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Sutton postmill stood on the south side of the road opposite Sutton_towermill and was shown on Bryant's map of 1826.

N.B. It is not proven that this mill was a postmill, only assumed.

Tithe Award 1842
Map. Pratt & Son, Surveyors, Norwich, 1841
Owner: John Bygrave
Occupier: John Bygrave

Mill shown on

No. 204
No. 205
No. 206

Malt House Piece mill
House, Yards & Premises

Part of

42a. 0r. 3p.

£19. -. 6

The Award also included Sutton_towermill that was inside the same parish.

Bryant's map of Norfolk, 1826 shows two mills as 'Sutton Mills,' the other being just south of the road opposite the tower mill.
This might, of course, have been the 1788 mill then derelict but omitted from Faden's map of 1797.
Bygrave's advertisements of 1817 and 1824 give the address as 'Sutton Mills'.
Harry Apling - c.1975

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