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Stow Bedon smockmill used one pair of patent sails and one pair of common sails to power 2 pairs of 4 ft. French burr stones. The mill was turned to wind with a fantail.

STOW BEDON. To be sold by Auction
G. W. Salter, at Bull Inn, Watton, Wednesday 12 July 1843 5 o'c. by order of the Exors. of the Will of the late John Watson Duffield.
All that excellent TOWER WINDMILL calculated to drive 2 pairs of four foot stones, has 2 cloth and 2 patent sails, good stowage and winds herself.
Also Dwelling House etc.
Freehold and is situate in parish of Stow Bedon in the County of Norfolk and adjoins the high road leading from Watton to Harling and now in the occupation of Mr. Benjamin Land.
Possession Michaelmas next.
Apply to W. P. Pillans, Solr. Swaffham & Watton, Thomas Palmer of Tottington, Mr. Manning of Merton or the Auctioneer, The Leys, Attleburgh.
Norfolk Chronicle - 1st & 8th July 1843

Tithe map 1846
Tithe map 1846 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1846
Map 1846
Owner: - Green
Occupier: Thomas Lincoln

No. 247

House, mill & premises

part of

1a. 0r. 00p.
10a. 0r. 37p.

19s 11d

To Millers
For Sale by Private Contract
An excellent TOWER WINDMILL with Dwelling House, Barn, Granary, Outbuildings and a good walled-in Garden.
Also 9 acres of Arable and Pasture Land and 4 Cottages standing on another acre, all situate at Stow Bedon in Norfolk.
Apply to D. Green, Ashill, the proprietor or to Mr. M. Cooper, South Pickenham.
Norfolk Chronicle - 1st August 1863

E. Trundle is instructed to Sell by Auction on Friday October 9, 1863, the Live and Dead FARMING STOCK etc. the property of the late Mr. Thomas Green.
The Sale to commence at One o'clock.
Norfolk News - 3rd October 1863

To be sold by Auction by W. Maris at the George Inn, Watton on Wednesday 7 August 1867 at 5 for 6 o'c
The following desirable Freehold Property situate in Stow Bedon in lots
Lot 1.
A Substantial Stone and Tile Dwelling House, now used as a Beer house, known as the "Windmill" etc.
Also an excellent Tower WINDMILL driving two 2 pairs of 4 feet stones, with two patent sails, good stowage and winds itself, with a very convenient detached offal and corn chamber, with lodge under for flour van and carts. Also five Inclosures of valuable Arable and Pasture Land adjoining containing by estimation 9 acres, with a Barn, Gig house, Stable, Piggeries and other requisite Outbuildings lying in a ring fence in the parish of Stow Bedon adjoining the road leading from Watton to Harling and now in the occupation of Thomas Littleproud, under a lease which will expire at Michaelmas 1868, at a rental of £46.
Lots 2 & 3. ...
The above property adjoins the Thetford & Watton Railway now in course of construction and is immediately opposite the proposed Station at Stow Bedon. It is eligibly situated for the business of a Coal Merchant etc.
Apply to Messrs. Grigson & Robinson, Solrs. Watton.
Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 3rd August 1867

STOW BEDON near Watton
To Millers and Merchants
Desirable Freehold investment for Sale by Private Contract
A CAPITAL WINDMILL with House, Garden and Outbuildings and nine Acres of very useful LAND, also Four COTTAGES with good Garden.
The above property is situate close to the Stow Station upon the Watton & Thetford Railway and offers a first rate opportunity to an enterprising man.
Possession at Michaelmas.
For particulars apply to Mrs. Green, Ashill, Watton.
Norfolk News - 11th, 18th & 25th July 1868

To Millers and Merchants
To be Disposed of by Private Contract at Stow Bedon
A Very Desirable Property
Consisting of a good Wind Mill, House ad Premises and 9a. or thereabouts of good Arable and Pasture Land; also with or without four new and substantial Cottages.
This property is close to Stow Bedon Station on the Thetford to Watton Railway.
Possession can be had at Old Michaelmas next.
Apply to Mrs. M. A. Green, Baker, Ashill.
Lynn Advertiser - 14th August 1869

To be SOLD or Let
At Michaelmas next
The STOW BEDON WINDMILL near the Railway Station
Apply to Mr. Green, Ashill, Watton.
Norfolk Chronicle - 4th September 1869

A WINDMILL & TEN ACRES OF LAND with a comfortable House and Premises situate at Stow Bedon near the Railway Station, Thetford & Watton Line. Immediate possession can be had.
Apply to Thomas Littleproud on the Premises.
Norfolk News - 25th June & 2nd July 1870

To LET Near the Railway Station, STOW BEDON, Norfolk.
A Good House with Garden and Grass Pightle, a Stable, Yard, Coach house, Granary and other convenient Outbuildings with or without 6 or 8 acres of Pasture Ground. Immediate possession.
To be SOLD (for removal) The Smock Tower WINDMILL
Two patent and Two common Sails, 2 pair of French Stones, self-acting Wind Tackle, situate as above.
Apply to Thomas Littleproud, The Mill Inn.
Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 23rd October 1875

Edmund Land had previously milled at Carbrooke_Mill_Lane_postmill and by 1878 he was running East_Wretham_towermill

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

Greenwood's map 1834: Windmill

c.1842: John Watson Duffield, miller, died

1843: Benjamin Land, miller

July 1843: Mill advertised for sale by auction

White's 1845: Thomas Lincoln, miller

Tithe Award 1846: Owner: - Green; Occupier: Thomas Lincoln

O.S. map 1838: Windmill

1853: William Green, miller

White's 1854: Daniel Green, corn miller

1856: Daniel Green, miller

1858: William Green, miller

1863: D. Green, proprietor; Thomas Green, miller

August 1863: Mill advertised for sale by private treaty

White's 1864: Thomas Littleproud, corn miller & farmer

1867: Thomas Littleproud, tenant miller at a rent of £46 per annum

1867: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1868: Thomas Green miller & beer retailer

July 1868: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

August 1869: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

1870: Thomas Littleproud, miller

June 1870: Mill advertised to be let

1872: Edward Land, miller

1875: Edmund Land, miller

October 1875: Mill advertised for sale to be removed

July 1854: Property bought by Curtis family

June 1977: Miss Elizabeth Sarah Mary Curtis, Bromley House - formerly Mill House

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