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Stokesby cum Herringby towermill was a 5 storey, tarred red brick mill and was built in 1826. The mill had a Norfolk boat shaped cap with a petticoat and held an 8 bladed fan and a tail pole. Four double shuttered patent sails, each with 8 bays of 3 shutters and were struck by rack & pinion. In 1829 the mill was using 2 pairs of stones but these had been increased to 3 pairs by 1852.. Although not obvious from the photos, the mill stood fairly close to the road in the mill house garden.


c.1912 c.1912

To be Sold or Let
All that well built Brick TOWER WIND MILL with patent sails and winding tackle complete, brick and tiled Dwelling House, granary, stable, outbuildings, garden and about one acre of excellent Arable Land situate in the centre of the parish of Stokesby (a fine corn country) in the county of Norfolk, within seven miles of Great Yarmouth and only a few yards distant from a good staithe, adjoining a fine river leading to Yarmouth, Norwich and many other parts of the county, and where numerous Keels and
Wherries are daily passing.
The Premises stand exceedingly well for an extensive Trade, are in the best possible state of repair, being all newly erected, upon the best and most improved plans and the Mill drives two pair of stones, flour mill, jumper etc. with plenty of room in the tower for any further additions if found requisite, is all Freehold.
Land Tax redeemed.
Possession may be had Immediately if required.
Apply to Mr. Robert Porter of Martham near Great Yarmouth or to Mr. James Page on the Premises. Letters to be post paid and to be left at the Post Office, Filby.
Norfolk Chronicle - 19th December 1829

STOKESBY MILL to be Let. With Possession at Michaelmas next.
A Lofty BRICK TOWER WINDMILL having three pair of Stones, Going Gears complete, Flour Mills, Patent Sails, winding herself, with a pleasant Dwelling House, Granaries, Stables, Cart Lodges etc. and an excellent Garden and Pasture Land situate in the Parish of Stokesby in the Hundred of East and West Flegg in Norfolk, in a fine corn district and within a few yards of a fine navigable river, about 5 miles from Great Yarmouth, where Wherries are daily passing and communicating with most of the principal Towns in the Eastern Division of the county and where a profitable business may be done at a small expense.
Apply to Mr. Robert Porter, Farmer, Flegg Burgh near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk and if by letter post paid stamped.
Norfolk Chronicle - 4th & 25th September 1852

Freehold Brick Tower Windmill, comfortable Dwelling House, Garden and Pightle, Granary, Stables, Outbuildings and Yards with possession at Michaelmas next.
CLOWES & FLOWERDEW are favoured with instructions to Sell by Auction at the Norfolk Hotel, Norwich on Saturday 28 July 1860 at 3 for 4 o'c the above valuable Freehold Property in the Occupation of Mr. Greenacre, admirably located close to a populous village with many opulent resident proprietors in the heart of a district abounding with grain and almost abutting on a free-water carriage within a short distance of the port of Great Yarmouth.
Apply to Messrs. FOSTER, SON, BURROUGHES & ROBBERDS, Solrs. or Auctioneers offices, Bank Chambers, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 14th & 21st July 1860

To Let with possession at Michaelmas next.
Excellent Tower Windmill, comfortable Residence, Garden and Pightle in good district, having trade attached, within reach of Yarmouth Market.
Apply to CLOWES & FLOWERDEW, Auctioneers, Valuers & Estate Agents, Bank Chambers, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 22nd September 1860

STOKESBY near Acle
Capital Freehold Brick Tower Windmill, Dwelling House and Large Garden CLOWES & FLOWERDEW are directed to Sell by Auction at the White Horse Inn, Great Yarmouth on Wednesday 29 May at 3 for 4 o'c the above desirable Property.
Apply to FOSTER, SON, BURROUGHES & ROBBERDS; at the place of sale and at the Auctioneers Offices, Bank Chambers, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 11th. 18th & 25th May 1861

Situations Vacant
To Millers
Apply to T. Capon, Stokesby Mill, Norfolk.
Norfolk News - 28th September 1867

Fri. May 7 Thomas Capon, Stokesby, Norfolk, Miller
Norfolk Chronicle - 15th May 1869

The Bankruptcy Act 1861
In the Matter of THOMAS CAPON of Stokesby in the County of Norfolk, Miller, adjudged Bankrupt 5th May 1869
AN ORDER OF DISCHARGE will be delivered to the Bankrupt after the expiration of thirty days from this date unless an Appeal be duly entered against the Judgment of the Court and Notice thereof be given to the Court.
Dated this 25th day of June 1869.

Thos. H. Palmer - Registrar
Norfolk News - 3rd July 1869

£. s. d.
per day
Dec. 10 8 Fly stocks 5 ft. 6" long 3¼ x 3
1 4" Deal x 9. 14 ft. long
6 flicks 5/8 Redwood 19 ft. long
1. 9. 7
1 Fly casting 1238
4. 3
To Fly Vanes 1238 BUCK, I.
3. 1
Man to mill 1238 R. JOHNSON
2. 14. 3
Man to mill EASTOE
2. 14. 3
12 5/8 Washers
8 9/16 Bolts & Nuts
2. . .
  Man to mill JOHNSON, R
2. 5. 6
1. . .
  To Neck & Tail Brass 1238 Johnson, E.
6. 3
  Wood 13" 6 x 6 dry oak
  ..........12" 12 x 1½ pine
  Man to mill EASTOE
2. 5. 6
1. . .
Train 2 men R. JOHNSON & EASTOE
1. 2
1 Step brass 1269
1. 3.
1 Cast Iron Neck 1269 to Stone Spindle
2. 8½
Jan 4
Work on Boss & Thumbscrew  
3. . .
Time on 1269 BROWNE & HART  
5. 2
Turning to 1269 BAILEY  
7. 9
Dec. 28
Boring Step pot 1269 BAILEY
3. 7
Jan. 4
Help on 1269 PIGGEN Jr.  
2. . .
To Bearing for Stone Spindle EASTOE  
£14. 15. 11

To be Sold or Let by Private Contract with possession at Michaelmas next
A capital Freehold BRICK TOWER WIND MILL in good working order,
Dwelling House, Granary, Stables and necessary Outbuildings.
Also Garden and Pightle.
First class situation for Water Carriage by the River Bure.
Part of the Purchase Money can remain on Mortgage.
Apply to R. Capon, Beighton, Acle.
Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 26th July 1873

Situations Vacant
Wanted immediately, a strong Young Man as IMPROVER or one as APPRENTICE not objected to.
Apply stating wages and reference to Edward Mayhew, Stokesby Mill, Norwich.
Norfolk News - 14th November 1874

Preliminary Notice
WOOLVERTON & GEORGE will Sell by Auction at the White Horse Hotel, Great Yarmouth, on Wednesday October 2, 1878 at 4 pm.
The well built Brick TOWER WINDMILL with Dwelling house, Stabling, Garden and Sheds adjoining, containing One Acre or thereabouts, occupied by Mr. Mayhew, situate at Stokesby, Norfolk.
Possession will be given at Michaelmas.
Further particulars will be given next week and ...
of the Auctioneers, Great Yarmouth.
Norfolk Chronicle - 14th September 1878

To Millers and others
WOOLVERTON & GEORGE will Sell by Auction at the White Horse Hotel, Great Yarmouth, on Wednesday October 2, 1878 at 4 pm. precisely the well built Brick TOWER WIND-MILL with comfortable Dwelling House, Stables, Outbuildings and a large piece of productive Garden Ground, situate at Stokesby, Norfolk, occupied by Mr. Mayhew, but possession can be had on October 11th.
The Auctioneers beg to call attention to the above Property, It is admirably situated close to a populous village in the heart of a district abounding with grain and almost abutting on a free water carriage on the River Bure to the port of Yarmouth.
Part of the purchase money may remain on mortgage.
Further particulars of Mr. Harmer, Solr. and of the Auctioneers, Yarmouth.
Norfolk Chronicle - 21st & 28th September 1878

31 May
2 Wall plates. One Wheel box
Smithdale Order Book - 1886 -1888

On Tuesday next at Twelve o'c
Eight h.p. Portable Engine & Boiler with Driving Gear. Complete Miller's Utensils of Trade. James Woolterton will Sell by Auction as above, under an Execution from the High Sheriff of Norfolk, upon Premises in the occupation of Mr. James Frosdick.
Auctioneer's offices, Great Yarmouth.
Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd August 1889

On Tuesday next at 12 o'c Immediate Sale
James Woolterton will Sell by Auction under an execution from the Sheriff of Norfolk upon the premises in the occupation of Mr. James Frosdick.
A nearly new powerful 7 H.P. portable engine and boiler by Holmes & Son of Norwich with driving gear complete. Also the capital Millers Utensils of Trade, comprising Mill bills, sack barrows, sack scales and weights, measures, sacks, grindstone, corn bin etc.
Further particulars of the Auctioneer.
Yarmouth Independent - 3rd August 1889

James Woolterton will Sell by Auction by direction of the Mortgagees at the Star Hotel, Great Yarmouth on 12 March 1890 A capital Windmill, dwelling houses, Blacksmith's shop and about 4a. 2r. 11p. of excellent Land, situate at Stokesby in the occupation of Mrs. Frosdick and others.
Tenure - Freehold.
Yarmouth Independent - 22nd February 1890

13th July 1939
13th July 1939

... Tuesday morning before Mr. Registrar Worlledge
re Edward Elijah Trett, jun. miller of Stokesby. Liabilities £1130, deficiency £970. Debtor said that up to October 1892 he managed his father's business, but then it was transferred to him. It was then fairly profitable. He bought all his flour and his mill was worked simply for "gristing". His business increased steadily and last year he paid into his Bank between £1500 and £1600. The profits were very small and he estimated his expenses at £500 a year. He realised two years ago he was insolvent, but hoped things would improve.
In April he was served with his first County Court summons and then other creditors pressed him. To his father he owed six years' rent. He attributed his present deficiency to the continuous excess of expenses over profits. The examination was closed.
Norfolk Chronicle - 13th July 1901

HALVERGATE (& Stokesby)
Spelmans on instructions from the Executors of E. E. Trett, decd. will Sell by Auction on 6 June 1917 at the Star Hotel, Great Yarmouth the following valuable properties
At Stokesby
Nine capital cottages & gardens and Stokesby Mill with house & land.
At Halvergate
Well situated Halvergate Mill with bake office, dwelling house etc.
Yarmouth Independent - 19th May 1917

January 1952 25th May 1979
January 1952
25th May 1979

It was last worked by Edward Elijah Trett jnr. who was renting the mill from his father, Edward Elijah Trett snr. When Edward snr. died in 1916 the mill was put up for auction and probably never worked again. The cap had gone by the late 1970s but the mill was weatherproof and still contained some machinery. (name witheld)

Tower standing, 38 ft. high
Half- cylindrical corrugated iron roof with end windows
4 floors
Offset windows

Ground (meal) floor:-
All wood, clasp iron great spur wheel
2 iron mortise stone nuts
Wooden bridgetrees
3 wooden pulleys

First (stone) floor:-
2 pairs 4 ft. French Burr stones, underdriven
Lewis bolt hole in one stone
8-sided bases for vats
Wooden upright shaft square with chamfered corners and dog clutch for upper extension.
Harry Apling - 26th September 1977


Quite by chance I have come across your web site. The Mill and house attracted my attention. As a child I would visit there with my parents to see my Grandparents who lived there. Just a week or so ago I called on the present owners for a chat, bringing back many memories for me. On the death of my grand parents the place was sold about 1950.
Tony (name witheld) - 11th January 2009

10th October 1991
10th October 1991


White's 1890: Benjamin Frosdick, blacksmith

Kelly's 1892: Benjamin Frosdick, blacksmith
Kelly's 1892: James Frosdick, shopkeeper

Kelly's 1900: Benjamin Frosdick, blacksmith
Kelly's 1900: James Frosdick, shopkeeper

Kelly's 1904: Benjamin Frosdick, blacksmith

Kelly's 1908: Benjamin Frosdick, blacksmith

Kelly's 1912: Benjamin Frosdick, blacksmith, shoeing & general smith; & at Runham

1826: Mill built

1829: James Page, miller

December 182
9: Mill advertised for sale or let

Carey's map 1832: Windmill

White's 1836: Robert Ransome, corn miller

O.S. map 1838: Windmill

White's 1845: Robert Ransome, miller

Census 1851:

John P. Bartram (23) b.Filby, miller employing 1 man
Priscilla T. Bartram (24) b.Yarmouth
John Bartram (1) b.Yarmouth
Priscilla Bartram (2) b.Stokesby
Maria Newman (39) b.Yarmouth, visitor
Mary Ann Smith (16) b.Stokesby, house servant
Herriot Tubby (55) b.Sutton, nurse
Address: The Mill

Census 1851:

Robert Ransome (45) b.Rollesby, retired miller
Caroline Ransome (41) b.Gorleston, Suffolk
Address: North road,

September 1852: Mill advertised to be let

1853: John Durrant, miller

White's 1854: George Durrant, corn miller

1858: George Greenacre, miller

1860: George Greenacre, miller

July 1860: Mill advertised for sale by auction

September 1860: Mill advertised to be let

May 1861: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1863: Thomas Capon, miller

White's 1864: Thomas Capon, corn miller

1867: Thomas Capon, miller

Friday 7th May 1869: Thomas Capon, miller, bankrupt

Census 1871: Thomas Capon, miller

1872: Thomas Capon, miller

July 1873: Mill advertised to be sold or let

1874: Edward Mayhew, miller

1878: Edward Mayhew, miller

September 1878: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Kelly's 1879: James Frosdick, miller & shopkeeper

Census 1881:

James Frosdick (34) b.Stokesby, miller & grocer
Elizabeth Frosdick (32) b.Repps
William Frosdick (7) b.Stokesby, scholar
Bertha Frosdick (4) b.Stokesby, scholar
Arthur Frosdick (1) b.Stokesby
Mary Frosdick (5 mths) b.Stokesby
Anna Thrower (14) b.Uton, Lincoln, domestic servant

White's 1883: James Frosdick, miller, shopkeeper, pork butcher and overseer

O.S. map 1884: Windmill

1888: Auxiliary steam power installed using a Holmes & Sons 7hp portable engine & boiler from Norwich

1889: James Frosdick, miller

August 1889: Holmes & Sons 7hp portable engine & boiler plus Millers utensils advertised for sale by auction

White's 1890: James Frosdick, shopkeeper, pork butcher and miller

February 1890: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Census 1891:

Edward E. Trett (21) b.Filby, miller & corn chandler
Helen C. Trett (24) b.Ludham
Emma Dale (18) b.Ludham, visitor

Census 1891:

Samuel Coleman (57) b.Tibenham, miller (journeyman)
Maria Coleman (50) b.Freethorpe
Louisa Coleman (23) b.Upton, housemaid
James Coleman (16) b.Panxworth, general labourer
Arthur Coleman (14) b.Panxworth, bricklayer's labourer
John Coleman (11) b.Panxworth, scholar
Charles Coleman (8) b.Panxworth, scholar

Kelly's 1892: Edward E. Trett, miller (steam & wind)

Kelly's 1896: Edward E. Trett, miller (steam & wind)

1900: Mill being operated as a grist mill

Kelly's 1900: Edward E. Trett, miller (steam & wind) & overseer

Census 1901: Thomas W. Gowen (16) corn miller's clerk; William Cossey (51 corn miller's labourer

July 1901: Edward Elijah Trett jnr., miller, bankrupt

Kelly's 1904: Edward E. Trett, miller (steam & wind) & clerk to Parish Council

Postcard 1908: Mill complete with 4 double shuttered patent sails

Kelly's 1908: Edward E. Trett, miller (steam & wind) & clerk to Parish Council

Kelly's 1912: Edward E. Trett, miller (steam & wind) & clerk to Parish Council

Kelly's 1916: Edward E. Trett, (jnr) miller (steam & wind) & clerk to Parish Council

Edward Elijah Trett snr died

1916: Mill ceased to operate

May 1917: Mill advertised for sale by auction along with Halvergate towermill

1926: Mill derelict

Karl Wood painting 1937: Mill with cap, windshaft, broken fan but no sails

1939: Mill tower with curb only

Mill tower still standing but truncated

c.1950: Mill sold

1965: Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Youngs & son Richard became owners & occupiers

1978: Cap gone but tower roofed with corrugated iron

1991: Mill tower still standing but truncated

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