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Wiveton had a small post windmill that worked until 1850 that stood just to the south of the mill shown on Faden's map in 1797. The mill had a roundhouse and used two pairs of patent sails on 35ft. stocks attached to a 14ft windshaft to power a single pair of 4ft. French burr stones, a flour mill and jumper. One pair of sails was double shuttered and the other pair was single shuttered. By 1825 a bake office was being operated on the site.

To Millers and Bakers
To be Sold by Private Contract
A Most Desirable situation for carrying on the Business of Miller and Baker, consisting of a substantial brick and tiled Messuage or Dwelling house, post windmill and roundhouse, baking office, barn, granary, stable, large garden well planted with choice fruit trees and about 20 acres of extremely good arable and pasture land.
The above premises are in excellent condition, well situated for the London Trade (being within an easy distance of the Ports of Cley and Blakeney) and in the vicinity of several of the best Corn Markets.
Possession may be had at Michaelmas next or earlier if an object to the purchaser.
Apply personally or by letter (post paid) to Mr. Campbell, Solr. Fakenham.
May 18, 1825

Norfolk Chronicle - 21st & 28th May 1825

To be SOLD by Private Contract
All that POST WINDMILL and Roundhouse containing one pair of Stones, Flour Mill and Jumper with all going and running geers complete; also a small Pightle of Land adjoining, situate at Wiveton in the county of Norfolk. Wiveton is four miles distant from the market town of Holt and only one mile from the Ports of Blakeney and Cley.
Apply (either personally or by letter post paid) to Mr. R. Johnson, Kings Head Inn, Holt, Norfolk.
Norfolk Chronicle - 11th July 1829

The Court of Relief of Insolvent Debtors
Hearing of Prisoners' Petitions
William Green, formerly of Wiveton, Miller, but late of Cley next the Sea, Watchmaker.

Norfolk Chronicle - 13th July 1833

To Millers and Bakers
Mrs. Merrison in consequence of the decease of her late husband wishes to LET the PREMISES at Wiveton late in his occupation and in which she has an unexpired term of two years from Michaelmas last. They consist of a Mill which has been doing an excellent trade and is well situate for business within one mile of the Port of Blakeney, with patent sails, flour mill, jumper and all gears complete; a convenient Dwelling house and a commodious Bake Office.
Immediate Possession may be had and the Proprietor will extend the term if required.
Apply to Mrs. Merrison, Wiveton or to Mr. Richard Johnson, Holt.
Norfolk Chronicle - 24th October 1840

To Millers and Bakers
To be Let With Possession at Michaelmas next
A POST WINDMILL, BAKING OFFICE and DWELLING HOUSE and about 2 acres of Arable Land.
Wiveton is about 4 miles from the Market Town of Holt and about 1 mile from Blakeney and Cley Sea Port Towns.
Apply to Mr. Johnson, Kings Head Inn, Holt.
Norfolk Chronicle - 31st August 1844

To be Sold by Auction on Monday 30 September 1850 at the Kings Head Inn, Holt at 4 o'c.
All that substantial and well built POST WINDMILL situate in Wiveton within one mile of Blakeney Harbour, with patent sails, roundhouse, and apparatus to wind herself.
Also about one acre of superior ARABLE LAND adjoining the Mill
All Freehold. Clarke & Sayers, Auctioneers.
Particulars of Mr. J. M. Webb, Solr. Holt or the Auctioneers, Holt.
Norfolk Chronicle & Norwich Gazette - 21st & 28th September 1850

To be Sold by Auction on Monday December 2 1850
The MATERIALS & MACHINERY of the POST WINDMILL at Wiveton aforesaid; comprising a pair of eight yard patent sails with double vanes and springs, a pair of ditto with single vanes, a pair of 35 ft. stocks 12 ins. by 9 nearly new, wind shaft 14 ft. long by 9 ins. square, head wheel 7 ft. diameter, pair of 4 ft. French burr stones, mill post, cross trees, tail beam, shear trees, patent winding tackle complete, tail tree and stairs, flour mill, jumper, stone nut and crotch spindle, regulators, weather-boarding, floors, sack tackle and chain, beam scales and weights, two sack barrows, straps, crowbar, wrenches, stone rope and flooring, staff, hand spike, stone rolls, ladder, grindstone and trough, several lots of iron etc.
Also the Roundhouse as it now stands.
The sale will commence punctually at Twelve o'clock.

CLARKE & SAYERS, Auctioneers.
Norfolk Chronicle & Norwich Gazette - 30th November 1850

May 1825: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

July 1829: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

July 1833: William Green, former miller, insolvent

White's 1836: John Thomas Knights, corn miller

O.S. map 1838: Windmill

1839: John J. Knights, miller

1840: Richard Johnson, owner; ? Merrison, tenant miller

October 1840: Mill advertised to be let by Mrs. Merrison due to the death of her husband

Census 1841:

Daniel Clifton (20) miller
Susanna Clifton (50) widow
George Sands (15) servant

August 1844: Mill advertised to be let

1846: Jacob Gravlin, miller

September 1850: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1850: Mill dismantled

November 1850: Materials of dismantled mill
advertised for sale by auction

1980: Mill site a ploughed field

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