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Ringstead northern postmill stood adjacent the southern_postmill a few yards away. Both mills were under the same management and ownership. They stood on at the end of a track some ¾ mile north of the village along with a cottage and outbuildings.

Both Faden's and Greenwood's maps show two adjacent postmills at Ringstead, the northern mill and the southern_mill, the latter was advertised for sale and removal before Henry L'Strange Styleman le Strange built a towermill on the same site c.1840. It was reputed that the southern_postmill was moved about 2 miles east to Beacon Hill in Thornham, although up until 1863 the Rate Book in Thornham only records John Crane as owning one mill in Staithe Road even though both mills were known to be there in that year, thus the Ringstead southern_postmill may have been assembled there during the course of that year, becoming Thornham_composite_mill.

The mill originally used a single pair of French burr stones but two pairs were in use by 1859 when power was supplied by a pair of patent sails and a pair of common sails.

THURLOW, Giles of Holme next the Sea, Miller
Will. Norfolk Record Office
Norwich Consistory Court. 1781
Dated 11 December 1780
Proved at Norwich 12 May 1781
Executor:- Matthew Nelson (Son in law)
... Two Windmills and Granaries and the Land on which they stand, now in my own use, situate in Ringstead field ...
I give and demise and bequeath unto the said Matthew Nelson, his heirs and assigns, the two Windmills with the two Granaries and the Land on ...

Notice to Creditors
All persons indebted to John Butcher, late of Ringstead, Miller, deceased ...

Norfolk Chronicle - 27th September & 4th October 1800

To be Sold by Auction Sometime in the month of October
Unless sooner disposed of by private contract of which notice will be give in this Paper.
A Capital and very Valuable ESTATE situate at RINGSTEAD in the county of Norfolk, consisting of two excellent Post Windmills with three pair of French Stones, large Granaries, Horse Flour Mills, Meal and Flour Chambers and Binns and a Capital Dwelling house with barn, stables and more than 40 acres of Land in high condition with every convenience for a Farm and carrying on the Meal and Flour Business on an extensive scale.
The premises are admirably situated for trade and the buildings are in most excellent repair.
The above Estate is all Freehold except about 4 acres and a half which are Copyhold, fine certain - pays a small quit rent - is moderately assessed to the Land Tax and subject to no outgoings. Immediate possession may be had.
Apply to Mr. Williams, Attorney at Law, Thornage near Holt, Norfolk.

Norfolk Chronicle - 4th & 11th October 1800

Eligible Situation for a Miller
To be Sold by Auction
At the Wheat Sheaf Inn at Heacham in the county of Norfolk
On 20 October instant between the hours of 12 and 2
TWO POST WIND-MILLS with three pair of French Stones, Horse Flour Mill and all the going Geers to the same belonging, together with two substantial Granaries near and most conveniently situated at RINGSTEAD in the said county, capable of a large stroke of business, now in full trade and in most excellent repair. Also a neat and commodious
Dwelling House properly adapted for comfort and convenience with Barn, Stables, useful Farm Buildings and 40 acres of rich pasture and Arable Land in a high state of cultivation.
Possession may be had immediately. 4a. 2r. 24p. are copyhold, fine certain, subject to annual quit rents of about 5s. 4d., the remainder freehold and is moderately assessed to the Land Tax.
Apply to Mr. Williams at Thornage or Mr. Burcham at Holt.

Norfolk Chronicle - 11th & 18th October 1800

Notice to Creditors of
John Butcher late of Ringstead, Miller, deceased
dividend of 15s. in the pound

Norfolk Chronicle - 17th October 1801

Royal Exchange Fire Insurance Policy No. 185269

12 Aug. 1801. Matthew Green & Samuel Herring of Ringstead, Co. of Norfolk, Millers.
On two Post Corn Windmill houses timber built, situate in a Field in the parish of Ringstead aforesaid, in their own occupation not exceeding £150 on each £300. Sta
nding and going geers, millstones, machines etc. therein £100. Stock in trade and utensils £100. Not exceeding £50 on each for the standing and going geer etc. and £50 each on stock in trade and utensils. Warranted no steam engine in either.

To be Sold
A Capital POST CORN WINDMILL in Ringstead in the county of Norfolk, with an excellent pair of French Stones, flour mill, and all going gears complete, together with about an acre and a half of excellent Land and a neat and comfortable dwelling house, a horse mill and all buildings requisite for carrying on the business of a miller.
Immediate possession may be had.
The whole is freehold except about 3 roods of the land and is now in the occupation of Mr. Matthew Green the proprietor.
Apply to Messrs. Goodwin & Son, Attornies, in Lynn.
Norfolk Chronicle - 27th September & 4th October 1817

A Respectable YOUTH as A|PPRENTICE to a MILLER and MALSTER where he will be treated as one of the Family. A moderate PREMIUM will be required.
Apply, if by letter post paid, to Mr. W. Pickerell, Ringstead.
Norfolk Chronicle - 8th November 1828

Redrawn tithe map 1842
Redrawn tithe map 1842

Tithe Award 1842
Owner: Henry L'Estrange Styleman L'Estrange
Occupier: Robert Goodman

No. 174

Mill & yard


0a. 3r. 0p.


To Millers and Brewers
To be Let and entered upon at Michaelmas next
All that four post substantial WIND MILL with two pair of stones, two patent sails, two common ditto, granary etc. together with BREW HOUSE ... stable, cart sheds, barn, piggeries and other conveniences, with good Dwelling house ... together with large Garden, all well situated between the villages of Ringstead and Holme, Norfolk, forming altogether a desirable occupation.
For further particulars apply to Mr. R. Goodman, Ringstead near Lynn, Norfolk.
N.B. The whole of the Brewing Plant may be had at a valuation.
Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd September 1859

1749: Giles Thurlow, miller

1780: Giles Thurlow, miller made a will leaving both the southern and northern mills to his son in law

May 1781: Matthew Nelson inherited mills from Giles Thurlow, his father in law

Faden's map 1797: Wind Mills

c.1800: John Butcher, miller, died

October 1800: Mill advertised for sale by auction along with the adjacent northern postmill

1801: Matthew Green, miller

August 1801: Insurance policy taken out on mills and houses by Matthew Green & Samuel Herring, millers

1817: Matthew Green, miller

September 1817: Mill advertised for sale

O.S. map 1824: Windmill

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

1828: W. Pickerell, miller

Greenwood's map 1834: Windmill

White's 1836: Robert Goodman, miller & brewer (Gt. Ringstead)

Tithe Award 1842: Owner: Henry L'Estrange Styleman L'Estrange; Occupier: Robert Goodman

White's 1845: Robert Goodman, miller & brewer (Gt. Ringstead)

Kelly's 1854: Robert Goodman, miller & brewer (Gt. Ringstead)

White's 1854: Robert Goodman, corn miller & baker
(Gt. Ringstead)

1858: Robert Goodman, miller

1859: Robert Goodman, miller

September 1859: Mill advertised to be let

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