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14th August 1935
14th August 1935

West Walton Highway tower mill was at Fen End and stood some 2½ miles south east of West Walton. The mill was originally built in the 1700s and was only three storeys high with a pronounced batter. However, an additional two floors were added by John Dobbs, who for obvious reasons dramatically altered the angle and levelled the batter out. He also tarred the red brick mill and incorporated a datestone into the brickwork on the east side of the mill, inscribed J.D. 1815 (still legible in 1935) and thereafter the mill was consequently sometimes known as Dobbs' Mill.

The mill had an ogee cap with a finial and petticoat that was set on a dead curb. There were 18 wall anchors above the top windows on the east side and 15 on the west side. The sails powered 3 pairs of stones.

WANTED a respectable young person as Nursery Governess. Music required and must be willing to make herself generally useful.
Apply Mrs. Sutterby, West Walton Mill, near Wisbech.

Lynne Advertiser - 19th October 1878

To be Sold by Auction by Mr. STEPHEN GREGORY, jun.
At the Ship Hotel in Wisbech in the county of Cambridgeshire
On Saturday 3 July1866 at 3 for 4 o'clock in the afternoon (by order of the Trustees of the will of the late Mr. Charles Hubbard) in the following or such other lots as may be determined upon at the time of sale, the following very

Lot 1. All those 8a. 1r. 38p. (more or less) of Freehold ARABLE LAND in Thorough Field, No. 1128 on the Tithe Map, next Mill Lane south, in the occupation of Mr. Daniel Sutterby.
Lot 2. All that WIND CORN MILL in good trade, with Residence, yard, garden, orchard and paddock and close of superior Arable Land adjoining, the whole containing 9a. 3r. 5p. (more or less) Nos. 337, 338, 339 and 340 on the Tithe Map, in Wilby Field, next the public highway leading from West Walton to Marshland Smeeth and Fen north; also in the occupation of Daniel Sutterby.
The Mill, Residence and Outbuildings and 2r. 0p. (more or less) Copyhold, Fine Certain and the remainder Freehold.
Application to be made to Mr. Richard Hubbard, Marshland Fen or Mr. Reuben Tuck, Salter's Lode, Downham Market (Trustees for Sale), to the Auctioneer, Tilney or at our Offices.
F. & E. H. Jackson
Solicitors, Wisbech
Wisbech, 1 June 1886
Lynn Advertiser - 12th June 1886

Indenture for the Apprenticeship of Richard Sutterby - 15th May 1890
Indenture for the Apprenticeship of Richard Sutterby - 15th May 1890
Indenture for the Apprenticeship of Richard Sutterby - 15th May 1890

In the affairs of the late Mr. Daniel Sutterby.
All persons having any claim upon the Estate of the
late Mr. Daniel Sutterby of West Walton in the county of Norfolk, miller and farmer, who died on the 18th day of April instant, are requested to send particulars thereof to Mrs. Sutterby, the widow, West Walton aforesaid or Mr. William Sutterby of Middleton near Lynn, the Executors or to us on their behalf ...

Southwell & Dennis
Solicitors for the said Executors
Post Office Lane, Wisbech. 28 April 1898
Lynne Advertiser - 29th April 1898

Lynn Advertiser - 12th April 1912
Lynn Advertiser - 12th April 1912

Daniel Sutterby remained at the mill after its sale and after his death, his son William Sutterby carried on the business. He later installed a steam engine to supplement wind power and the mill remained running until the gale of 22nd February 1908 damaged the mill beyond economical repair.

The Windmill, Walton Highway

Built about 1814, the property has about 1/5 acre of land and outbuildings.
It is of red brick with beamed, timbered floors and concreted roof. There are three floors, the ground floor having been divided to give a kitchen area and lounge. There is 33 x 27 ft garage. Electricity is connected to the ground floor.
Approved plans for an extension are available.
Apply: Messrs David Rice & Partners, 96 Norfolk St., Kings Lynn, Norfolk.
Tel: Kings Lynn 5187 or 3195

S.P.A.B. - February 1978

23rd August 1980
23rd August 1980

By 1980 the mill had been converted to a private residence and a bungalow had been built on to it. The batter eased of around the upper two floors and the cap had been replaced by a castellated roof.

In 2000 the mill had new owners who embarked upon an extensive renovation. The castellations were removed, the roof was made watertight, floors and stairs were reinstated and a heating system was installed.

1st October 2005
1st October 2005

The Sutterby's had a lady to help with the housework and when Mrs Sutterby was busy in the kitchen while the help was washing the kitchen floor, Mrs Sutterby used to move out of her way and she would reply ”No need I will work around you," and continued to wash the floor around her feet. I understand this happened often and they both always made a joke of it.
Susan Miller - 24th October 2020

O. S. Map 1904
O. S. Map 1904
Courtesy of NLS map images

Will proved 1740: William More, miller of West Walton

Poll Book 1802: John Dobbs snr

1815: Additional two floors added to the tower by John Dobbs snr

O.S. map 1824: Windmill

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

White's 1836: John Dobbs jnr. corn miller FEN-END

White's 1845: John Dobbs jnr. corn miller FEN-END

White's 1854: John Dobbs jnr. corn miller FEN-END

White's 1864: John Dobbs jnr. corn miller, Fen

White's 1836: John Dobbs jnr. corn miller FEN-END

1864: Daniel Sutterby, miller renting the mill

1875: Daniel Sutterby, farmer and miller

1878: Daniel Sutterby, miller

Kelly's 1879: Daniel Sutterby, miller & farmer, Fen end

White's 1883: Daniel Sutterby, miller & farmer, Fen end

1886: Daniel Sutterby, tenant miller

June 1886: Mill advertised for auction by trustees of the will of Charles Hubbard who had been the owner

O.S. map 1889: Windmill Dobb's Mill

White's 1890: Daniel Sutterby, miller & farmer, Fen end

Kelly's 1892: Daniel Sutterby, miller (wind) & farmer Fen end

Kelly's 1896: Daniel Sutterby, miller (wind) & farmer

18th April 1898: Daniel Sutterby died

1898: William Sutterby

Kelly's 1900: William Sutterby, miller (wind) Highway

Kelly's 1904: William Sutterby, miller (wind) Highway

O.S. map 1904: Dobb's Mill (Corn)

Kelly's 1908: William Sutterby, miller (wind) Highway

April 1912: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Sunday 22nd February 1908: Mill damaged beyond repair by severe gale

1926: Mill derelict

Karl Wood painting 1933: Mill tower with ogee cap still in situ

1949: Mill used as a store

c.1972: Hugh Warren sold mill to Mr. Bottom

O.S. map 1974: Windmill

February 1978: Mill advertised for sale for £11,000

1980: Bungalow had been built alongside castellated tower

2000: Mill bought and extensively renovated by the new owners including the removal of the castellation

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