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Walpole St Peter Highway postmill and its Mill House were at Waterdown Green. The mill had a roundhouse and was turned to wind with a fantail. Patent sails were used to power 1 pair of French burr stones, 1 pair of Peak stones and flour mill.

Walpole St. Peter was in the county of Norfolk until 1837 when it was transferred to the Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire until 1938, when the parish was transferred to Freebridge Lynn in Norfolk.

To Millers & others To be Let
A substantial POST WIND CORN MILL in full Trade, with Patent Sails and Winding Tackle, One pair of French and one pair of grey stones, Flour Mill complete. a brick Roundhouse attached, with a well built brick and tiled Dwelling house, Bake house, Barn, Stable, Granary, Yard and 3 acres of Land lying under the same. Possession may be had on 6th April next.
Apply to Mr. Michael Brown, the Tenant and Mr. Samuel Sharpe of Walpole. Letters post paid.
Norfolk Chronicle - 16th March 1839

J. Uttings Marshland map 1826
J. Uttings Marshland map 1826 - redrawn by Harry Apling

To Millers
A Steady active SINGLEMAN competent to take the entire management of a Windmill at Walpole.
Satisfactory Testimonials to Character and Competency will be required.
Apply to Mr. S. Giddens of Walpole St. Peter.
N.B. This advertisement will not be continued.
Norfolk Chronicle - 9th March 1844

To be Sold by Auction by Mr. WM. HIDES
At the Ship Inn, in Wisbech in the county of Cambridgeshire on Saturday 11 August 1866 at 5 for 6 o'c in the evening, by order of the Trustees of the Will of the late Mr. Samuel Giddens, the following valuable Freehold PROPERTY, viz:-
All that WIND CORN MILL with four COTTAGES, BARN and BAKE HOUSE and all those 2a. 2r. 0p. (more or less) of Arable LAND in Walpole St. Peter in the county of Norfolk, in Newcroft Field, next West Drove, west and land of the Rev. C. H. Townshend on all other parts, partly in hand and partly in the occupation of Mrs. Milbourn, Mr. J. Winkley and Mr. D. Ashton.
The above property is most eligibly situated for a continuance and extension of the first rate business which has been conducted on the premises by the late Mr. Giddens for many years.
Further particulars on application to Mr. Richard Munson or to Mr. William Johnson, Walpole (the Trustees for Sale); to the Auctioneer, or at our Office.
E. F. & E. Jackson
Wisbech, 19 July 1866
Lynn Advertiser - 28th July & 4th August 1866

WANTED a Single Man as MILLER and BAKER.
Apply to Mr. Batch, Walpole St. Peter, Wisbech.
Lynn Advertiser - 17th November 1866

To be Sold by Auction by Mr. William Winterton on Wednesday 20 May 1885 in one lot the
with 2 pairs Stones, all machinery, wood, bricks etc. to be cleared off the land within one month from the date of sale. Sale to commence on the premises near the Black Horse Inn at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
Walpole St. Peter and 3 Exchange St., Wisbech
Wisbech Telegraph - 16th May 1885

White's 1864: Samuel Giddens, farmer (landowner) Hill House

Kelly's 1879: William Giddens, farmer, Hill House

White's 1890: William Giddens, farmer, Hill House

Kelly's 1892: Richard Giddens, farmer, Hill House
Kelly's 1892: William Giddens, farmer

Kelly's 1896: William Giddens, farmer, Hill House

Kelly's 1900: William Giddens, farmer, Hill House

Kelly's 1904: William Giddens, farmer, Hill House

Kelly's 1908: Mrs. Rhoda Giddens, farmer, Hill House

O.S. map 1824: Windmill

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

Utting's Marshland map 1826: Windmill

Wells' Bedford Level map 1829: Windmill

White's 1836: Michael Brow
n, corn miller

1839: Michael Brown, tenant miller

1839: Mill advertised to be let

1844: Samuel Giddens, miller

White's 1845: Samuel Giddens, corn miller & farmer

1846: Samuel Giddens, miller

1853: Samuel Giddens, miller

White's 1854: Samuel Giddens, corn miller & farmer (landowner)

1856: Samuel Giddens, miller

1858: John Badley, miller & baker

1865: John Badley, miller & baker, Church End

c.1866: Samuel Giddens died

July 1866: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1866: Tom Batch, miller

1868: Tom Batch, miller

1872: John Batch, miller

1875: John Batch, miller

Kelly's 1879: John Batch, miller & farmer

White's 1883: Thomas White, corn miller & baker

May 1885: Mill advertised for sale by auction to be removed

20th May 1885: Mill sold at auction, then dismantled and removed soon after

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