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Wood Norton smockmill was probably built between 1833 and 1859 on land owned by farmer John Long at Windmill Farm on the east side of the road that later became the B1110.

The mill appears to be on the same site as the earlier postmill and it was likely that smockmill replaced the earlier mill.

Land, 18a. 3r. 8p. awarded at Enclosure 1813 as Fuel Allotment to Trustees of the Poor of Wood Norton.
At Rectory:-
Lease d. 1 January 1816 Trustees to John Miller, late of Foulsham, miller, land with house, windmill, roundhouse, barn and stables erected thereon by him, from 11 October 1815 for 40 years at £14 per annum.
Lease d. 16 July 1860 Trustees to John Long, land, house, barn and stables, from 11 October 1859, with permission to remove at any time SMOCK TOWER MILL or buildings erected by him.
After his death lease taken by Lord Hastings.
At Church:-
Burial Reg. p. 58 No. 457, John Long, buried at Wood Norton 25 February 1895, aged 84.
(Born 1810-11 would have been 25-26 in 1836)
Rev. F. J. Smith, Rector, 21.6.71
Details provided by Harry Apling - 1971

White's 1836: William Long, farmer

White's 1845: William Long, farmer (owner)

White's 1854: Edward Fox Long, farmer
White's 1854: William Long, farmer

White's 1864: Edward Fox Long, farmer
White's 1864: Robert Long, v

c.1834: Mill built for John Long

White's 1836: John Long, corn miller

White's 1845: John Long, corn miller

White's 1854: John Long, corn miller

White's 1864: John Long, corn miller

Kelly's 1879: John Long, miller

White's 1883: John Long, millers and farmer

White's 1890: John & William Long, corn millers and farmers

Kelly's 1892: John Long, miller (wind)

25th February 1895: John Long died aged 84

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