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West Dereham postmill was a small farm mill that worked at Mill Farm that stood well to the north of West Dereham to the east of Crimplesham with the parish boundary between the two running through the farm buildings.

To be LET & Entered upon at Michaelmas next.
A small POST WINDMILL in West Dereham with about 40 Acres of Land adjoining.
Apply to Mr. D. Stewart, Stradsett & Mr. Josiah Greene, Lynn.

Norfolk Chronicle - 28th September 1832

On 10th May 1971 it was recorded that the remains of the mill foundations had been removed at Mill Farm by the Shreeve family from land owned by Sir John Bagge, of Stradsett Hall.

Faden's map 1797: Mill

Bryant's map 1826: Mill

September 1832: Mill advertised to be let

Greenwood's map 1834: Mill

1850: William Perkins, farmer & miller

Kely's 1854: William Perkins, farmer & miller

White's 1854: William Perkins, miller

1856: William Perkins, miller

1858: Mary Perkins (Mrs.) farmer & miller

1968: Remains of mill foundations removed by Leslie Shreeve snr and Leslie Shreeve jnr

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