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Rougham postmill was an early mill that was recorded during the 1300s. The mill was known as Dekonesmyll or Dykunesmilne and stood on the south side of the village.

John, son of Clement de Cressingham to
Alicia, daughter of Thomas of Roucham
Manor of Roucham with houses, buildings and lands belonging, and windmill in Roucham.

NRO document - 5th October 1320

INDENTURE Agreement for lease for 12 years
1. David Doun of Snetesham
2. William le Hoker of Rugham
Messuage in Rugham with lands and tenements and windmill belonging.
Rent 13 silver marks.
NRO document - 1st August 1322

In the 3rd of Edward III ... And in the 14th of that King,
(1340) Alice widow of Clement, son of Laurence de Cressingham, son of Laurence, for her dower, her third part in 7 messuages, 64 acres of land, 9 of heath, 10s. of rent and a windmill in this town.
Blomefield's History of Norfolk - Hundred of Launditch

Richard de Doune to John Reed of Rugham, senior
Messuages, lands and tenements villeins and windmill in Rugham
NRO document - 16th May 1374

John Reed of Rugham, senior to
Thomas de Tyueteshale
Thomas Calwere vicar of the church of Rugham and
John Sparke of Necton
Messuages, lands and tenements, rents, villeins and windmill in Rugham
NRO document - 25th May 1374

Hall_Mill is also mentioned in a 14th century document of 1330 together with another mill, Dekonesmyll or Dykunesmilne, possibly somewhere to the south of the village.
Part of N.A.R.G. study on D.M.V.s by A. J. Davison, Sprowston - c.1982

Charter Grant 1320: Windmill to Alicia of Roucham

Indenture 1st August 1322: Windmill from David Doun to William le Hoker for 13 silver marks

1340: Windmill, third part owneed by Alice de Cressingham

1374: John Reed swnr, miller

Quit Claim 16th May 1374: Windmill

Charter Grant 25th May 1374: Windmill to Thomas de Tyueteshale, Thomas Calwere & John Sparke

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