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Roughton Mill Hill post mill stood beside an earlier_mill, both mills had a roundhouse and there were three boulting mills between them. They were both being leased and run by John Miller in 1767 when they were advertised for sale with 47 years of the lease remaining.

And Entered upon Immediately
TWO Good accustomed WIND-MILLS, with Round-houses and three Boulting Mills belonging to the same. And also a Messuage with proper and convenient Stables and Outhouses and a Granary to same belonging, which with the Roundhouses together are able to contain about 50 Lasts of Corn. The Whole of the Premises are in good Repair and scituate [sic] in Roughton near Cromer, very convenient for Business.
The Mills stand on a Piece of Land containing about Four Acres at the yearly Rent of Fifteen shillings, with a Lease of the same for 47 years yet to come.
For further Particulars enquire of Mr. John Miller of Roughton aforesaid, the present owner or of Mr. James Gay of Northwalsham.
Norwich Mercury - 17th January 1767

Robert Joy snr probably took both the mills over in 1774 and a brick on the wall nearest the road of one of the outhouses is inscribed R. Joy 1774. Robert Joy snr died on 20th September 1794 aged 40 and his widow Mary Joy, remained living with her son Robert jnr at the Mill House. Mary Joy carried on running the business for the next twenty years with Robert snr's younger brother, Edmund Joy, managing the business for her. The lease expired in 1814 and Mary Joy then sold the business to her son Robert Bourne Joy, although it is probable that Edmund remained working there.

March 22, 1814

The WIDOW of the late Robert Joy, Miller, having carried on business since her Husband's decease, intends giving up the same on 22nd April next and begs leave to return her most grateful thanks to her Friends for past favours conferred upon her and solicits a continuance of the same on behalf of her son Robert B. Joy, who will succeed her in the above business. All persons to whom the said Widow stands indebted are requested to send their accounts in order that they may be discharged; likewise all persons who are indebted to her are requested to settle the same by the 22nd April next.
Norfolk Chronicle - 26th March 1814

When the refronted guttering was removed the date 1778 was found on the cistern. On the road side side of the outbuilding, the inscription R. Joy 1774 was found, this being the date Robert Joy took over the mill.

Faden's map of 1797 only shows one postmill and almost immediately upon taking over, Robert Joy demolished the remaining postmill and built a new towermill on the same site.

Edmund Joy died in 1833, Mary Joy died on 17th October 1847 at the age of 93 and her son Robert Joy jnr died on 3rd December 1863 aged 71.

Poll Book 1734: Edmund Joy, miller

1767: John Miller leasing both postmills

17th January 1767: Two postmills advertised for sale

1774: Robert Joy snr took the mills over

20th September 1794: Robert Joy snr died at the age of 40 (born 1754)

Faden's map 1797: One postmill
Routon Mill

Poll Book 1802: Edmund Jay, miller of Roughton

Poll Book 1806: Edmund Jay, miller

1814: Mary Joy, miller

1814: Robert B. Joy jnr bought the business from his mother, Mary Joy

1814: Towermill built on site of postmills

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