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Wellingham post mill stood on the southern side of the village. The sails powered 2 pairs of French burr stones, one pair being 4 ft. 2 ins and the other pair 3 ft. 6 ins. The mill was a very late build for a postmill and only worked for around 46 years.

Insolvent Debtor Prisoner for Debt
Samuel Abray late of Wellingham, Miller
Norfolk Chronicle - 15th November 1823

To Millers
To be Sold by Private Contract
A new built POST WIND-MILL (to be removed) situated at Wellingham in the county of Norfolk, with two pair of French stones, 4 ft. 2 ins. and 3 ft. 6 ins. Flour Mill and all her going geers complete and in perfect repair.
The above is well worth the attention of any person wanting the same having been built within the last two years.
Apply to Mr. Benj. Norton, Wellingham or to Mr. W. Chambers, Etling Green, Dereham.
Norfolk Chronicle - 14th February 1824

Tithe map 1837 - as redrawn by Harry Apling
Tithe map 1837 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1839
Map - Pratt & Son, Surveyors, Norwich, 1837
Owner: Benjamin Norton
Occupier: do

No. 79

Mill & Pasture

part of

0a. 3r. 22p.
328a. 3r. 37p.

Tithe £87. 15s.

I stumbled across your site (the page on the Wellingham windmill) while poking through archives, patching holes in my family story. Samuel Abray was my great-great-great grandfather. He was sent to Swaffam Gaol after his conviction and spent a short time there in the prison bakery. He resettled in Swaffam after his release and left with his family for London, Ontario, Canada in 1832 (he was one of the original 300 members of that community), where he reestablished himself as a baker and miller. 
Tim Abray, Ottowa, Canada - 2nd July 2015

Benjamin Norton died aged 77 and was buried in Wellingham churchyard.

Kelly's 1879: John Norton, farmer & landowner

c.1822. Mill built

1823: Samuel Abray, miller, imprisoned in Swaffham gaol for debt

1824: Benjamin Norton, miller

February 1824: Mill advertised for sale by private contract to be removed

White's 1836: Benjamin Norton, land owner & corn miller

Tithe Award 1839: Owner & occupier: Benjamin Norton, miller

White's 1845: Benjamin Norton, corn miller

1846: Benjamin Norton, miller

1853: Benjamin Norton, miller

White's 1854: Benjamin Norton, corn miller and farmer

1856: Benjamin Norton, miller

1858: John Norton, miller & farmer

1863: Philip Buck, miller & baker

White's 1864: Philip Buck, miller & baker

1865: Philip Buck, miller & baker

1868: Philip Buck, miller & baker

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