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Wortwell Mill Hill postmill stood to the west of the village.

Ipswich Journal - 12th October 1793
Ipswich Journal - 12th October 1793

Bury & Norwich Post - 17th March 1802
Bury & Norwich Post - 17th March 1802

John Rayner of Pulham St. Mary Virgin, Norfolk, baker, assigned effects to Messrs. Harvey & Son of Wortwell in the same county, Millers, in trust for the benefit of creditors.
Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd May 1806

Early on Monday morning, a wind-mill, the property of Mr. R. C. Harvey, of Alburgh, was burnt down in the short space of one hour and a half. The property was insured in the Norwich Union Office.
Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 22nd May 1819

R. C. Harvey
Begs to return his sincere thanks to his Friends and Neighbours for their kind and active support at the FIRE of his WIND-MILL on Monday morning.
Alburgh, May 18, 1819
Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 22nd May 1819

Windmill at Wortwell property of R. C. Harvey of Alburgh in which were 200 coombs of wheat destroyed by fire on Monday 17th May. Cause said to be that gudgeons not properly greased.
Essex Herald - 1st June 1819

Commission of Bankruptcy against
Robert Crytoft Harvey of Alburgh
Edward Hill of Wortwell
Millers, Flour Merchants, Dealers & Chapmen, Co-partners in Trade to surrender 26 January instant.
Norfolk Chronicle - 7th January 1826

Norfolk Chronicle - 25th February 1826
Norfolk Chronicle - 25th February 1826

It appears that Robert Harvey and Edward Hill were involved in the running of several mills including Alburgh postmill, Homersfield_watermill, Syleham watermill, Wortwell Mill Hill postmill, Wortwell postmill and Wortwell watermill.

Faden's Suffolk map 1783: Windmill

1793: William Freestone, miller

Faden's Norfolk map 1797: Windmill

1802: Harvey & Son, millers

1806: Harvey & Son, millers

Monday 17th May 1819: Mill destroyed by fire along with 200 coombs of wheat

Sept 1825: Robert Crytoft Harvey & Edward Hill partnership, declared bankrupt - millers, flour merchants etc.

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