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1649 map by John Hunt
1649 map by John Hunt; redrawn by Val Fiddian - mill bottom right of centre
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Salthouse postmill was an open trestle mill that stood to the east of the church and to the south and above St Andrew's Wall.

The Description of Salthouse and Kelling Marishes in the County of Norff: as they were Imbanked and Divided into Common and Severall inclosures, Anno Dom. 1648 and 1649.

This is a nineteenth-century facsimile of an original, which was surveyed by John Hunt in 1648-1649. Names enclosures, giving acreages, and hills and banks. Buildings are shown in perspective, including Salthouse church and a post
mill. Salthouse main channel is also depicted, and creeks leading into it are named. Two ships are drawn off the coast. With decorated cartouche and scale compasses. Coloured. Scale 1 inch: 20 perches.
Norfolk Record Office - 2007

John Hunt's map 1648-1649: windmill

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