man!

M. Grunot - 1956

Mrs. I. M. Clegg of Brentwood, Essex, wrote to Harry Apling on 8th February 1973 to say that her grandfather Robert Butler was born in 1837, to George & Maria Butler. George Butler was then miller at Repps postmill but by 1845, Maria was alone and the miller at Burgh_St._Margaret_postmill.

I have recently moved into Mill Cottage, Mill Road, Repps with Bastwick, which is the old site of the Post Mill.  Mill House is still there and surrounding barns are now residential.  I would like to try and find more pictures and history about the old Post Mill at Repps and understand that it was demolished in 1902 when I expect the two farm cottages that I now live in were built.  I would love to try and find out more about them and what they looked like.  We are renovating at the moment and would like to try and bring some of the character back into the house. 
Sonia Shephard - 12th November 2014

O. S. Map 1884
O. S. Map 1884
Courtesy of NLS map images

Kelly's 1900: George Addy, assistant overseer

Kelly's 1904: George Addy, assistant overseer

Kelly's 1908: George Addy, assistant overseer

Index of Wills 1761: Richard Bygrave snr, miller

1782: Richard Bygrave jnr, miller

September 1782: Mill advertised for sale

Faden's map 1797: Repps Windmill

1805: Richard Bygrave jnr, proprietor miller

February 1805: Mill advertised for sale by private contract with new built roundhouse

1805: Richard Bygrave's wife Judith left him and moved to Potter Heigham

Index of Wills 1819: John Scarlett, miller

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

Cary's map 1832: Windmill

White's 1836: William Manship, corn miller

1837: George Butler, miller

O.S. map 1838: Windmill

Census 1841: William Manship (40) miller
Mary Manship (50)
Elizabeth Alexander (70) housekeeper
Sarah Payne (35) female servant
Caroline Payne (15) female servant
Richard Grimmer (30) male servant
John Stubbs (25) male servant
George Butler (30) journeyman miller
Maria Butler (30)
George Butler (9)
Charlotte Butler (6)
Robert Butler (3)
Address: Mill House, New Marshes

White's 1845: Thomas Manship, corn miller

1846: Thomas Manship, miller

1853: James Laws, tenant miller at a rent of £65 per annum to proprietor William Manship

June 1853: Mill advertised for sale by auction

White's 1854: James Laws, corn miller

1863: John Halls, miller

White's 1864: John Halls, corn miller

1865: William Beck, miller

1867: William Beck, miller

August 1867: Mill advertised for sale by auction

November 1873: William Beck, miller advertised to take a position elsewhere as general miller or stoneman

1875: John Addy, miller

Kelly's 1879: John Addy, miller and White Hart

White's 1883: John Addy, corn miller

O.S. map 1884: Windmill

1888: John Addy, miller, wind & steam

White's 1890: John Addy, corn miller

Kelly's 1892: John Addy, miller (wind & steam)

1895: John Addy, miller

Sunday 24th March 1895: Mill destroyed by The great gale

Kelly's 1896: John Addy, miller (wind & steam)

Kelly's 1900: John Addy, miller (steam)

Kelly's 1904: John Addy, miller (steam)

15th December 1907: John Addy died

7th April 1909: Harriet Addy, executor of John Addy conveyed Mill House and site to George Addy

17th September 1954: George Addy conveyed Mill House and site to George Joseph Addy

9th July 1963: George Joseph Addy died intestate

1964: Octavia Addy, (widow) Mill House

12th March 1964: Mill farm auctioned in 5 lots - possibly not all lots were finally sold

4th June 1964: Rodney Uff, bought Mill House from Octavia Addy

1967: Rodney Uff, Mill House

1969: Rodney Uff, Mill House

11th October 1973: William Neve Pratt conveyed Mill House to Brian & Mary Dunson

1980: Brian & Mary Dunson, Mill House

26th November 1981: Mary Lewis Dunson conveyed Mill House to Brian Dunson for £35,000

26th September 1986: Brian Dunson conveyed Mill House to Gordon & Doreen Lawrie for £115,000

1987: Gordon & Doreen Lawrie, Mill House

1995 - 2006: Dick & Carole Melton, Mill House

October 2006: Mill House & converted barns advertised for sale @ £695,000

2014: Sonia Shephard, Mill Cottage

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