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Mill house 20th February 2005
Mill house 20th February 2005

Witton postmill stood to the southwest of the village and to the northeast of Postwick. The sails powered 2 pairs of French burr stones and a flour mill.

To be Sold by Auction By ROBERT MARSHALL On Thursday July 2, 1801 between the Hours of 3 and 5 in the afternoon
At the Globe Inn, Blofield
A Complete POST WINDMILL situated on Witton Field, built not more than twelve years, with two pair of French Stones and all her going gears complete, with 2 acres of Land, more or less, adjoining.
Norfolk Chronicle - 20th & 27th June 1801

To be Sold
An excellent Post Wind Mill in good repair, built about twelve years ago, with a Flour Mill, two pair of French Stones and all the going gears complete, also about half an acre of Land, adjoining and situate in Witton Field near Blofield, the whole now in the occupation of Robert Hirst, Miller, under lease to him and another person for a term of years of which four were unexpired at last Midsummer, at the clear yearly rent of £21.
Apply to Mr. John Buck, Miller, St. Stephens or to Mr. Thomas Barber, attorney, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 5th September 1801

Sale by Auction 22 March by J. Culley
Household Furniture etc. of Mr. WILLIAM JONES, Miller of Witton near Blofield (leaving his present situation) ...

Joseph Ward
Most respectfully begs leave to announce to the Friend of Mr. Jones and the Public in general that he has taken the above Mill and humbly solicits a share of that patronage which has so liberally bestowed on his Predecessor, assuring those who may favour him with their commands that every attention will be paid and the utmost care will be taken in the selection of the best Goods in the lowest terms.
Norfolk Chronicle - 17th March 1827

That Valuable POST WINDMILL at Witton near Blofield, now in the occupation of Mr. Ward, with Genteel House, Garden, Stable, Gig house and other requisite Outbuildings with early possession.
Apply to P. Jones, Plumber & Glazier, St. Margarets, Norwich or W. Jones at Mr. Ward's Witton, who will shew the Premises.
Norfolk Chronicle - 24th December 1831

To be Sold by Auction by Mr. Ives on Tuesday 10 October 1843
The Horses etc. of Mr. Joseph \Ward at Witton Mill near Blofield Norfolk (who takes the Blofield Globe Inn with all the furniture)
Norfolk Chronicle - 7th October 1843

Situations Vacant
Wanted, a JOURNEYMAN at Witton Mill near Norwich.
A Married Man preferred.
Norfolk News - 4th October 1873

Houses, Apartments etc.
THE MILL HOUSE at Witton near Brundall Station, containing 3 sitting and 4 Bedrooms, with every convenience.
Also Stabling, if required.
Norfolk News - 19th September 1868

It would appear that the mill ceased working between 1881 and 1891

Frederick Kemp's daughter, Ethel Maud Kemp was born at the mill house on 10th October 1879 just before Frederick Kemp moved to Ovington_Old_postmill. Frederick's father was William Kemp. Arthur Kemp was Ethel's brother and he went on to become miller at Gt._Ellingham_towermill before moving to Alderton smockmill in Suffolk.

Frederick William Kemp was born in 1841 and was master miller at Elsing_watermill when he married in 1868. He ran Witton (Blofield postmill from 1879 - 1879, then Croxton_postmill and towermill from 1883 - 1890 and was at Strumpshaw smockmill in 1896.

O.S. Map 1881
O.S. Map 1881
Courtesy of NLS map images

c.1789: Mill built

Faden's map 1797: Postwick Mill

1801: Robert Hirst, tenant miller along with another person at a rental of £21 per annum

June 1801: Mill in Witton Field advertised for sale by auction

September 1801: Mill in Witton Field advertised for sale

1827: William Jones, miller

March 1827: Household furniture of William Jones advertised for sale by auction due to him leaving the mill

1827: Joseph Ward, miller

1831: Joseph Ward, miller

Decembere 1831: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

White's 1836: Joseph Ford, corn miller

O.S. map 1838: Windmill

Census 1841: Joseph Ward (40) miller; Margaret Ward (30); Mary Ward (12); Charles Ward (10); Edward Ward (5); Joshua Flowerday (15) journeyman miller

1843: Joseph Ward, miller

October 1843: Horse etc. of Joseph Ward advertised for sale by auction as he taking over Blofield Globe Inn

White's 1845: Joseph Ward, miller

1846: Joseph Ward, miller

1850: Joseph Ward, miller

Census 1851: Joseph Ward (52) b.Beccles, Suffolk, innkeeper and miller;
Margaret Ward (45) b.Blofield, inkeeper's wife;
Charles Ward (21) b.Witton, receiver of letters;
Anne Baldook (55) b. Blandford, Glos, visitor
Mary Norgate (18) b.Horstead, house servant; John Laws (21) b.Kirby Bedan, ostler
All living at Globe Inn, Blofield

1853: Joseph Ward, miller

1854: Joseph Ward, farmer & corn miller

1856: Joseph Ward, miller

1858: Charles Ward, miller

1863: Charles Ward, miller

1865: Charles Ward, miller

1868: Charles Ward, miller

Census 1871:
John Parker (27) b.Redenhall, Steam Engine PL
Hannah Parker (36) b.Blofield
Caroline Sarah Parker (1) b.Witton
Alice Parker ( 5 mnths) b.Witton
Hannah Horner (74) b.Kings Lynn (mother-in-law)
Mary Ann Dyer (15) b.Hemptlingham
Address: Mill House, Witton

1872: Charles Ward, miller

1875: Charles Ward, miller

1878: Frederick William Kemp, miller (came from Elsing watermill and moved on to Croxton postmill)

Kelly's 1879: Frederick Kemp, corn miller & merchant & post office

Census 1881: George Jennis (31) b.Thurston, corn miller;
Susannah Jennis (30) b.Bradwell, Suffolk, miller's wife;
Lilly Jennis (4) b.Gt Yarmouth; Mary S. Jennis, (1) b.Thurston
All living at 2, Mill Road

O.S. map 1887: Windmill

Census 1891: Thomas Wright (70) b.Coltishall, boatbuilder;
Rosa Wright (60) b.Trowse Newton, launderess;
Robert Roll (30) b. Thorpe St Andrew, stepson, agricultural labourer;
Martha Roll (26) b.Thorpe St Andrew, stepdaughter
Woods, (9) b.Wormley, Herts., granddaughter;
May Royal (22) b.Ashwellthorpe, servant

March 2005: Witton Mill House advertised for sale

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