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Ringland postmill stood on high ground to the west of the village that was originally common pasture. The mill had a roundhouse and used patent sails set on an iron windshaft to power 2 pairs of stones.

All persons having any Demands on the Estate and Effects of Miles Rivett late of Ringland in the county of Norfolk, Farmer, deceased, are desired to deliver in the same to Mr. Thomas Rivett of Ringland aforesaid, Miller, Executor of his Will ...
Norfolk Chronicle - 13th February 1779

To be let for a term of years
With a good House, Shop and Premises and 2 acres of excellent Garden Ground.
Apply to Mr. Andrews who lives in the house and will show the premises.
Morton, July 1, 1857.

Norfolk Chronicle - 4th & 11th July 1857

The separate creditors of Mr. Simon Wilkin to meet assignees 25 November re a certain agreement provisionally made by the assignees with Mr. John Culley of Ringland for his giving up possession of the mills and farms of the said Simon Wilkin at Michaelmas next and to determine the best mode of disposing of the said bankrupt's estate.
London Gazetter - 16th November 1816

In 1836, John Culley was miller at Costessey watermill.

To Millers. To let
A good POST WINDMILL with brick basement, iron windshaft and new patent sails, driving two pairs of stones etc., capital neat Residence and commodious premises (brick & tile) and about 2 acres of Garden and Land and comon rights at RINGLAND, about six or seven miles from Norwich.
May be viewed on applying to Mr. Andrews, the tenant.
Particulars to be had of T. T. Berney Esq., or Son, Morton Hall.
Norfolk Chronicle - 12th September 1857

Violent Gale. 
Between Sunday and Monday last, Aeolus "made a night of it" and in the exuberance of his spirits thought himself at liberty to play the most fantastic tricks with the sober denizens of earth, tossing over wind-mills, walls, and chimneys -- snapping large and sturdy trees -- wrenching off bars, bolts and chains, and burglariously entering the homes of affrighted people. In the prosecution of these manoeuvres, he was so noisy that, in many instances, the good folks thus disturbed, unable to rest in their beds, treated themselves to an early breakfast at the unsonted hour of 2 a.m., and watched his freaks till he took his flight shortly before daybreak. ... A substantial post-mill at Hethersett, in the occupation of Mr. Guyton, was blown to the ground and smashed to atoms, and a mill at Ringland met a precisely similar fate.

Norfolk News - Saturday 13th March 1858

Sale by Private Contract of windmill parts.
Apply James Nesbitt, Morton
Norfolk Chronicle - 2nd April 1859

1779: Thomas Rivett, miller

1780: Mill sold by Edward Godfrey & Thomas Rivett to Edward Hastings. legatee under the will of Miles Rivett

Faden's map 1797: Wind Mill

1800: Edward Hastings sold the mill to Laverocke Leggett

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

Index of wills 1829: Thomas Rivett's will proved

White's 1836: William Christmas Rivett, miller

White's 1845: William Christmas Rivett, corn miller

White's 1854: William Christmas Rivett, miller

July 1857: Mill advertised to be let along with house and shop

1857: ? Andrews, miller

Sunday 7th March 1858: Mill destroyed in a heavy gale

April 1859: Mill parts advertised for sale

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