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Tittleshall had a mill working in the 1100s. Harry Apling commented that it may have been a windmill or a watermill in the north of the parish.

In (deed) No. 111 in 1175-6 Geoffrey Capra gives and confirms to the nuns in free alms his rent from the mill of Tittleshall ...

The Norfolk Properties of the Nunnery of St. Mary Clerkenwell and the Capra Family - W. O. Hassell - Norfolk Archaeology - 1945

The site of the mill of Tittleshall is still remembered locally. A windmill there was used as a landmark in the time of Elizabeth.
Holkham Manuscript

There is an O. D. spot height of 244 ft. south east of the church at TF89722099, which is in the region of the windmill shown - as a landmark - on Ogilby's map of 1675.
Harry Apling - c.1980

1175-76: Mill owned by Geoffrey Capra

Ogilby's Britannia map London to Wells 1675: Windmill

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Nat Grid Ref TF89722099 approx
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