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Stanhoe post mill used patent sails to power 2 pairs of 4ft French burr stones, a flour mill and jumper and was was turned to win with a fantail.

Survey 1755 by William Suton of Kings Newham, Warks.
The Washpits Fold Course
Stanhow Mill Close. Mrs. Henley 6a. 0r. 1p.
(Near Docking Common)

DRY DOCKING, Gerald Hagan - 1975

Situations Vacant
WANTED, a strong active LAD to work in a POST WINDMILL.
G. Williamson, Stanhoe, near Docking.

Norfolk News - 27th August 1864

Situations Vacant
To Millers
WANTED, a Young Man who understands his business.
Apply to G. Williamson, Stanhoe.

Norfolk News - 19th August 1865

Situations Vacant
TO MILLERS - Wanted a Young Man who understands the business.
Apply to G. Williamson, Stanhoe, Norfolk.

Norfolk News - 3rd August 1867

Situations Vacant
Millers and Parents
A Small premium required.
Address, B. Chinery, Stanhoe Mill, Lynn.

Norfolk News - 17th & 31st October 1868

TO BE LET OR SOLD With Immediate Possession
driving 2 pairs of Stones and excellently situated for wind and trade.
Apply to Mr. Chinery, Stanhoe Mill, near Fakenham.

Norfolk News & Lynn Advertiser - 4th June 1870

To Millers
Wanted, a steady single MAN in a Windmill.
Apply to Stanhoe Mill, Docking.

Lynn Advertiser - 1st October 1870

To Millers and Bakers
Wanted, a steady active single MAN, who well understands the above Trades. Must be well recommended from last employer.
Apply to Mr. L. W. Cutter, Stanhoe Mill, Lynn.

Lynn Advertiser - 25th March 1871

Near Burnham Market
To be Sold by Private Contract
An Excellent POST WINDMILL with Patent Sails and Winding Gear, driving two pairs of 4 ft. French Stones, Flour Mill and Jumper, in good repair and well situated for wind and a good trade, being near three Stations on the Great Eastern Line and within an easy distance of the Fashionable Watering place of Hunstanton; also a good Granary, Stables, Cart Shed and Pigsties.
Apply to Mr. John Cutter, Great Bircham, Lynn or to Mr. Cutter jun. at the Mill.

Lynn Advertiser - 11th & 18th May 1872

Apply to Mr. Cutter, Bircham.

Lynn Advertiser - 6th, 13th & 20th July 1872

STANHOE MILL near Burnham Market
To be SOLD or LET
With Immediate Possession.
Enquire of Mr. Cutter, Bircham, Lynn.

Lynn Advertiser - 7th September 1872

With Immediate Possession if required.
Enquire of Mr. Cutter, Bircham.
September 25, 1872.

Lynn Advertiser - 28th September & 5th October 1872

Houses etc. STANHOE MILL & PREMISES near Burnham Market to be SOLD or LET. Cheap with immediate possession. A very neat COTTAGE with capital Bake Office and about 2 Acres of good LAND can be hired with the above.
Apply to Mr. John Cutter, Bircham, Lynn, Norfolk.
Norfolk News - 25th January 1873

O.S. Map 1886
O. S. Map 1886
Courtesy of NLS map images

I have discovered that My Great Grandfather Thomas Calver b. 1829 of Burnham Thorpe d.1884 left a widow who was Susan Bobbin b.1839 of Burnham Thorpe until they married there in 1871. Soon after her husband Thomas Calver died, Susan Calver re-married a Widower: William Bell. They moved into Mill House Farm, Stanhoe (now Mill House) with her children: my Grandfather Thomas Henry Calver (16) Ethel Calver (15); Harcourt Calver (12) and Clarence J Calver (11). In 1896 my Grandfather Thomas Henry Calver Edith Amelia Riches of Burnham Overy and they moved into Farm at Station Farm, Stanhoe
Chris Branch - 4th November 2011

Rosemary Brown lived in the Mill House during the 1950s, her grandparents having bought the house in the 1930s. They knew the mill had been close to the house but never discovered its exact location.

Mrs. G. Beckett of Stanhoe wrote to Harry Apling on 1st May 1984 to say the mill stood just behind a barn on the south side of the property.


Survey 1755: Stanhow Mill Close

Parish records 2nd November 1697: David Thompson, miller of Stanhow was married

White's 1864: George Williamson, corn miller

1865: George Williamson, miller

1867: George Williamson, miller

1868: B. Chinery, miller

1870: B. Chinery, miller

June 1870 Mill advertised for sale or let

Census 1871: Leonard William Cutter, Mill Cottage, Burnham Road, miller & baker

1872: Leonard Cutter, miller & baker

July 1872: Mill advertised for sale

September 1872: Mill advertised for sale or let

1873: Leonard Cutter, miller & baker

January 1873: Mill advertised for sale or let

Census 1891: William Bell
Susan Bell
Henry Calver (16)
Ethel Calver (15)
Harcourt Calver (12)
Clarence J Calver (11)
Address: Mill House Farm

c.1935: Mill House bought by Mr. & Mrs. Brown

c.1955: Rosemary Brown, Mill House

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