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South Creake Beck Street postmill had a roundhouse and used one pair of common sails and one pair of patent sails to drive 2 pairs of French burr stones and a flour mill. One pair of stones were 4ft 8ins in diameter and a smaller pair were 3ft 8ins in diameter. The bake office had a 30 stone oven and a horse mill was also used on the site.

In 1802, Thomas Shackcloth the son of William Shackcloth, miller, married Rebecca Sayer in Fakenham

William Shackcloth, miller, died in 1809 and in his will he left everything to his wife Martha unconditionally except she had to keep the mill in good working order for his son Thomas; & £500 was bequeathed to his son William for when he reached 21. ...whereas Martha my wife .....   entitled by fee simple .... by virtue of her late father's Will.....

Wiliam Shackcloth was survived by his brother Thomas, a shepherd, who made a will in 1816, which named John Oliver as an executor. He left his eldest son, William, (b.1871) his freehold property consisting of a cottage situated within a yard in South Creake in the occupation of Thomas Shackcloth, Miller.   William Shackcloth married Elizabeth Tuck and became the publican of the Fleece Inn. In 2007 a Fleece House, was still situatesd in Back Street, South Creake.  

In 1818, the Norfolk Chronicle published a report of a theft at Thomas Shackcloth's Mill in South Creake after the case was heard at Norfolk Assizes on14th March 1818. 

To be Let & Entered upon Immediately
At SOUTH CREAKE in the county of Norfolk
A Capital POST WINDMILL with two pair of French stones, roundhouse, commodious granaries & horse mill for dressing flour, baking office & thirty stone oven, with convenient outhouses adjoining, a large dwelling house & between 3 & 4 acres of good Land.
The whole of the premises are in good repair & well calculated for carrying on an extensive business.
South Creake is situated about 6 miles from Fakenham, 7 from the Port of Wells, 6 from Burnham Overy & 8 from Brancaster.
Apply (if by letter post paid) to Mr. Thomas Shackcloth, Miller, on the premises.
Norfolk Chronicle - 9th April 1825

To Millers & Bakers. To Let
A good Dwelling house in South Creake with a Post Corn Windmill, Horse Mill, Baking Office & other Buildings, Yard & Garden & about 3 acres of Arable Land in a high state of cultivation.
These Premises are situate in the centre of the town where a very excellent Retail Trade is carried on. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next.
Apply to Mr. Robert John Oliver of South Creake or at the office of Mr. Cates, Fakenham.
Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd October 1835

Tithe map 1839
Tithe map 1839 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1841
Map, W. G. Bircham, Surveyor, Fakenham, 1839
Owner: Susannah Shackcloth
Occupier: Herself & others

No. 78

House & Yard & Premises


0a. 1r. 4p.


Owner: Susannah Shackcloth
Occupier: Robert John Oliver

No. 77

Mill & Pightle



2a. 3r. 38p.
3a. 1r. 2p.

10s. to Vicar
16s. 6d. Imp. Rector

At the time of the 1841 census Sophia Sayer and her family were living next door to William Shackcloth, publican at the Fleece Inn and the mill was probably owned by his wife at the time

Susannah Shackcloth, listed as the mill owner in the Tithe Award of 1841 was possibly the Susannah Rebecca Shackcloth b.1817, daughter of William & Mary Shackcloth, William being the younger brother of Thomas Shackcloth, miller.

Creake, Norfolk
To Millers, Bakers & others
To be sold by Private Contract
The Interest of the Mortgagee in an Estate at South Creake consisting of a Dwelling House, Baking Office, Stable, Gig house, Granary & other buildings, POST CORN WINDMILL with Roundhouse, Horse Mill, Yards, Garden & about 3 acres of Land adjoining, in the occupation of Mr. Charles Wright (who quits at Michaelmas next) at the yearly rent of £42.
With the above Premises will also be sold the Interest of the said Mortgagee in an Allotment of Land containing 1a. 1r. 8p. lately awarded in respect thereof under the South Creake Inclosure.
Apply to Mr. Campbell, Solr. Fakenham.
July 7, 1859
Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd July 1859

To Millers, Bakers & others
To be Sold by Auction by Robert Ansell on Monday 17 October 1859 at the Chequers Inn, South Creake at 4 o'c
A Messuage or Dwelling House & Baking Office, large room with chamber over, stable, gig-house & other buildings POST CORN WINDMILL (driving two pairs of Stones) & ROUNDHOUSE with the yards, garden & land adjoining containing with the site of the said buildings about 3 acres of which Immediate Possession may be had. Also allotment of land ...
& Mortgage Debt of £300 with its arrears of interest ...
Apply to Mr. Campbell, Solr., or the Auctioneer, Fakenham.
Norfolk Chronicle - 8th October 1859

At CREAKE a windmill was blown over ...
Norfolk News - 3rd March 1860

Mr. R. Spicer will Sell by Auction at the Chequers Inn, South Creake on Tuesday November 13, 1866 all the substantial Post WINDMILL with 2 Patent & 2 Common Sails, driving 2 pairs of Stones 4 ft. 8 in. & 3 ft. 8 in. with Flour Mill attached, with Straps & Chains & Brick Round House, capable of doing an extensive Trade being well buit & strong timbers.
Sale to commence at 6 p.m.
Norfolk News - 3rd November 1866

I have been trying to find information regarding the death and will of Thomas Shackcloth, which would appear to have occurred between 1825 & 1841, without success so far. I'm really intriqued to know why he left the Mill to his niece rather than his son..
Margaret Edwards (née Shackcloth) - 12th July 2007

O. S. Map 1885
O. S. Map 1885
Mill stood to the west of Mill House
Courtesy of NLS map images

1778: Thomas Evaets, miller

1778:  Martha Evaets (only child of Thomas Evaets) married William Sheckcloth

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

1801: Thomas Evaets, miller, died and left the mill to William Shackcloth

Poll Book 1802: William Sheckcloth, miller

1802  Thomas Shackcloth (son of William) married Rebecca Sayer in Fakenham

1809: William Shackcloth died

1816: Thomas Shackcloth, miller

1818: Norwich Chronicle article relating to a theft at Thomas Shackcloth's Mill in South Creake 1824: Windmill

Poll Book 1825: Thomas Shackcloth, miller

1825: Thomas Shackcloth, miller

April 1825: Mill advertised to be let along with a bake office with a 30 stone oven

1828: Martha Shackcloth (née Evaets) died

Poll Book 1830: Richard Salmon, miller

Pigot's 1830: Richard Salmon, miller, South Creake

1832: Thomas Shackcloth died

1835: Robert John Oliver, miller

October 1835: Mill advertised to be let

Tithe Award 1841: Owner: Susannnah Shackcloth; Occupier: Robert John Oliver, miller

Census 1841:

Sophia Sayer (40) miller
Elizabeth Sayer (20)
Sophia Sayer (15)
John Sayer (10)
Henry Sayer (10)
Robert Sayer (5)
William Sayer (4)
Robert Whiting, (20) butcher
George Morley (20) miller
Sarah Skipper (20) servant

White's 1845: Robert Sayer, miller & butcher

Census 1851:

Sophia Sayer (54) b.Heacham (head) miller's wife
Elizabeth Sayer (31) b.Fakenham
Sophia Sayer (28) b.Rudham
Rebecca Sayer (26) b.Rudham
Henry Sayer (19) b.Rudham, butcher
Robert Sayer (17) b.Rudham
Mary A. Burrell (29) b.Fakenham (widdowed daughter) Bealin Wool Repository
Jane Burrell (4) b.Fakenham, Bealin Wool Repository
Mary Ram (19) b.Tittleshall, servant
Margaret Dawson (18) b.South Creake, servant
George Ancise (40) b.Cambridge, journeyman miller
Rebecca Shackcloth, miller's wife

1853: Robert Sayer, miller

White's 1854: John Sayer, corn miller & baker

1858: Mrs. Mary Sayer, miller

1859: Charles Wright, tenant miller at a rent of £42 per annum

July 1859: Mill advertised to be sold by private contract

October 1859: Mill advertised to be sold by auction

Tuesday 28th February 1860: Mill blown over in a hurricane but later rebuilt

1863: George Andrews, miller

White's 1864: Dawson Plane, miller, butcher & shopkeeper

November 1866: Mill advertised for sale by auction

c.1866: Mill demolished

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